2.29 Try & Smile

Over time I realised I hand’t actually been the one to kill my sister the man responsible was dead.  I missed her every day but over the eight months I came to terms with it very very slowly.  Dom visited regularly early on but I was to spaced out to care when he came by and eventually he stopped.

Marta getting bigger and bigger by the day was ready to pop and I was due my fourth child.  We had discussed it and if it was a girl we decided to name the child Pandora.

Before I knew it I was actually leaving the house again, only to the park and back again but baby steps.  I was determined to be there for Marta when the baby was born and I realised I had been a horrible wife to her during her pregnancy, not caring for her every need but she told me it didn’t matter.  She understood and she also knew one day I would come back to her properly.

The day the baby was born I went to the hospital with her and we had a wonderful little girl.  We did name her Pandora, and we hoped that Iris wouldn’t get confused.

Playing and caring for Pandora made me realise how much I had not been there for my other babies so I phoned my boss and said I wouldn’t be coming back to work for another year as I focused on my babies.  And from that day on I focused on the children, I loved being a stay at home mum, I helped Inara with her ballet skills.  I played video games with Remus, I took Orion out to play on the spring riders, his favourite thing to play on at the park.  Little Iris who loved to watch Inara and me dance got her own basic dancing lessons and our little Pandora got bigger and bigger and the smile on her face was heart warming.

I became the ultimate mum or at least in my head I did.  The main thing I was trying to make up for the time lost when I was in a deep depression over the loss of my sister.  Me and Marta were better than ever and I was deeply appreciative to her for being there for me in one of the darkest times of my life.  I knew I hadn’t been the best wife of late but I intended to make it up to her as well as the children.

Family outings became a norm and me and Silver met regularly to discuss the magical education of the children.  We decided that since my magic had depleted severely he would do the training required for the practical magic and I would teach his and my children the theory and spells I was more than capable with.

Neither Remus or Inara had manifested yet but I knew based on when I manifested that if they were to do so it would happen soon and I wanted their training prepared for the moment they were ready.  I of course hoped the both manifested and knew the likely hood was high but until they did it was a waiting game to see if they gained any magical powers at all.

On Orion’s birthday I had ordered a huge cake from the bakery, I kissed Marta as I headed out the door before the planned birthday party.  My kids were getting so old now, Remus and Inara were nearly 6, Orion was 4 today, Iris (not mine but treated as if she was) turns 4 very soon and little Pandora was a couple of months off 1.

I headed out of the house not really giving much care to the world around me, it had been a little over a year and a half since Pan left us and I had stopped watching every move I made outside my door, something I should never have stopped doing I noticed as I went to go down my stairs and noticed a face I hoped to never see again.

“I told you I would always be able to find you.”

I stopped cold not sure what to do or say.

“Did you think I’d let you get away with it, with killing Donny?”

“It wasn’t…. I didn’t mean to kill him, just get him away from Pan.”

“The girl was stupid, she deserved her….”

“No don’t speak of her that way, they both died that night, Donny killed her, I killed Donny.  It wasn’t right or necessary but it’s what happened.”

“I’ve thought a lot about that night as I’ve watched Donny’s kids grow.”

“We have Pandora’s daughter here.”  I said trying to sympathise with him, maybe he was just here to get closure.

“I know and I fear I have to leave her without another Sky.”  I tensed, I had no idea what he meant by that but my immediate thought was it wasn’t good.  He pulled a gun from behind him, probably tucked into his jeans at the back and held it by his side.  “Your children will never see you again.”

I wanted to beg and plead, it was Orion’s birthday, my kids did in my opinion deserve a better mother but I was what they had, I didn’t want to leave them.  I saw only one thing to do and that was to try and use my magic to cast a protection spell around me.  I hadn’t used my magic a lot since that day but I knew it was reduced significantly.  Just floating a pencil could bring on a headache but for my kids I had to make this work and hope I didn’t pass out.

I started to whisper the words I had used to protect my kids that night.  “Shut up.  Shut up, you can’t save yourself.”  I had forgotten about his new enhanced hearing.  “No transportations today cause if you do I’ll go in there and shoot the children and your beautiful wife.  Leaving you all alone.”

I closed my mouth.  I knew they had all had strong protection spells cast on them but that was a year and a half ago and those wards will have severely depleted by now if they weren’t gone.  I couldn’t risk it.  I’d much rather it was my death than all of theirs.  “What are you waiting for then, ”  I said trying to keep the tears from falling, I wouldn’t let him have that, I couldn’t.  I thought of Marta, of the children in the house, of the world I would be leaving behind and wished I could portray my love to all of them, but that would mean casting a spell and him hearing me.  I could have given them this last thing, the memory of me loving them, of thinking of them in my last moments, but he was depriving me of even that.

“I had hoped you would cry.”

“Not going to happen.”  I was really fighting them off now, I was determined not to show them to him but just thinking of my life beyond those doors was enough to do it.  I could feel the tingly sensation start to take over me that was the protection spell and I knew one of the children must be watching us, one must have manifested which meant it was only Remus or Inara.  Neither of them had said anything about manifesting but if I was right and they were casting they must have and they must have known they had their powers.  I pleaded internally that they wouldn’t succeed as their own wards may not be strong enough to save them but I also wished with all my heart they couldn’t see this happen to me.  If it was one of them I knew they must be listening in.  “I love you all, I will always love you all”, I whispered.

As if he could sniff the change in the air around me he looked beyond me, “Your daughter has decided to help you out I see.  Well we can’t have that, you’ve had your last words and now I shall kill you in front of your own child.  Leaving her forever knowing who did it to her, and one day she may learn how you killed my brother.”  He didn’t hesitate as I felt the spell enter the final stages, he shot me in the head.


“NOooooooooooooooooooooooo!”  I screamed.  I ran from the patio heading to where she was.  I had tried to cast the spell but he beat me, he shot her, maybe I could try and save her.  I don’t know the level of magic I have but I prayed it was enough to save my mother.

I ran past Remus in the upstairs living room,  Marta and Tempest in the downstairs living room and headed out the front door ignoring Marta as she asked me where the fire was.

I could see mum now, she looked at peace, the man was gone, no where to be seen and as I took a look at my mother I fell to the floor hugging my knees, I could feel it, I could sense there was nothing there, where there used to be my mother, there was simply a body.

Whoever that man was he had killed my mother with a bullet to the brain.

Authors note:  I’d like to thank MoriGelopi for the fantastic work on the photos, she really brought these words to life in a way that wouldn’t normally be able.