2.14 A Gamble

We headed over to the casino talking the whole way there but later I remembered it was mostly me doing the talking, I didn’t learn anything about him most importantly I never learnt… Continue reading

2.13 Wishing Well

 I didn’t leave my room or the house much over the next couple of days, there was a lot for me to wrap my head around.  Marta went over to the club and… Continue reading

2.12 Memory Lane

Marta’s Point of View Marta! I didn’t expect Romi to be up early this morning.  Birthday woohooing was bound to last most of the night. Marta!  Get up! Am I going nuts or… Continue reading

2.11 Sweet 16

It was refreshing to have another person in the house to have the natural noises of them moving about.  Marta didn’t replace 4 kids running around but it was enough to put me… Continue reading

2.10 A Housemate

The hardest part of adjusting to my new life was the quiet, I have two brothers and sisters at home and there was always something going on in our small home, but here… Continue reading

2.9 A Fresh Start

I slept like a baby that night, when I woke up my head was full of possibilities.  We had breakfast before granddad headed back to the lakes.  Saying goodbye to him was worse… Continue reading

2.8 Granddad Comes Through

I spent the next three or four months with my nose in a book.   Silver who was a better student than me, you know cause he actually went to school, helped me… Continue reading

2.7 Leaving Home Is Hard To Do

I spent the next couple of days fighting the urge to run away from everything, school was hardest.  Everyone stared at me, I had skipped school so much and I had no real… Continue reading

2.6 An Emancipated Minor

Andromeda’s Point of View I slept for about 14 hours.  Tempest was sleeping in my room when I woke up.  I wasn’t sure if it was to watch me or if it was… Continue reading

Gen 3 Teaser

I’m sat here all excited for non sim reasons and well I’m going to have to keep sitting here for a bit waiting so I’ve decided to spend the time giving you guys… Continue reading