2.28 Gotta Find Silver

All I could think as soon as she said that tonight is the full moon is where’s Silver?  I looked out the window and noticed it was getting dark, I looked at the clock and sure enough it was nearly 6pm.  I didn’t know what time they would change, would it be midnight?  Would it be when darkness falls?  Because they weren’t full bred werewolves, were there full bred werewolves, does that mean they have to change at all?  I remembered how they said about the full moon and I knew they would change tonight.

I knew what I had to do in that instant, I needed to find Silver, but first I needed to put spells around the children.  “Keep calling Silver, please Marta.  I want to go cast protective spells over the children.  If anything they will be safe if they find us tonight, I don’t have the power or the time to cast a spell around the house.”

“Romi…”  I looked at her kind of impatiently, we had a timeline here I had no idea if the Leigh’s already knew where we lived, or where Silver was.  “I…”

I looked at her, I didn’t want to rush her but I had to give the kids protection, before I thought about running out there and finding Silver.  “Marta what is it?”  I tried not to have a slight tone to me, I knew she wouldn’t take it wrongly.  But I needed her to get to the point.

“I had hoped to tell you this under better circumstances, but… I’m pregnant.”  I instantly hated the way I rushed her, and wished I had asked her the second she walked in the door instead.  Those stupid Leigh twins ruined everything.  I hugged her whilst a few tears fell down my face.

“Ok I’ll cast spells around the children, and then I’ll come and cast the spells around you and the baby too.  Whilst I’m upstairs call Silver and make sure he comes straight here, ask him if he knows how to transport here directly, I can’t remember if I ever taught him that spell.”

She nodded, she understood the urgency, she knew all about the kidnapping and plucked her phone straight out of her pocket.  I ran up the stairs and one by one cast the spell around the children.  Inara giggled as the tingly sensation surrounded her, whilst Remus frowned.  Orion and Iris were in the nursery ready for sleep so I whispered the spell over them.  I ran down the stairs and created the same boundary spell around Marta.  All of them got a particularly strong protection spell put around them, with the Leigh’s being supernatural’s now I didn’t know if they could penetrate the spell so I made it stronger than I ever had before.

All the casting had left me tired.  I hadn’t cast that spell in years and I forgot how tiring it could be to cast one never mind 5, “Any word on Silver?”  I said after taking a seat.  Marta shook her head but nodded at Pandora.

Pan was on the phone and I quickly realised it was to Sandra.  I didn’t like what was being said on Pan’s end but I didn’t have quite enough strength in me to think about casting a better hearing spell.  Pan put the phone down and said, “She said he got home, she told him we were desperate to get hold of him and he left five minutes ago.”  I looked out the window and then at the clock.  It had just gone 9.

“We can’t wait I need to go find him, if the twins…. I’ll never be able to live with myself if they hurt him.”

“Your not going alone.”  Pan said.

“Pan I’m sorry it’s not up for negotiation.”

“Yes it is, look at you, your exhausted.”

“That’s the point I don’t have enough strength to go out there and look for Silver and cast a protection spell around you.”  I paused, “I can’t protect you.”

“Let me protect you Romi, right now you need someone to protect you.  But you can sense them can’t you.  You could tell before I did that they had changed.”  I nodded.  “You sense them and I’ll protect us.”  I knew she didn’t have the magic in her to cast two protection spells, I had just cast 5 and I was wiped out.

“Alright then come on, lets go.”  I gave Marta a quick kiss on the lips and her belly and me and Pan left to find our brother.

We headed out in the direction of Silvers house, I wondered right now why he lived so far away.  I could hear in the distance howling and I knew they were out here possibly looking for us.  Pan must have heard the howling too as she started running.  I tried to keep up with her but I was tired.

She started shouting Silver’s name and I knew she was freaking out like me, but no matter what I did I couldn’t keep up with her.  I could hear her shouting Silver’s name ahead so I knew where she was but I kind of wished she would stop shouting, I worried she would only make them aware we were out her looking for him.

I didn’t have long to think more about Pandora’s shouting, or get a chance to tell her to stop shouting as my whole world came to ruin as I heard a scream, I knew it was Pan, there was no one else out here.  She wasn’t far ahead and I seemed to gain some adrenaline and ran faster than I had before.  I wanted to shout out her name but I knew it was better for me to find her than call out to her.

It felt like an eternity till I was in the clearing where the three of them where.  I couldn’t tell which of the twins were which in this half wolf form.  One was crouched over Pan, she was on the floor, not moving.  The other was behind and staring at me.  The one over Pan starting biting at Pan and I snapped, I shouted “Get away from her,” whilst swiping my arm in the air as if he was in front of me and I was slapping him.  He went flying through the air and landed with a thud.

I was at Pan’s side as he hit the ground, she didn’t move, she looked asleep.  The other Leigh went to his brother and howled.  He ran for me and I sped through the  spell that would transport me and Pandora back to the house.  As was disappeared the Leigh still moving lunged for me, I knew he missed as I screamed  in my own house cowering over Pandora’s body to protect her from more harm.

We were in my living room in front of my conservatory doors.  The second I realised we were safe I collapsed.


When I woke up it was daylight and I wondered how I had gotten there.  Silver was sat at the end of the bed on the sofa staring at me.  I could see he had slept there with his arms over the edge of the sofa waiting for me to wake up.

I saw the sadness in his face and the tears falling down from his eyes, I blinked at the brightness of the sun and everything came flooding back to me.  “Pan?”  I asked.

Silent tears flooded down his face as he shook his head and I burst into tears.  I sobbed my heart out, Marta came into the room reliving Silver minutes after the sobbing started.  She held me close, cuddling me, patting my back, not saying a word whilst my mind flooded with thoughts of Pan and that day.

Eventually the sobs subsided and I asked Marta, “How long have I been out?”

“Three weeks, if not for the doctor I would have thought you had died with her.”

“Was she, did she…. ”  I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“She died shortly after you transported here.  None of us know what happened as she never spoke, she tried to but she had damage to her throat and nothing….”

“The Leigh’s?” I just about got out.

“Donny is dead, it was all over the paper, the police are saying it was a random animal attack.  Silver hacked the autopsy report and he had a nasty head wound.”  I remembered the thudding noise.  I had killed a man.  I had killed my sister.

“And Damien?”

“He’s been in the press saying nothing but apparently Donny left two kids behind, both under two and Damien has become their guardian.  Silver has scouted out their house and he thinks the children are wolves too.”

“Where is Pan?”

She held me close, “With Donny dead due to a mauling we…. we took her out to an abandoned part of the desert and  made an anonymous call to the cops.”  I sobbed so hard.  We had to cover up her death, technically Donny had been the one to kill her but still, she deserved better.  “Tempest is in hiding encase people look at her and realise she looks like a tiger.  I think she’s in the basement right now.”

I couldn’t stop sobbing at this point.  I was unable to think about more than what happened, so I told Marta what happened that night, as watching it replay in my head wasn’t enough any more, people should know how Pan died. My beautiful sister.  It took me an hour to say everything between sobs.

I asked about the funeral and found out it had taken place the previous day.  That my boss, I really didn’t care about my job right now, had given me off as long as I needed to get over my loss.  And that anyone who called for me was told I was unable to be seen at the moment.

Silver had arrived at the house a few minutes, no more than ten, after we left.  He had gotten a cab to the house and the driver had taken the long way round.  When we transported into the living room he had done his best to keep Pan alive and used all his own magic to try and heal her wounds but it was no good.  He waited till morning and went home to Sandra and the kids casting protection spells around all three of them.

Damien was laying low at the moment and nothing had been said to him at all about either death.  I sat there thinking how we were even he should leave us alone now.  Take care of Donny’s kids and leave us be.

Over the next few months I stayed in the house unable to contemplate leaving the house yet.  Inara and Remus often came up to me asking to play but I couldn’t find any enjoyment in it.  Every time I looked at Iris, Pandora’s face flashed before my eyes and I had to go to my room to cry some more.

When the twins fifth birthday came along I did all I could to make the day great for them and to not cry in a corner.  I couldn’t get over the fact I had killed a man and in turn I felt guilt constantly that I was responsible for Pandora’s death.  I should have fought her, I should have forced her to stay at the house, we should have waited ten minutes to see if Silver turned up.

It was my impatience that killed her, my desperation to make sure my family was safe that led to her death.  I had failed her, and in turn myself.  I had certainly failed her daughter who I refused Silver to take from this house.  She was born here and this was her home.  Without her mother here anymore she deserved to stay with the children and be raised as if she was mine and Marta’s.

Iris often cried for her mother months after her death and I did my best to comfort her, and slowly my comforting her helped comfort me.

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