An Apology and Some Chapters

I am so sorry I’ve not been around.  It wasn’t planned it was just an assortment of things that came up.  It’s been crazy for me really, my mother is talking to me now, I’ve even visited her recently and it went well :O

Work has been insane and ultimately it’s besides the point now as the company has gone into administration and we actually found out the shop I work in is closing down so I’m going to be on a major job hunt very very soon.

The amazing news is me and the fella got engaged a little over a week ago.  We are hoping for a September 2014 wedding to coincide with our fifth anniversary but that does mean that I won’t be around all that much mostly due to the job hunting so I can have a wedding (essential really this one) and provided I can get a job then I have planning to do for the wedding.

In exchange I do have two posts that I never quite finished but it was the prologue and chapter one for our lovely Inara, there are no pictures but just words.  If anything it gives you an idea as to how her story would have gone.  I would like to come back to this however at this point I don’t know when that will be as real life has just become even crazier and alot more important.  I really am sorry I didn’t intent to be away this long and I certainly didn’t mean to be away with no word, it’s kind of been one thing after another lately, both good and bad.

Anyway onto the Prologue and Chapter 1 that I wrote up back in October.

3.0 Prologue

The day my mother died was probably the most pivotal day of my life, it changed everything for me.  I sat there for hours with Tempest by my side. Marta called the cops, they asked her a thousand questions.  They tried to move me but I was frozen, I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.  Marta says it was the shock of seeing it all but I know better.  It was my intent to enact revenge.

I’m not quite 6 yet but that doesn’t mean that a moment like this doesn’t stick with you, you catalogue it, it sits there in the back of your brain always waiting to be recalled.  I sat there noticing every millimetre of my mother, how the blood seeped from her body, how the sun hit her face, the exact placing of her on our front porch.  I cried silently unable to sob.  I cried later, sobbing in my bedroom alone, thinking of all the things my mother taught me, all we had done together and how it was all gone.  I know Tempest was nearby listening making sure I was ok but she never approached me whilst I sobbed, it was as if she knew I needed to be alone.

Within a week a newspaper article was out about mum, I found out a lot about mum that day, how she had been born a ghost, kidnapped as a baby by a crazy woman and changed.  The picture of the kidnapper looked a lot like the man I saw in my dreams now.  I didn’t know his name before this article but they did say that Georgia Leigh had two children, one of which had died the night Auntie Pan did.  Which as I remembered what I heard that day it all made sense, I had cast a hearing spell and I heard most of their conversation.  The remaining child was the one to kill my mother, but I didn’t know which one was which.  Was he Donny or was he Damien?

Uncle Silver asked me about my powers a week later when I said (read shouted) something to Marta about not saving her, not casting the spell in time.  I knew something was different about me when I made my toy disappear and reappear.  I had seen the spellbook when I was awakening Hilda from her sleep one day.  I had taken to reading it in my spare time but I never read it aloud, I had learned that lesson from Charmed, Phoebe in the first episode read from a spellbook and then her and her sisters were full fledged witches.  Of course I found out from Uncle Silver that I was already a fully fledged witch without reading out loud but I was still careful.

I had learnt little things like the hearing spell and I had looked up the spell mum had cast on me and my siblings the night Auntie Pan left us.  After I read it I wondered why we needed a protection spell in the first place, later though I wished I had been able to save her.  I knew that would always be my one wish.  I want revenge but the first five months after mum died I spent looking in the spellbook to see if I could go back in time.  Marta asked me one day why I was always reading from it, and I told her.  She got all sad and said mum couldn’t be brought back.  That what was done could not be undone.  But I’d seen enough Charmed to know anything was possible and that if I did it right I could save her.

Marta had Uncle Silver take the spellbooks away from me then, but he soon gave them back when Marta found me researching spells and magic on the internet.  I guess she figured I may as well learn the real stuff if I was going to.  I tried a few spells but nothing happened, mum never came back so eventually I gave it up and focused on learning as much magic as I could so when I saw the man from my dreams again I’d be able to save myself, save my family and most importantly, kill him!

The years passed in a blur, I went to school, to Uncle Silvers for magic classes and in any spare time I had I was in the basement working on my alchemy or learning more from the spellbook whilst watching classic tv.   I loved Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, which is where I learned my own name came from, Dollhouse, Fringe and other such programs.

By the time I was in my teens I knew the shows word for word and barely had to watch them just listen to them whilst I worked on my skills.  The family thought I was over my quest to hurt the man in my dreams, but that was a rouse, I would have to find him first as he had gone on the run after he shot mum, but the plan was still to find him and make him pay.

3.1 Magical Pranks

I was glad most of the time that mum had planned for her possible death.  If she hadn’t had Marta sign adoption papers for myself, Remus and Iris then we would have been sent to live with Uncle Silver.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love him but he did petition for us to live with him and failed thanks to mums forward thinking, this is my home and I didn’t want to leave it.

I did say most of the time, Marta is mad at me, I have turned Remus’s cub into a bunny, and Remus who has less power than me can’t change him back.  It was quite funny seeing him try to do it and then try and change Paige to one as retribution.  I don’t know why he thought he could, if he couldn’t undo the previous spell what made him think he could turn my cub into a bunny?

It was his own fault he had said Topher Brink (Dollhouse) was a freak that ruined the world.  He didn’t mean to do it, he just made the tech that ruined the world.  He didn’t actually push the button, he was a genius who tried to make things right.  Of course he said this as I was bawling my eyes out at the end of the last episode again so I was a bit liable to do something stupid.

I’m hiding out in the basement but I know Marta will come down here to find me soon enough, you know after she calls Uncle Silver and gets him to change Stark back.  He has a go at Topher and yet he names his cub after Iron Man, I mean come on.  He pretends he named the cub after Game of Thrones as it’s cooler but he named him after Tony Stark, I know about his obsession with Iron Man, he’s my twin how does he not know I know this?  I mean come on Tony Stark is a drunk and a philanthropist what makes him better than Topher, they are both genius’s.

I could hear the bing for the elevator and I started to hope Marta wouldn’t be too mad.  Of course that was just a crazy wish.  “It took Silver three tries to turn Stark back, I hope your happy with yourself.”

“I was aiming for Remus it’s not my fault he moved out of the way.”

“That doesn’t excuse what you did, that cub didn’t do anything to you, you should have changed him back straight away, not to mention you shouldn’t change Remus into a bunny.”

“But he said….”

“I really don’t care what he said, you two are always arguing.  Why can’t you both just get along?”

Because he wants to find father and I don’t.   I don’t care who father is, yet Remus is obsessed with finding out more.  We’ve always known Marta was not our other parent, and she in turn never asked us to call her mum.  Orion and Pandora yes, us no.  I couldn’t help but respect her for that.

I loved Marta and I’d do anything for her, but Remus he wishes to know of our father and Marta would never tell him knowing he would run off to find where he is.  I had asked once on his behalf but I never will again, Marta told me the story of what my father did and I don’t wish to know anymore.

That was why me and Remus fought so easily, he was always ready to push my buttons so that I would use a spell or something on Marta to tell us who father was and how we can find him.  I refuse every time and I lash out where I can.  But I can’t tell Marta this, she’d never understand that that is what splits us when I too want to find someone he doesn’t care about.  The man in my dreams.

Clearly fed up of my not saying anything, Marta throws her hands up in the air, “What am I supposed to do with you two?”  I knew from previous experience this was rhetorical, she always asked this.  “You know your in trouble don’t you.”

I nodded, there was no point responding.  To think I was having fun ten minutes ago laughing at Remus’s poor attempts to change Stark back, why did that have to be ruined?  OK yes I know I did wrong but saying it wasn’t going to earn me any brownie points so I may as well keep quiet.

“OK two weeks of no TV, and no spellcasting, including lessons.”  I had half expected that punishment really, dependent on my latest caught attrosities I often lost TV and spellcasting privileges.  “And Paige will go stay with your uncle Silver for the two weeks.”  She added on.

“What no.”  I could accept the TV and spellcasting but not Paige.  I looked at my cub.  “She didn’t do anything.”

“That’s the point, Stark didn’t do anything, you should have changed him back straight away.  You didn’t and you lose Paige for two weeks.  I need to get through to you that this is unacceptable.”

I just stood there sad, Marta was right, Stark didn’t mock Topher, that was Remus.  Marta picked up Paige and gave me a chance to kiss her before she headed to the elevator.  “I’ll miss you and I’m sorry.”  Paige purred, unable to talk yet due to her young age I just felt like an idiot.

The next two weeks were miserable.  No TV, no spellcasting, no Paige and I wasn’t even allowed to see her at uncle Silver’s when I was there for my magic lessons as Marta had said I couldn’t go to his lessons.

I spent most of the time in my bedroom writing out episodes of my favorite shows, my stand out favorite lines and what shows I’d watch when I got my privileges back.  I worked on my potions seeing as that didn’t involve spellcasting and mainly just keeping away from Remus who decided it was funny Paige wasn’t at the house anymore.