2.25 Wedding Plans

We decided to have the wedding when the children were closer to two.  They are toddlers now and with planning a wedding and teaching them to walk and talk, it all seemed too much.  Remus got his fathers hair and looked so cute, Inara got my hair colour and was adorable.  They were like yin and yang, if Inara was playing with a toy Remus wanted it and would scream the house down to get it.

Me and Marta made sure we had two of everything, on their birthday they were each given different presents and we had to go out and buy matching items after the screaming started.  Of course that was no good the one Inara had was the one he wanted not the one he was given.  I swear that boy is doing it just to be difficult.

He also preferred screaming to talking and refused to learn.  Inara instead lapped it up, she was very clever actually and loved to watch me practice.  She’d watch me practice contortion and would try and do them herself.  She was too young for that so what we did instead is for warming up I started doing ballet type moves and taught Inara how to do them at the same time.  She loved them of course and was great at them.

Pan is 18 now and is working for the news office.  She said she wanted to help control the news and mold it, not be a part of it.  I thought it was quite odd but when she said why I couldn’t argue with her reasoning.  She was only a secretary right now but sometimes her boss gave her stuff to write up when they were having a slow news week.  She was doing well and I thought a promotion was on the cards soon.

Silver, well Silver and Sandra are trying for a baby again, they lost the first and I’m hoping the next time the baby makes it all the way.  They are still getting over the loss of their little girl so we don’t see them much.  I get it though, who would want to see two healthy babies running about the place when you just lost one.  I knew they would come round when they got over the loss of her.

I however have noticed something that seems very odd.  I can’t possibly be right but Tempest assures me I’m right.  I’ve been sick for awhile.  My argument with Tempest is I couldn’t possibly be pregnant as we’ve not been to the doctors to have treatment.  She keeps reminding me I’m magically inclined and thus it’s possible after all it happened to Lyric and her wife, but I was still getting used to the idea.

I was scared for the most part that Marta could be pregnant too after all that’s what happened to Lyric and her wife, they both became pregnant at the same time and ended up with 3 children between them.  I was praying none of it was true as well if that’s the case we need to extend the nursery as we can’t house more than 3 toddlers.

I decided one day to go to the doctors to check it out, and prove to Tempest I wasn’t pregnant but I came back disappointed.  It turned out I was in the first trimester and only 7-8 weeks pregnant.  The doctor didn’t ask about the father, which I was so glad about, now I just had to tell the “father”.

We settled the children down one night and Pan was working overtime at the office.  Me and Marta were on the sofa and when one of our favourite repeats was done I decided I couldn’t put it off forever.

“Marta, I don’t know how to say this….”

“Oh no, OK what’s up, why can’t this wedding have less issues.”

“Nothing to do with the wedding hun.”

“Alright what’s up dear.”

“Have you been feeling ill at all recently?” I wanted to see if she was pregnant first before I started this off.

“No I’ve been perfectly happy, why have you been ill?  We went to that new restaurant the other day was the food bad?”

“No, nothing like that, I’ve been to see the doc and well, it turns out…. I’m well…..”

“Come on spit it out already.”

“I’m pregnant.”  She looked at me utterly shocked.

“What?  How?  When?  Tell me I don’t need to ask who!”

“The who is you, I’ve only ever had one other partner in the bedroom and the spawn of that is upstairs asleep.”

“Alright, I’m sorry, I am, I didn’t mean…. Ok how?”

I was a bit disappointed she asked who but I guess her ex had cheated on her.  I did think she thought I was better than that though.  “Well remember I got the memories of my grandparents of old.”

“Ummmm yeah…”  I could see she wasn’t getting the link but I never expected her to really.

“This has happened before my great great… you get the point grandmother Lyric and her wife both ended up being pregnant at the same time.  For Lyric it was her magic and genie gene doing something, at least that’s what she thought and seeing as I have both of those gene’s and I’m the first with both genes and a girlfriend since…”

“So your magic has conjured up a baby.”

“To put it short yes.”

“And somehow it’s mine and not some Anakin Skywalker kid.”

I laughed, “well based on what happened before it’s yours.”

“You know I don’t have the right stuff to achieve a baby without help.”

“Medical miracles can be seen as magic you know dear.”

“I guess…. so we’re expecting a baby.”

“Yep.”  She hugged me.

“How far along are you?  Do we know the gender?  You’ll want to wait for the baby to have the wedding really won’t you.”

“Ok wow, that was a u-turn.  I’m about 8 weeks along, no idea on the gender it’s too soon and do we want to know?  And well no I thought we could have the wedding before I started to show or when the baby was born.”

“Oh boy we have our hands full if we have twins.  Even one more child with Remus’s ways, not the best combination.”

“He’ll just have to get used to it.”

We chatted for another hour or two about the baby and names before Pan came in with tears streaming down her face.

Me and Marta were stood up like a shot, “What’s wrong Pan?”

She was sobbing uncontrollably, and fell to the floor.  “Pan tell me what’s wrong.”  I said again.

I got on the floor next to her.  “Pan dear, please, your scaring me.”  And she was, she really was.  She just wouldn’t stop.

Tempest came up next to us and Marta asked if she should call anyone.

“No,” Pan said, “don’t call anyone.  You were both supposed to be in bed.”

“Pan please tell me, what is going on.”

She looked at me, “I can’t say.”

“Pan something is clearly wrong, you need to tell someone.”

“No I can’t, I can’t tell anyone.”

“Alright Pandora Sky if you won’t tell me I’m calling your mother.”  I don’t know where that came from maybe I channelled mum, maybe it was the baby in my belly but I couldn’t sit there and watch her crying like this anymore.

Pan come on what is it?

“No you’ll kill him.”  Him, him who?

“If you don’t tell me I will call mum, or if you think I’m going to kill someone I’m calling the cops.  It’s clearly bad enough for you to need help.”

“Don’t call the police.  I’ll tell you.”  I waited what felt like an eternity.  “My boss… he….”

“Pan what did he d…”

“Just let her tell her story Romi.”  I heard from both Marta and Tempest.

“He,” fresh tears came out of her and I knew whatever he did I did I wanted to kill him.  He upset her this much and he deserved it.  Don’t people know by now not to mess with my family.   “He raped me Romi.”

Well I was a turmoil of emotions at that point, rage, sorrow, anger, and I couldn’t help it seeping into my next questions.  “When?  Where?”

She was sobbing again, “It’s not the first time.”  Oh I was seething now, I know this last week she had been quite but how was I to know?  I had been so wrapped up in my own life to notice my sister was in misery.  What kind of sister was I?

“How long has he been…. I can’t say it Pan.  Oh god Pan I’m so sorry.”

“Two weeks.”  I thought back, she’s not really been around for the last two weeks.  I just thought she was swamped not… She was right I wanted to kill him.  “Every night for the past two weeks.  He said it was my payment to him for getting my first real article.”

I remembered her coming in all excited, it was a good piece and I currently had a framer working one up for her so she always had it.  In all honesty I thought she was working on a new article, not getting…. yes I could murder him.  “So he’s been hurting you for two weeks, why didn’t you say anything?”

I could hear Marta behind me crying and Tempest I knew her well enough to know she was hurting for not noticing.

“Well at first I thought it was him… I thought maybe he liked me, but on the fourth night I said I needed to go home and sleep, I was just so tired that day.  That I couldn’t perform.  He forced me, he pulled down my dress, and held me down and…” She broke into tears again.

“And since that night?”  I tried to think back to a week ago, she must have come home really really late, in fact every night this week I hand’t seen her come home.

“Whenever he wants it, he asks me into his office, day or night.”  Her phone buzzed then and she jumped.  This guy needed to pay.  We kept talking for a bit and it turns out this evening he had been particularly viscous with her, hence her coming in the house in tears, apparently most nights she holds it in till she gets into her room and leaves before we wake up.  No wonder she’s always tired.

I tried to convince her to let me call the cops but she wouldn’t hear it, she was determined to keep this job.  I made her go to bed, and asked Tempest to sit outside her bedroom and make sure she was ok.  She was not to leave this house for work tomorrow.  When she wasn’t looking I took her phone off her.  The poor girl jumped out of absolute fear when that message came through.  I looked at the messages and I was glad I had Marta there to stop me from running out and killing him.  They were rude and wrong and not one of them was replied to in kind after the first couple of days.

We decided to wait till the next morning to speak to Pan about this properly.  Me and Marta stayed up all night to make sure she didn’t run off first thing in the morning.  This had to stop.

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