Brief history

Generation 0

Houston Sky

Houston Sky lives on Lunar Lakes some 50 odd generations after the grandparents of old, his grandparents crash landed here with the other survivors and they couldn’t get back.  The survivors set about making the area habitable and over the two generations before Houston’s story started they managed to make the town as if it was from the old world.  Houston is a cop and a father.

Houston met Domino Sky his families protector when out one night.  Domino is a unicorn that has protected the family line since the first witch was activated in the line, Melody Sky.  She told him then that all the Sky’s on the old world had died due to meteor nearly taking out the planet.  She asked him for two things, one to have 100 children and the other to take care of her young, Pegasus.  She died the same day Pegasus was born but Houston had to get Pegasus’s permission to stop having children after 8 women had to either abort, or birth his stillborn children.  He couldn’t put any more women through it all.  Instead he set about marrying the first mother of his children who he loved at first sight and kept in touch with regularly.  They have since raised his 6 children happily.

The agreement that had to be made to stop the baby challenge was that each of his children would have a minimum of 4 children who would then have a minimum of 4 children getting his line to 96 Sky’s and able to save others again.

Generation 1 

Thyone Sky

Thyone loves her family and they mean everything to her, that is all of them but her half sister Georgia.  At her parents wedding she met her step mothers distant relation, he was about the same age as her and had just moved to Lunar Lakes.  He spent alot of time with the Sky’s and when prom came around he asked Thy to go with him.  She said yes and before she knew it they were going steady.

She left school and got a job as a fire fighter.  After a year Thyone let Sapphire move in with her and Tempest (Thy’s talking Tiger) they got married and had twin children.  One is a ghost and one is like Sapphire a normal sim.  Georgia meanwhile was busy trying to get a bill passed in parliament that would mean a ghost would have to change to a normal sim.

A year after the twins are born Georgia turns up at the Sky household and pretends she is taking Andromeda (Thy’s ghost daughter) for an appointment, the baby sitter believes her and lets Georgia take Romi.  The next three days are the worst of Thyone and Sapphire’s lives.  The police do find Romi on the third day but she’s been changed from a ghost to a normal sim!

Parliament agree to vote no to the ghost bill as the town is in love with little Andromeda and feel for her parents.  Romi was the first child to ever be kidnapped in Lunar Lakes and as such became a celebrity over night.  People were against what Georgia did and Parliament decided they would never win the public over if they decided to agree to the bill.  We never do find out if they agree with it themselves but we get the idea they were split before Romi was changed so the likely hood is they agree with the town and not Georgia.

Georgia is convicted of kidnapping and transforming a child against hers or her parents wishes.  Thyone goes to visit Georgia for closure and she tells Thy that she has a sample of Romi’s DNA to give to her twins sons when they are old enough to figure out the mysteries it holds.  She knows theres something different about their DNA and believes that is why she is incarcerated and that nothing has gone her way.  Of course that is not true but there is nothing to say that is not what she will lead her boys to believe.

Generation 2

Andromeda Sky

Romi started off her life very rocky, she fought with her parents, she used her magic for the wrong things and she got crazy drunk on a regular occasion.  To save her from a path of destruction Andromeda’s grandfather Houston helped Romi escape to Lucky Palms away from the press and the Leigh twins.

She was only 15 when she moves to Lucky Palms but she gives the fresh start a real go.  She finds two jobs and settles into a routine.  She meets a woman named Marta who will turn out to be her best friend no matter what she does.  A year or so after Romi moves to Lucky Palms she meets Rouge on a day she goes to the wishing well.  She finds a lucky coin and manages to spend it at the Lucky Simolean, she wins half a million.  With her winnings she buys herself a house and gives Marta her old one.  Rouge it turns out is a Rogue though as he steals Romi’s money.  She finds out and kicks him out but not before becoming pregnant with Remus and Inara.

After the twins are born another man Chad who Romi was dating started seeing someone else whilst dating Romi, it was this revelation that led to Romi finding out Marta was in love with her.  From there Romi’s life became less about drama and more about settling down with her wife and taking care of her family.

It wasn’t long after she was married the Leigh twins turned up again, they were werewolves now, they had used Romi’s DNA to change what they were.  What happened next did not end well for either side of the family.

Generation 3

Inara Sky

Inara’s story starts here.