1.14 A U-Turn

What I didn’t realise in those three days I never left the house was how much the town felt for us.  Every one in town was required to be a parent,  even if… Continue reading

1.13 I Want My Daughter!

The next two days were the hardest of my life.  Sitting in the house waiting, I was used to getting out there and putting out the danger, not waiting for someone to save… Continue reading

1.12 My Worst Nightmare

I fell asleep on the sofa and Sapphire carried me into bed, the stress of everything had taken it out of me, as I stirred I could hear a group of people in… Continue reading

1.11 You Have To Find Her!!!

I don’t know how long I was on the floor for but the chief pulled me up and drove me home.  The second I got there mum was there, she had relieved the… Continue reading

1.10 Twins!

Life went in a blur after the wedding.  Cassie had a daughter, Oberon had twin sons and me well I’m very heavily pregnant my due date was yesterday so I’m going crazy waiting… Continue reading

1.9 Our Wedding Day

Before I knew it, it was the night  before the wedding, I was 14 weeks pregnant at this point and thankfully not showing.  I just about got my slightly larger stomach into mums… Continue reading

1.8 Wedding Plans

The days after the proposal and announcement went by fast.  Saff was fine, it was just the shock he said.  Of course the whole town knew about it.  It’s not often a man… Continue reading

1.7 News

The days turned into weeks, which turned into months.  Before I knew it, six months had passed since I was at dads.  Both me and Saff had gotten promotions at work.  Georgia still… Continue reading

1.6 Moving In

Two weeks after Saff moved in, at breakfast he brought up the subject I knew was playing on his mind.  “Your going to have to tell your dad you know.” I looked at… Continue reading

1.5 Growing Up

The next year went past in a blur.  Jupiter and I turned 18 and moved out.  It was a good day.  Puck and Lyra were contemplating how to change their bedrooms into their… Continue reading