An Apology and Some Chapters

I am so sorry I’ve not been around.  It wasn’t planned it was just an assortment of things that came up.  It’s been crazy for me really, my mother is talking to me… Continue reading

Another update

Hey guys First of all I want to say thank you for all the well wishes and some of you sneaky gifters, they have all made me smile and I do appreciate all… Continue reading


Sorry guys I’ve still been ill, this cold really has taken it’s toll on my body and just makes me exhausted as it’s been fighting off this cold for a little over a… Continue reading

Sorry guys

I know it’s been a little while now, its not intentional, the fella got a cold at the beginning of the week so I was writing when not making sure he’s ok and… Continue reading

Gen 2 Question & Answer

Any questions you want to ask anyone from Generation two?  Here is the place to read answers  and ask your own questions.  There will be one after every generation whilst I get ready… Continue reading

2.29 Try & Smile

Over time I realised I hand’t actually been the one to kill my sister the man responsible was dead.  I missed her every day but over the eight months I came to terms… Continue reading

2.28 Gotta Find Silver

All I could think as soon as she said that tonight is the full moon is where’s Silver?  I looked out the window and noticed it was getting dark, I looked at the… Continue reading

2.27 Finally Getting Married

It was like baby season in the Sky world, I had a son we named Orion.  Quickly after Pandora had a daughter named Iris.  And everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Sandra… Continue reading

2.26 Damage Control

The next week passed quickly, and then so did the next, and the one after that.  We spent the whole of the next day convincing Pan to not go to work and allow… Continue reading

2.25 Wedding Plans

We decided to have the wedding when the children were closer to two.  They are toddlers now and with planning a wedding and teaching them to walk and talk, it all seemed too… Continue reading