1.4 Dance Woes

So I left you when me and Saff dancing close to a slow song.  This I am very sorry to say did not last long, we danced around the room a little and… Continue reading

1.3 Formal Dance

I eventually stopped worrying about Georgia maybe being a ghost hunter, although its still a scary thought.  Mostly it was cause everyone was talking now about the formal dance.  Even Saff was talking… Continue reading

1.2 Careers Day

Not long after the wedding life returned to normal.  Oberon and Cassie moved out shortly after turning 18, taking Tora and Cairo with them (Jae’s babes).  They both live in the crater here… Continue reading

1.1 A wedding

Hi there again, things have been pretty hectic here.  First off, the lovely Jae behind me has given birth to four babies.  I call them babies as she’s not really a dog like… Continue reading

1.0 Prologue

Hi there, my name is Thyone, I’m named after a moon rotating Jupiter, but most call me Thy which is pronounced Thee as in the beginning of my name, not as in some… Continue reading

Sky Legacy

  Hi this is my rather abnormal family.  We are the Sky’s the last of the Sky’s.  My name is Thyone and I’m a ghost but I’m also so much more. Yep I’m… Continue reading