2.24 Stupid No More

Andromeda’s Point of View

I got to the house just as she approached the pier.  I quickly ran to one of the deck chairs and took a seat, I gave her the shock of her life as she looked for her keys heading towards the door.

“What are you…”  I stopped her talking.

“I was stupid, incredibly stupid,” I said as I stood up and moved towards her, “to let you go.”  And I pulled her in for a kiss our first real kiss.


It was that night and the following days I realised what had happened.  Ever since childhood I had been told that it was a man and a woman that bring a child into the world, that raise that child and live together forever happily ever after.

I knew of same sex couples however spending all that time surrounded by the press and the insistence that I would find a boyfriend.  There was much speculation in the press before I left to who the Mr Kidnapped Baby would be that I never thought much about who or what I may be.  I fell into peer pressure, I believed what others told me I was, something I do not suggest now I’m aware that love isn’t what they say but what you find.

In my case my love was staring me in the face for years hoping one day I would see her for who she was.  I will be eternally grateful she waited for me and that I saw sense before I lost her forever.


The next few months passed before I even realised, Marta is planning my birthday party, my real 19th birthday.  I had started back at work a little after me and Marta started dating, about 4 or 5 months after my babies were born.  Slowly I’ve been building their future back up.  Marta has asked to help but I keep telling her it was my mistake, it’s mine to fix, instead I told her she can spend any spare cash on spoiling the babies.

My babies were nearly toddlers so I’d have to stop calling them that soon and the only thing keeping me from freaking out at the next stage of their life was Marta’s constant support and having Hilda.  Remus finally was allowing Silver and most importantly Marta to tend to his needs so now I could split my time evenly between both of them.  The day he behaved for Marta was one of the best in my life.  It was like him saying he approved and she could stay.  If I was in doubt before, I wasn’t after he finally settled for her.

Me and Marta had an agreement now, I wouldn’t be stupid any more and if she caught me at it then she was allowed to pull me on it with no arguments.  She let the money argument go after I agreed to that.

In fact I don’t remember when exactly it happened as it was like a sudden realisation that Marta is living here now.  Silver has moved out by the way, he’s living with his girlfriend, they are looking for a house together actually.  She’s wonderful and I’m so glad he found her.  He keeps joking I may steal her away from him but I wouldn’t do that to him, never mind I wouldn’t do that to my wonderful Marta.

He moved out a little over a month ago, I don’t think he planned it but’s it’s fairly coincidental that Pan is moving in in the next few weeks.  There are no issues with her moving here, but she’s quickly approaching her own 18th birthday and what with me settled down again mum and dad think it will be good for her to spend her last couple of months as a teenager here.

“Romi will you please come back from cloud nine?”  She stroked my cheek to try and bring me back.

“Why you were there?”  I said smiling.

“And I’m here too.”  Well that snapped me out of my dream talking to you land.

“What’s the plan for today?”

“Normal really, I need to do some training for the next show, so I’ll probably be in the basement for a bit warming up and practising.”

“Ok how about you do that and then later we go out for dinner.”

“I can do that.”  I was going to suggest dinner, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I don’t know what she has planned but I had hoped to surprise her before she surprises me…  I bought a new ring and I can’t wait to show it to her.

Marta’s Point of View

I’ll do it tonight she’ll never see it coming.  Hopefully she says yes cause otherwise I’ll have to play the Stupid No More card on her.  It’s so pretty and wonderful, I can’t wait to show her the ring.

Andromeda’s Point of View 

The dinner was great and wonderful before I knew it we had been there an hour and I was stalling.  I couldn’t keep that up much longer.

“Marta.”  It was now or never.

“Yes dear?”

“I’ve made alot of mistakes…”

“Oh this can’t be good.”  The smile on her face I knew I couldn’t be without her.

“Hear me out, I’ve made alot of mistakes, but the one thing I did right was beating you to the house.”  I got up from the table and got down on one knee.

Marta stood up, “Romi what are you doing?”

“I may have screwed up before but I refuse to do it again, I never saw what was right there in my face and yet now I do I can’t go back.  I can’t imagine a day without you.”

“Romi, you don’t understand.”

I just talked over her as I knew I would stumble if I stopped.  “Marta I know you’ve been married before to a guy who was an idiot please, let me prove just how worthy you are of love.  Please be my wife.”  I pulled the ring out of my pocket, it had been sat there reminding me I had to do it tonight.

“Oh Romi.”

“Please don’t say no, please allow me to be there for you forever.”  I couldn’t bear it if she said no.  Not after the most incredible last few months of my life.

“It’s not that Romi…. Yes!!! I will marry you, so much so I bought a ring too.”  She what??  OK act cool.

“Well I asked first so you get to wear the ring.”

“Only if you wear mine.”  I could live with that compromise.

“Deal.”  I put the ring on her finger and we hugged before she reached into her pocket and showed me the ring she bought.

I couldn’t believe she wanted to ask me to marry her too, how wonderful.  I’m so glad we were on the same page.

We went home that night and celebrated, the next day we called Silver and our mothers.

Two weeks later Pan moved in and went into wedding mode when not at school.

Authors note:  Short chapter I know but really this chapter could never be more than a long overdue happy Marta and Romi.  The next chapter is nice and long to compensate 😀  In the meantime I have another story that’s just started up if you haven’t seen it yet, Aim for the Stars.  It’s the first story I’ve written not to feature a Sky, but she’s pretty incredibly pretty and a fairy 😀