2.27 Finally Getting Married

It was like baby season in the Sky world, I had a son we named Orion.  Quickly after Pandora had a daughter named Iris.  And everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Sandra gave birth to healthy twins Rose and Julian.

As it turned out Pan was a fantastic mother and hated to be out of the sight of Iris for too long.  She decided to keep her and I think it was the best thing for them both really.  Iris is an incredibly good child.

Remus well he’s still playing up since Orion joined the household.  He saw Iris as competition at first too but he’s a little over two now and he gets that Iris isn’t my child and thus not direct competition.  I just have to get through to him that his siblings aren’t competition for my affection.

The wedding was back on and we were full steam ahead to be wed before the year was out.  The next seven months passed in a blur and before we knew it and we were ready to stand at the alter.  Neither of us could decide who would wear the dress so we both decided to get married in suits.

It was a wonderful ceremony but it seemed to me like I blinked (which I tried not to do cause I didn’t want to miss a second) and it was over.  I’d like to say I remember everything about that day but for the most part it was like a wonderful dream before you know it it’s over.

I do remember the vows though and my Marta only deserved the best.  “Marta,” I said at the alter, “I was blind for so long yet you waited for me.  The day I woke up was the best of my life and every day since has been like a dream I never want to end, so I make this vow today to be your wedded wife to help keep this most incredible dream from ever ending.”

We were soon back home married as wife and ummm wife caring for the kids.  Marta’s mum came round and looked after the kids for a few days so we could stay at a hotel in Moonlight Falls for our honeymoon.  But before I knew it that was done with as well and we were back home.  I don’t mean to sound weird or like I regret it but it didn’t feel a whole lot like I was married, everything was the same really, the only change was Marta was required to be there for me and I her.  It goes without saying that that was a given before the wedding.

I sat down with her one night and said as much trying to make sure I wasn’t saying I hated that we were wed and was deeply relieved when she said she felt the same way.  She too was over the moon we were married but it changed nothing.  I was glad it wasn’t just me but it wasn’t long before the conversation changed to her want to have a child.

We had briefly talked of it before hand and I knew she wanted to go to the hospital and make the arrangements for her to have our next child.  I was all for it and told her we could go to the hospital the next day we weren’t both at work.

We headed over the next Tuesday and started the process.  It was a little over a year and a half before we were actually pregnant.  Orion was three at this point and the twins were quickly approaching 5 which scared me no end.  When did they get that old, it was only yesterday I was announcing to Marta and Silver I was pregnant never mind contemplating my fourth child with my wife.

One day when Marta was at the hospital undergoing some basic checks I went house hunting with Pan.  I would have gone to the hospital but Pan begged me and Marta said I should go.  Pan was determined to get her own house for her and Iris, before little Iris got to school age.  She’s about 3 at the minute but I understood.  Pan’s new job was working out, she was at a new news office as an actual journalist thanks to her working on articles when pregnant with Iris and building a portfolio.

We were on the way back from looking at the house when we saw them.  I stopped dead whilst Pan I could tell was breathing hard.  The Leigh twins who were on the other side of the street sniffed the air and looked our way.

They walked across to us, and Damien smiled wickedly.  “So glad we finally found you.”

I could feel a strange sensation from them, something was different, I could be wrong but they didn’t seem to be human any more.  Of course that seemed stupid.  I kept my mouth shut I didn’t want to encourage them.  Inside I was a wreck grandfather had done so much to get me away from them and yet here they were stood staring at me.

“Yeah about time too really.”  Donny said smiling.  It was a scary smile, there was definitely something different about these two.

“Of course we knew we would sniff you out eventually.”  Damien said.  I listened to the words they used and looked at Donny’s hair colour and put two and two together hoping I hadn’t reached 7.

“What have you done to yourselves?”  I knew they were different and I thought I had worked it out but how?  Why was his hair a different colour?

“I always liked you Andromeda, you were always the smartest of the Sky’s always watching us.”  His smile changed to be more viscous.

I remembered how Pan had told me Damien had entered the experimental sciences and Donny had gone into medicine long before she left home.  I knew they both excelled in science class years before I left and often wondered if they excelled in that field to analyse my blood more but I never thought they would try and become like me.

“It went wrong didn’t it.”  I knew they weren’t magical, there was a different type of aura I could feel from Pan than I could from them and I knew it had nothing to do with the hatred between our families.  When I was still in the Lakes I felt no magical aura’s around them at all, but now it was feral, it was uncontrolled.  It felt like a wild animal was stood in front of me.

He looked mad, he knew I knew something was different about him, because he was now a supernatural it radiated from him whatever he was now I could feel it all around me like it was suffocating me.  I had never had this feeling before I had only known witches, ghosts and genies and all were my family however they didn’t have this suffocating wild animal feel to them.  I looked at Pan and I could tell she could feel it too, her face said it all, it practically screamed What are they Romi?  What is going on?

Damien grinned, “You won’t be making fun of us when the full moon is out.”  It was like a thousand pins dropped, they were werewolves now, how did they become werewolves.

“How did you, what did you….?”  I was trying to comprehend how my blood could have helped them become werewolves given that I wasn’t one.

“How is it you are not a werewolf is a better question?”  He said sniffing the air, I realised the sniffing earlier was their wolf senses.  “We aimed to close the gap between our families and yet I can smell it now, your not a wolf.”

I tried to take that in, they must have altered my DNA to match their own and went wrong somewhere but right now that was besides the point I was getting more and more worried about their tone as the conversation progressed.  I had to get us out of here and quick.

Pan started asking them questions about how they did it but I wasn’t really listening as I started to whisper the spell to transport myself elsewhere.  The twins looked at me, cocking their heads to one side together ignoring Pan and her questions.  I grabbed Pan’s arm as I approached the end of the spell and watched them go to grab us as we disappeared.

Suddenly we were at the back of the house and Pan mid sentence spoke the rest of the words she had on the tip of her tongue and looked around.  “What did you do?  They will know now of your magic.”

“They already know Pan, they’ve always known, they had my blood and used it to change what they are.”  I said starting to run around the house,  I ran and near enough shouting hoping Pan was behind me.  “We need to call Silver and everyone over now.  We need to tell everyone.  I can’t believe the Leigh’s are here.”  I turned around, stopping suddenly, Pan nearly ran into me.  “When is the full moon?”

“I don’t know,”  She said breathlessly,  “I’m not a wolf!  Why do you think they might….”

“I think we need to call Silver and make sure everyone is ok.  I’m sorry Pan, I know you liked that house but we’re safer  in larger numbers.  I’d be worried about you and Iris living on your own.”

I could see her thinking that over and it looked like fear ran through her.  “No we’ll stay here, it’s better for me and Iris, and you and the kids.”  I’d never say it as I wanted her to stay here safe but I wasn’t worried about me and the kids, my magic was so much stronger than hers, than all of my families at the moment, I could keep them away from me and the children.  I couldn’t protect Silver and Pandora and their children.

We entered the house and Hilda stopped to say how the children were.  “Thank you Hilda, will you keep the children upstairs please, I don’t want them anywhere near the rest of us as we talk.”  She smiled and walked away.  She never really said much but she was fantastic in helping us keep up with the house and the children loved her.

I picked up my phone entering the living room and called Silver, quickly asking Pan to check the lunar cycle.  She ran off to get her tablet to see what phase we were in for the moon.  I didn’t get through to Silver but I reached Sandra and asked her the second Silver got home to come over and not to answer the door to anyone.  I then called Marta to make sure she was on her way home, she answered as she walked in the front door.

I ran over to her and ushered her inside, “Romi what’s going on, your scaring me.”  I quickly explained that the Leigh twins were around and had used my DNA and through science become werewolves.  “How your a witch, how did they become werewolves?”

“I don’t think the how matters right now I can only guess they screwed up some DNA mapping somehow, I mean we’ve all seen how these things go wrong in the movies.”  She nodded.

Pan came running down the stairs, “Romi it’s the full moon tonight.”