2.20 Nine Months

I had been such an idiot but once again I was amazed at the love others had for me.  Silver never shouted or said anything like thank berry he’s gone.  Sure I could read it all over his face but he never said it.  Instead he brought me ice cream and Marta as I cried my heart out at my stupidity and broken heart.  I couldn’t deny I loved him, no matter how blind I had been my feelings were true.

I was so happy to see Marta again I nearly burst out in a fresher lot of tears.  Both of them wanted to know what happened but I was a mess.  I don’t know how I managed to keep it together whilst he was here.  It was Tempest who told them everything as she had heard it all from the balcony after all we were shouting at each other.

I found out the thing Silver had figured out, Rogue had been stealing stuff from the house, I hadn’t even noticed.  Silver fished the engagement ring out of the flower bushes never saying how glad he was I wasn’t marrying him but I could tell.  He cleaned it up and took the ring back for me as I didn’t have the heart to do it and then I approved his ability to purchase replacement items for what was taken with the cost of the ring.  It paid for almost everything and anything it didn’t we decided didn’t matter.

I also phoned the bank, transactions had to be approved by me alone (verbally or in person) but I did not want the police involved, they would never be able to get my money back it was gone now, I may as well accept my screw up and move on.  I still had a home and I still had enough to keep me going through the pregnancy when I did take leave from gigs.

Silver I could tell didn’t agree with my decision and neither did Marta, they both tried to convince me to press charges but I wouldn’t have it, I didn’t want to see him and definitely didn’t want him to see any baby bump.

I didn’t tell Silver or Marta I was pregnant for two weeks.  I was just so happy to have them not hate me for what I did I didn’t want them telling me I was stupid for getting pregnant.  Tempest kept that part quiet when she told them the story as even the father had no idea.

I didn’t have to invite Marta round, now I wasn’t with Rogue as we all called him now she was here all the time.  Dom had even come round once or twice but I don’t think I could ever get back what we once had, we’d be friends but I think at a distance.  That made me really sad but I had done it to myself even if it was unintentional.

“So what’s the big news?” Silver asked, it had been great this past week you know after I finally stopped crying I missed him and I didn’t realise how much I had ignored him whilst Rogue kept me busy.  This last day or two had been like old times.

“I found out a day or two before I split up with Rogue that I’m pregnant.”  They both just stared at me.

“How far along,” Marta eventually said.

“About two or three months.”

I could see her brain at work doing some quick maths.  “So your due about three to four months after you turn 18 for real.”

“Yeah that’s about right.”

“Romi your awfully young to have a child.”  Silver said.  He was right of course and I knew that but I also had spent the last two years living away from home.  One of which was living in the lap of luxury, I could provide for a child easily in this big house.  I had already started to save up my finances again, now no one was spending my earnings from the shows I had nine grand this week alone.  I had phoned in sick for one of my gigs (the first after me and Rouge split) but I had a gig yesterday.  I figured I would stop performing in three months cause I didn’t want to get too big during performances.

“I know but it’s not like the child won’t be well cared for.”


“Silver I love you, your my brother but I’m not getting rid of the baby.  Who’s not to say it was meant to be?  Maybe I can make something good from the mess that is the kids father.”

“I think you’ll be a great mum Romi.”  I thought Marta would fight me a bit but I suppose I had just made it clear there wouldn’t be an abortion.  In fact I loved having Marta around all the time it reminded me of when we lived on the pier and if I wasn’t pregnant I might think of selling this place and moving back there building an extra room for Silver.  But a child deserved a good home and this was the home I wanted to give my kids.  Rogue hadn’t changed that.

“Thanks Marta.”  I have no idea why I felt a bit shy, it was good that she was cool with it, now I just had to get Silver on board.

“Well I suppose if that’s what you want then who am I to argue?”  Silver said realising there was no changing my mind.  “At least we don’t have to build a nursery like mum and dad did.”

“Or another floor.”  We laughed, it was good to laugh, and good to know the child’s future would be safe.

The next couple of months went smoothly, seeing as I didn’t have to spend time setting up a nursery like mum and dad did I lounged around, I loved the peace and tranquility of the conservatory.  I practiced with the balance ball, I would have practiced with the ring of fire but I didn’t want to burn my belly.

I spent loads of time with Marta and Silver and a bit of time here and there with Dom.  We were always at the park or the movies or just chilling out at the house.  It was great.  If my belly hadn’t been growing like a balloon it would have been like old times.  The first time the baby kicked Marta nearly deafened me with her squeals.  Maybe she was getting broody I don’t know but she was there for me throughout the whole pregnancy, doctors appointments, lamaze and everything.

One day at the hospital the doctor heard two heart beats, I was carrying twins and Marta who was with me as usual was more excited than me.  I obviously knew it was a possibility after all me and Silver were twins and mum and Uncle Jupiter were twins, it wasn’t too much to guess I had a high chance of having twins.  Thankfully I had three cribs.  As we left Marta insisted I rest more and she insisted on me calling my mum that second to tell her.  Of course mum was the one that warned me I may have multiples so it could wait till I got home.  After that Marta went into a bit of a mother hen mode, she was around even more than usual, she brought me food to which I always joked she was trying to fatten me up.

I swear she was taking this godmother thing too seriously.  Oh yeah sorry Marta is going to be the godmother, she’s the best friend I have and these kids could never wish for a better godparent in my opinion.  Of course there are several uncles and cousins these kids will have but I thought Marta deserved an official role in their life.

When I was about eight months pregnant I was out stretching my legs.  I had been out to visit Dom and then Marta at the salon and was on my way home when I met him.  He told me his name straight away.  His name is Chad Greene and he was recently divorced.  I didn’t know what attracted him to me as my belly was huge but I kept it simple for the first couple weeks we went out, dinner which he paid for by the way but I had to put on hold any dates as in the middle of the second date I went into labour.

“Call Marta!”  Me and Marta had this all planned out, we were meant to go together as Silver didn’t want to be in the delivery room.

Chad got up from the table and came round to me, I handed him my phone as he dialed for Marta and talked to her in a freaked out mess.  It went something like.  “Shesgoneintolabouryouneedtohelphernow.  Noshesshoutingforyou.  AlrightI’llcallacabandgethertothehospital, tellmeyou’llbethere.  OkOkI’llgonow.”