2.24 Stupid No More

Andromeda’s Point of View I got to the house just as she approached the pier.  I quickly ran to one of the deck chairs and took a seat, I gave her the shock… Continue reading

2.23 I’m Sorry What!?!?!

Andromeda’s Point of Veiw I don’t remember much but the emotions I went through for the next few hours.  I don’t really remember Marta ushering me into a cab or her and Hilda… Continue reading

2.22 Some Spells Are Worth It

We headed down to the basement I had concealed with my magic when Rouge was here.  I don’t know why I never unconcealed it for him, maybe I always subconsciously aware I couldn’t trust him with my secret.… Continue reading

2.21 Double Trouble

I did have twins that day a son and a daughter.  Remus was such a handful, always crying for more attention whereas Inara only caused a fuss when Remus made it so I… Continue reading

2.20 Nine Months

I had been such an idiot but once again I was amazed at the love others had for me.  Silver never shouted or said anything like thank berry he’s gone.  Sure I could… Continue reading

2.19 We Have Concerns

Life with Rouge is incredible. No I’m sorry, I’m butting in here, life with Rouge is a nightmare.  Can I just say worst birthday ever, give me the press over Rogue. He moved… Continue reading

2.18 Head Over Heels

We moved into the Villa about a week after I phoned the realtor.  The old owners had to move out and I had to sign papers.  I had to go to the bank… Continue reading

2.17 House Hunting

Andromeda’s Point of View I was desperately sad for my family as a whole as I listened to Silver.  I was happy to see him and that he had told Pan she could… Continue reading

2.16 Silver

Silver’s Point of View Sometime between Silver’s 16th birthday and today “But you just let her go!”  I was having the same argument with my parents again.  Mum had left the room unable… Continue reading

2.15 Jackpot

I had to sit down and have a drink.  We had seen the supervisor and he took my details for wiring me my money.  I would have to go down to the bank… Continue reading