2.5 A Solution… Maybe

Houston’s Point of View  “Thank you dad for bringing her home.”  I could see the despair in my daughters face, how long had this really been going on for?  Why hadn’t she called… Continue reading

2.4 My Saviour

I didn’t go home the next day or the day after that, I had ditched school again, but I was brought quickly out of my drunken behaviour when my grandfather walked into the… Continue reading

2.3 Downward Spiral

After I woke up that morning I went behind some trees and used my magic to freshen myself up before heading to school.  Silver grabbed hold of me before first period and started… Continue reading

2.2 More Secrets

After our eighth birthday mum and dad sat Silver down and told him why the camera crews come for our birthdays he felt bad for me and stopped hassling me for giving mum… Continue reading

2.1 I’m a what?!?

It’s been six months since I found out and I’m approaching my eighth birthday, mum is running around getting ready for the camera crew, who I hate by the way, when the impossible… Continue reading

2.0 Prologue

My name is Andromeda but everyone calls me Romi and I used to be a ghost! It was when I  was about 7 I realised there was something strange going on.  I had… Continue reading

Generation One Question & Answer

Any questions you want to ask anyone from Generation one?  Here is the place to read answers  and ask your own questions.  There will be one after every generation whilst I get ready… Continue reading

1.17 Life Returns To Normal

A day or two after the visit with Georgia I reapplied the wards around the twins and placed fresh wards over the triplets.  They needed re doing quite often to keep them strong.… Continue reading

1.16 I Visit Georgia

I had triplets that day of the judgment.  Two daughters and a son.  Hydra and Juno were ghosts but Pandora was like her father she was normal.  I now had five children and… Continue reading

1.15 Georgia’s Court Case

Nothing changed for us after we went to see John at city hall.  We still stayed in the house almost all the time, I got bigger of course but we were still waiting… Continue reading