Another update

Hey guys

First of all I want to say thank you for all the well wishes and some of you sneaky gifters, they have all made me smile and I do appreciate all your thoughts.

So Monday was a bad day for me and I spent most of yesterday in bed or at the doctors, I’m praying this thing goes away soon but until then I’m much the same if not a little worse (again).  I’m fed up of this cold and hope very soon I will be back to my old self but for the time being I’ve still got everything on hold.

I did update my game last night and have a quick look at the blueprints before I closed the game down as I had no motivation at all to do anything with it.  My main hope is to be back up and running by the time Seasons comes out here in the UK (16th November) as right now all I can think about is sleep really.

Till the next update which is hopefully the prologue.