Grandparents of old

This page documents the grandparents of old that were noteworthy or had a story at some point.  There were over 50 generations between Melody and Houston

Melody Sky had 100 children to break a curse, whilst she was at it she found out she was a reincarnation of Trinity Song a very powerful witch.  It turns out Melody was a powerful witch too and since then every generation has had at least one witch in it.  Nowadays almost everyone in the family line is a witch or a wizard.

Jenna was the next witch in the family, being Melody’s third child it was never found out if more of her children were witch’s and wizards.  Jenna had 100 children as well to help repopulate Hidden Springs with berries.  She didn’t just birth them she adopted them to keep the town from only having one or two generations after she was finished.

Devlin was the first of Jenna’s children to get the magic gene.  Devlin decided to make it big as a magician but let the dreams slip away when he met the woman of his dreams and realised there was more to life than fame.  The girl, Poppy was a genie and enslaved at a circus forced to do acrobat tricks and magic when the circus was playing and forced to live in her lamp when not on show.

Devlin managed to get her away from her master at the time and freed her from her lamp.  Not long after they got married and had two kids, Kingston and Lyric.

Lyric gained both the genie gene from her mother and the witch gene from her father but her mother ignored her, she couldn’t understand her daughter and instead doted on Kingston.  Devlin however tried to shower Lyric with attention when he was not doing his own magic tricks to make money for the family.  He taught Lyric what he knew about magic but she wanted to know more about her genie powers.  She headed off around the globe looking for the answers and found love.  Whilst still searching together she got both her and her girlfriend pregnant due to her genie magic conflicting with her witch magic.  They both had twins, 3 boys and a girl.  As the kids grew up she found out what she wanted to know about her heritage.

Rose was born a couple of generations after Lyric to one of her grandsons.  Her mother behaved much like Poppy when she found out her only daughter was a genie and a witch.  She sent her off to boarding school with her fathers permission to never be seen again.  Rose’s father did truly believe sending her to boarding school was the best for her whereas her mother just didn’t want to see the abomination she had born.

Rose has had a son named Harper.