2.22 Some Spells Are Worth It

We headed down to the basement I had concealed with my magic when Rouge was here.  I don’t know why I never unconcealed it for him, maybe I always subconsciously aware I couldn’t trust him with my secret.  I had all my magic stuff down here that granddad had sent to me when I moved in.  I magic’d a crib for Inara so I didn’t have to leave her, I liked having her around.

I looked up the page mum specified in the book and started to cast the spell.  It was just like summoning someone to my side but I had to add some of my own magic, it was quite draining so I was glad I had gotten a good sleep before casting.

Before I knew it there was a strange box in front of me.  “Knock on it Romi.”

I looked at her like she was crazy, I mean I didn’t understand how a box would help me never mind knocking on it, but my mother seemed to know what was going on so I went to knock on her door, I was a bit freaked out when a bone appeared in my hand as I got close to knocking but I went with it, sometimes magic can be weird after all.

Suddenly a maid came out of the box, at least I think it was a maid, she was just bones, but she was wearing a maids get up.  I turned to my mother as if what is this?  She just nodded as if it was right.

I watched the maid bone person walk up to my daughter, my first reaction was to stop her but mum was stood next to me at this point and just whispered, “No it’s ok let her do this.”

I watched the skeleton maid pick my daughter up and cuddle her.  “Are you going to fill me in,” I whispered back.

“Your sister found the spell, this is Bone Hilda and she is a maid but one that cares more for children than cooking and cleaning.  You’ll have to see how Remus takes to her but it looks like Inara doesn’t mind her.”

She wasn’t wrong Inara was giggling away at being thrown in the air by Bone Hilda.  If Remus would take to her then that would make caring for twins so much easier.  If Remus took to her I’d have to convince mum to let Pan live here early as a thanks.  It was almost as if there was a calling for her, she put Inara in the crib and she headed for the lift that was magically concealed to everyone but the family.  Marta was included in that as she knew our family secret.

I picked Inara up again and me and mum headed for the lift.  We went up to the nursery and found Bone Hilda caring for Remus and giggling.  Actually giggling, that is till he saw me and he started crying.  I took a step out of the room and after a minute or two he started giggling again.  I couldn’t believe it.  We of course had tried the same thing with Marta and Silver but it never worked he never smiled only screamed for anyone but me.  This was amazing.  Pan was amazing.  I could possibly do this now.

Over the next week we made sure Remus didn’t change his mind about Bone Hilda as I went out and about without the children for the first time since the children were born.  I took mum and Pan to see the old house, and the pier and then I showed her my job as I asked my boss if I could do a one off show that week as I prepared to come back properly.  My boss was over the moon and allowed the show.

Mum and Pan loved it, I think Pan had stars in her eyes as to what I had done and how she could do it too, but it had been hard work and hard emotionally.  I had spoken to mum about letting Pan move early for the spell but we agreed she should stay in the lakes for at least another year.  Mum was happy to see me and Silver happy and that made her feel better.  I got the impression she thought she had done wrong by us and I couldn’t say enough to prove she had done a fantastic job.

I apologised profusely for my behaviour as a child and a teen.  Although still a teenager being away from the Lakes I could see clearly what kind of brat I had become.  However my mother wouldn’t hear it she could see I had grown up and she was pleased it all panned out well regardless of all the hurt and such.

She did tell me that Silver had seemed to help them realise just what they did.  Since he left they pulled my old photos out of the boxes they put them in and they often talked of us.  I could tell from Pan it didn’t matter to her but it wasn’t mum or dads trying that made her feel that way but rather her triplets Hydra and Juno.  She told me she wished instead she had been a triplet to me and Silver.  Of course she is my sister and twins or triplets didn’t matter to me but I knew what she meant.

The time spent away from the children was good for helping to make me feel like a better mother, odd yes, time away from your children making you feel like a better mother, I know what I said there.  The reality is I could see how stressed out I was when I stepped away and that’s why I felt like I wished I hadn’t had them when mum turned up.  That’s not to say I ignored my children I was often in the nursery or we were taking the children out to the park but it was good for me to have Hilda as we were calling her to watch the kids for a few hours and at night so I could sleep well.

Thanks to Hilda I planned to go back to work in the next couple of months.  I didn’t want to miss the best bits of their youth.  I also no longer had to cook thanks to Hilda and mum gave Hilda her waffles recipe, it turns out Hilda is a fantastic cook.  All in all I owed Pan a lot.  Me and mum sat Pan down one day and told her she had to stay in the Lakes a minimum of another year and then mum would consider letting her move to the Palms to be with me and Silver.

Silver of course was all for it.  He was working now and he never said much about it but he had met a girl.  I know it’s serious but he I think he’s worried that I’ll start to stress out over Rogue again and the fact I hadn’t really seen Chad lately.  I have called him from time to time but he always seems distant and he’s said he’ll come by when my family have gone home.  I love Silver for trying not to hurt me but I’d love to meet the girl who has made him smile so much lately.

Mum and Marta got on amazingly, so did Pan actually I was so glad they all got along.  I knew they always would, my move here to the Palms wouldn’t have been the same without Marta, I was so glad I met her and that I had offered her the room in the old house.  She had made my life in the Palms so much better, don’t get me wrong having Dom as a friend had been good but Marta had stuck with me through thick and thin.  I can’t fathom why to be honest with you I had been horrible to her when Rouge was here, and then she was amazing I couldn’t have been without her when I was pregnant and having the children.  I know I’ve been a mess but I would have been worse without her.  It’s not really like I want my brother in the delivery room after all.

Before I knew it mum and Pan were going home.  I really didn’t want them to go.  I felt like I was home again with them here, as if nothing had happened.  Silver got the day off work and Hilda agreed to cook a fantastic meal, we all went out with the twins to the park and came home to the meal.  It was a wonderful day and I was going to miss them both.  They had arranged a night cab so before we knew it the driver was honking outside.  Mum and Pan took turns hugging the twins and then me and Silver.  They had done so much for me again and I was terribly sad to see them go.

The next day I was all miserable when Marta came round for her regular coffee.  She used to have to bring the coffee but now mum had bought me a coffee maker we were testing out all sorts of combos with that instead.

“You know you can always have more kids and see your mother again.”  I looked at Marta with a bit of a scowl.

“I shouldn’t need to have kids to see her.”

“Alright, alright, don’t kill me.  Wow you really are a mother now.”

I laughed, it felt good to be near Marta she always made me smile, miserable or not.  “Shall we just take the kids for a walk?”  This was something we often did, I liked giving the kids fresh air, when I was young I was often cooped up inside due to the press attention and mum wanting them to leave me alone.  I think that was the reason I was rarely in the house most of the time when I moved to the Palms as well.

“Yeah sure.”  We put the empty mugs down and Marta headed for the strollers as I went to go get the children with Hilda’s help.

We were nearly at the beach when we saw Chad, I got all excited I hadn’t seen him in awhile.  He did tell me not to call till the family had gone home.  I had been such a rubbish girlfriend since I had the twins but now with Hilda I could be there for him and I could try and make this work.  I could try and have a father for my kids.  I thought he could be the guy.  All this ran through my head…. before I realised what I was seeing.