2.26 Damage Control

The next week passed quickly, and then so did the next, and the one after that.  We spent the whole of the next day convincing Pan to not go to work and allow us to call the cops.  She eventually saw we really wanted to help her and put an end to this misery she found herself in.  She spent two days with the police giving testimony and letting their docs look her over.  Then they arrested the…. nope won’t swear.

He was released but only under the condition he didn’t go near the victim.  Pan may be the victim to the world but to me she is my sister and that… no won’t swear, hurt her.  He was pretty well known in Lucky Palms and quite influential so I got Pan a good lawyer and told her she could work on articles from home, to build a portfolio for when he was gone to prove her worth.  If of course that’s still what she wanted to do when this was over.

Mum called, the press in Lunar Lakes knew, thankfully we had told mum in advance, but they called her to say they weren’t going to report on it.  They had known where I was for a short time now, about the time Silver moved here and with Silver leaving they seemed to realise what was going on and what they had done.  They promised her not to put our family through anything more.  Of course that was Lunar Lakes, Lucky Palms had the whole mess all over the papers.

It was kind of a blessing they didn’t care who Pan was just the di…. no I won’t swear!  He was the one talked about and “the girl”, or “the victim”.  Of course they called the whole thing into doubt but then more girls came forward and Pan remained the girl that started it all, whilst more well known members of the community coming forward were in the limelight.  I was kind of glad she wasn’t being dragged into it too much as within six weeks we were having another crisis.

“What do you mean she’s pregnant?”  Tempest had just come into the living room whilst I watched Inara try more ballet moves and Remus play with his rocket.  I would have practised with her like normal but I’m nearly 4 months pregnant now and I don’t want to do any contortions like normal now I’m starting to show.

She doesn’t want you to know, but I’ve seen the signs plenty of times now.

I of course knew she had.  “Watch the kids will you I’ll go talk to her.”  The kids at this point were quickly approaching two, too quickly if you ask me but with the baby being here in a little bit I guessed it was only a good thing.  I knocked on her door, before going into Pan’s room.

“Pan, I think we need to talk.”

“Tempest ratted me out didn’t she.”

“She means the best you know.”

“Yeah I know.”

“So… Pregnant.”

“You know I get it now Romi, you were right, it’s not simple is it.”  It took me a minute but then I recalled back to when she visited and Hilda joined the household.  We had a chat in my room a mirror of this one about how she was saying I was lucky and she didn’t get it, it wasn’t that simple.  I frowned.

“No it’s not simple sometimes.”

“Why?  Why us?”

“I’ve been asking myself that for quite some time.  If it helps I thought things were getting better and I think they will again.”

“Will it always be like this?”

“Honestly?”  She nodded, “I don’t know.  I’d like to say things will get better and better, I want them to, if only for my children’s sake,” I rubbed my belly.  “But I can’t guarantee anything.  I do know this though, that ba… he will go to jail for along time at this rate.  There are too many people coming forward for him not to.  And you have us, a strong family ready to help you.”  I smiled at her, “We just need to know what you want to do.”

“I don’t know.  I’m awfully young.”

“Well I’m never going to argue that point look how young I was when I had the twins.”

“Yeah no offence but look how that turned out.  I love the kids but that whole situation was a mess.”

“Kinda my point.”  Right now I didn’t want her looking at the child and always seeing what it’s father did to her.  That would be the worst thing in the world for her.  I don’t see any hurt in my kids but sometimes when I look at Remus I can’t help but think of Rogue and the hurt he put me through.  Pan didn’t deserve that.  “Look just think about it.  Whatever your decision we’re all here for you Pan.”

And I left her room, leaving her at that.  I did tell Marta and Silver but I didn’t call home with the news, mostly because I wanted Pan to not feel bombarded.


Pan spent alot more time with Inara and Remus after she found out she was pregnant.  I could tell what she was doing and I already knew she would make a great mum, the question was did she want to be one yet?  One day when she was playing with Inara and Remus, Silver and Sandra came round to talk to Pan.  I tried to leave them alone but Pandora wanted me there for some reason.

I of course knew it was possible they would come round, after all they had both been trying but… well they wanted a child and it was possible Pandora didn’t.  I could see the logic in it but well she hadn’t made her mind up yet and although time had run out for an abortion she had said she wouldn’t do that, she couldn’t.  The baby was real to her, if she wanted it or not.

She didn’t take her eyes off Remus whilst she helped him with his blocks box.  “I know why your here.”

“I wanted to give you an option Pan.”  Silver said I could see the hope in Sandra.

“You know I haven’t decided yet.”

“I know but it’s better than putting the child in the system.  If you decided you didn’t want the baby at least it could be raised by a Sky.”  He looked at Sandra, “We would raise it as if it was our own Pan we wouldn’t think any less of you or the baby.”

She sighed, “I know that, I know you would be amazing parents, and I hope you get the baby of your dreams soon, but I need more time.”

“How much more Pan, before you know it the baby will be here.”  He sounded slightly harsh I knew he meant nothing by it but really not the best way to go with a hormonal woman.

She glared at Silver.  “Maybe I want to see my child before I decide to throw it away.”

“Awww Pan no one suggested you were just throwing away a child.”  I said, I kind of knew how she felt here, I had been young when pregnant and I knew the whole time I was pregnant my family and friends thought what would be best was to give the children up.  I constantly battled with that thought even though I told everyone I was keeping the child.  How can you not at that age.

She smiled at me, she knew I understood, “I know Romi but to give the child up that’s how I feel.  It’s a life defining thing to do, and I can’t make that decision till I’m holding the baby.”  I totally understood that too.  How could I not holding Remus and Inara for the first time was one of the most incredible moments of my life, sure I was feeling the stress quickly of raising two babies but I couldn’t take them back, I wouldn’t, they were my life now.  Marta of course too but you can’t understand the lengths you would go to protect that innocent till your holding it.

“We won’t ask you again then till your ready Pan.”  I could tell Silver was sad when Sandra said that.

She looked up and sighed, “Look I get it, I do, your both trying desperately and yet here I am with a child I didn’t ask for.  But I can’t change what happened to either of us.  I would love to, I’d love for this baby to be in Sandra’s belly and be both of yours and I can dote on my niece or nephew, but it’s not what happened.  Instead I’ve been trying to come to terms with everything, on my own.  I can feel it moving in my stomach and I can’t help but smile, less and less I think of how the child was conceived and more and more about how it’s able to bring change to me, smiles, laughter.  I haven’t decided but I can’t help but lean towards I want to try.”

“Then we will all lean towards that,” I said looking at Silver like that was a very fair honest answer.  In a hope he wouldn’t be sad or mad at her, she was only trying to make the best out of what she had been dealt.

We spent the next three hours chatting normal stuff whilst all of us were secretly thinking of babies.  Marta came home later that day and we discussed maybe getting a crib just to put in Pandora’s room, what with our child on the way it was that or extending the nursery.  The kids would be a little over two by the time the baby was born so the discussion changed to whether or not to move the twins out of the nursery and into big kids beds but we decided for bonding purposes (especially for Remus) keeping them all in the nursery was for the best.

A little under two months after Silver and Sandra visited they got their wish, Sandra was pregnant and doing whatever she could to rest and keep from losing the baby.