Gen 2 Question & Answer

Any questions you want to ask anyone from Generation two?  Here is the place to read answers  and ask your own questions.  There will be one after every generation whilst I get ready for the first post.  So please ask away!  

I hope to have the prologue out in a couple of days for Inara, I’m a little behind due to a really bad couple of weeks.   Also I know she’s passed away but this was one of the best photos of these two and their love should live on.

MewmewMentor asks:

To Hydra and Juno: Did you two try to stop Pan from leaving the Lakes? Why didn’t you two include her more? Did either of you try to claim Iris?

We loved our sister however she did not understand us and as such we didn’t stop her from leaving the Lakes.  We knew she’d be happier with Silver and Andromeda.  We did try and include her in our activities here but it was Pan that was not interested in what we did, after all we were all for the media attention and being the town’s new stars, do we regret not seeing her point of view a bit more, yeah sure but we love our lives as they are now too.

As for Iris, she would never have been happy with us, she’s not a ghost and well we are ghosts.  She was born in that house with her cousins although were sad Romi is gone and that Marta has custody of all the children, they are better together than split up.  We remember well what it did to Silver when Romi left, we don’t wish that on any of Andromeda’s children.  The fact Silver tried to split them up was trauma enough we didn’t want to cause more to the children.