2.19 We Have Concerns

Life with Rouge is incredible.

No I’m sorry, I’m butting in here, life with Rouge is a nightmare.  Can I just say worst birthday ever, give me the press over Rogue.

He moved in a week after our birthday and ever since its as if my life has made sense, everything was to get me to this moment to meeting and living with the most incredible man in the world.

He’s a twat!  I hate him, me and Tempest walk around on eggshells whenever he’s around.  Tempest either sleeps in the basement which is hidden by our magic from Rogue thankfully.  Lord help us if she tells him about the magic or Tempest sleeps in my room.  She hates Rogue and can’t believe the depths Romi has fallen for him.

I’ve finally mastered my ring of fire and the proprietor of the Flying V says I’m pulling in so many customers he’d like to have me there twice a week.  I don’t know though, I love my acrobat work but twice a week is alot.

Yeah that’s Rogue telling her that it means less time for them in bed.  I can’t believe she invited him to live here.  And now they are sleeping together she’s worse, its all Rouge this and Rouge that.  He’s not let up on wanting me moved out but Romi won’t budge on that.  I want to leave but I’m worried that if I do he’ll do something stupid.  Me staying here is probably the best thing for her, not for me but for her.  With his manipulative manner he could end up doing anything and making her think its her fault.

I haven’t seen Marta in a little while but Silver tells me she’s been crazy busy at the salon.  Her boss gave her a promotion and now she has alot more clients.

Let that read Marta has been in a mess since our birthday.  I go round every day to help her through the pain of knowing Romi is with this… no I won’t swear.  She loves Romi so much and it kills her Romi doesn’t see it.  They were dancing at our party and Rogue hated it so much he convinced Romi to DJ the rest of the night, it was her  birthday and she may as well have been working.  

I think I’m going to ask him to marry me on his birthday next week.  He’ll be overjoyed.  I can’t wait to be Mrs Appleby.

No No No NO!  Romi he’s not good for you.  Stuff has been going missing, its all been little stuff but the bookshelves are practically empty, the upstairs rooms have no pictures on the walls anymore.  I really hope he’s not got near your bank account cause if he has the only saving grace is you bought this house outright and won’t lose it.


I headed off to the mall, I had to get Rouge a ring for tonight.  I had two surprises for him but I would start with the one that would join us for the rest of our lives.  I walked in and it was huge I’ve never been here before as I’m not one for wanting a huge wealth of possessions my family and friends mean more to me than objects.  But this object was different.  Eventually I found the jewelry store.  I browsed for awhile before a sales assistant came over and helped me choose the perfect ring.

It was when I paid for the ring that everything changed.   I paid for the ring and promptly had a call on my mobile.

“Miss Sky, its your branch manager, is there anyway you could come down to the bank please?”

I wasn’t sure what it was about but I said yes and made my way straight there.  I hoped it didn’t take too long I was supposed to be meeting Rouge in a couple of hours.

“Miss Sky I’m so glad you could make it.”

I took a seat at her desk.  “What’s this about?”

“We’ve tried to email you many times but we’ve had no response.”  I was always checking my email on my computer in my room so I had no idea what she was on about.

“I don’t understand.”

“We’ve got concerns about your spending.”  What?  I hardly spend anything.

“I spend very little.  I’m always working on my act or with my boyfriend.  I don’t know what your talking about.”

“Miss Sky you’ve been spending your fortune at the Lucky Simoleon where you made it, expensive dinners and on jewelry.”

“I’ve not been back to the Lucky Simoleon since I won the jackpot and this is the first piece of jewelry I’ve bought ever.”

“Then we have a problem cause someone is using your account.”  Was she serious?  We put safegaurds in place about this.

“What happened to you emailing me.”

“We did, you approved the transactions.”

“No I’ve not had any emails at all.”

“In that case you’ve got a serious problem.  Someone has access to your emails and your account.  Is there anyone you can think of?”  I sat there thinking, Silver never came in my room and I only accessed my email on my laptop in my room.  That left one person and that couldn’t be right.  He wouldn’t do that to me.  “I’ll call the police now.”

“No I’d rather you didn’t.”

“Are you sure, fraud is crime and if someone stole your money then surely you want them prosecuted.”

“Can I just have a day to deal with this before we talk about the police please.”  This was too much information.  I mean come on I was going to propose tonight to the same man stealing from me.  “How much money do I have left?”

“After your purchase today 3 thousand.”  Alright that wasn’t too bad, I was starting to get close to ten grand per performance if I took on a second performance a week I could make the money back.  I had to, I would have to take a break from performing soon but in the meantime I could earn some money back.

“Change the account numbers, lock everyone out unless you physically get my request for spending.  I will sort this out and we can talk about police or better security later.”  I had to get home he’d be expecting me to take him for dinner soon.

I spent the whole time in the cab on the way home analysing everything we ever did, dinners where I got a salad and he got a 100 simoeon steak.  I always paid ever since our very first date.  He had never bought me jewelry so that had to be for something else.  Oh my berry I had invited him to move in with me, had his landlord really wanted him out or had he run out of money or had he just manipulated me to do it to get better access to my email.  Then I remembered the first night we slept together and I thought I was going to be sick.  I was ready to beg him that night, I mean full on beg him.  I didn’t have to but I was close that night to get what I want.  What had he done to me.

It occurred to me I had quite working for Dom because of him, that I can’t remember the last time I actually saw Dominic.  Then it occurred to me Silver was never around and I hadn’t spoken to Tempest properly in months.  He had done an amazing thing he had taken my money and convinced me to set aside the ones I loved for the one I now wanted to kill.

I got out of the cab and he was standing on the edge of the stairs clearly upset with me, but he couldn’t be more upset with me than I was with him.

“Where have you been?  You never answered my texts I’ve been so worried about you.”  He said with a tone that instantly made me realise he was always like this, he was  always checking in making me answer his texts the second I got them so he knew where I was at every minute of every day.  I felt sick again.

“I’ve been out.”  I said walking towards the front door with a tone I hadn’t used since my grandfather came and took me out of the nightclub two years ago.

He swung me around to look at him, “How dare you talk to me like that?”  I had never talked to him like this before that is true but that was enough to make me hate him even more.  “Out where.”

“Why don’t you tell me?”  I was angry now and I did not like the fact he had touched me.  Not now I knew what was going on.

“I don’t know do I that’s why I asked.”  We were having a full on argument in the middle of my porch.

“What not placed a tracer on me?”

He looked at me like he didn’t know what was going on, “What’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing I finally see clearly what’s going on here.”  He didn’t even flinch.

“And what would that be?”

“You’ve been stealing from me, we met on the day I found the coin and again when I won the jackpot I never realised it till now but you were hoping for some unsuspecting idiot to come along so you could steal their winnings.”

He changed entirely, “Finally woke up and realised then huh?  Your brother worked it out ages ago but you wouldn’t move him out.   I know it wasn’t him that told you, who did?”

How, huh, what a… no I won’t swear.  “The bank called me in for a meeting.  They were concerned.”

He didn’t even look ashamed.  If Silver knew something was up it couldn’t be with the bank he never cared about the money, neither did I really other than leaving plenty for future kids.  He had to have been stealing stuff from the house too, stuff I would have to replace now.  “So you know.  Would it work if i told you I have a problem.”

“Nope I could maybe have believed you have a gambling problem if it wasn’t for the large expenditures in the jewelry store.”  He still didn’t have the audacity to look ashamed.  “Who were you buying jewelry for, cause it sure wasn’t me.”

“None of your business.”

“Actually no I think it’s 100% my business, after all it’s my money your spending.”  He looked mad like I had put him on the spot.

“Why should I tell you?  You’ll get over this and things can go back to normal.”

“No you are deluded if you think we’re going back to before.  You should tell because were finished anyway.”  I meant every word after this fight I never wanted to see him again regardless of how I felt this morning.

“You would just throw what we have away?”

“What we have is all lies, we have nothing so tell me.”

“Fine, I have another girl out there.”

I had known it of course when I realised he never bought me jewelry.  “Another victim you mean.  How many of them are there?”  There couldn’t be just one.

“Three, but they mean nothing to me.”

“No you wouldn’t spend my money on them if they didn’t.  All that time we’ve been living together,” nearly seven months he had lived here in total.  All that time I had forced this man on Silver and Tempest clearly against their will now.  “How lucky they must be.”

“I will leave them all for you.”

“You should have thought about that before you did it really.”

“Romi sweetheart,”  that hurt, “we can work it out.”

I pulled him closer to me, so he could see straight into my eyes.  “No it’s over, the account is blocked to all but me.  You are cut off.”  Then I stared into his eyes.  “You will leave here now and never return for any reason, and I mean any reason.  If you come near this street or me your feet will turn the other way and you will not be able to approach me or the house ever again.”  Yes I had glamoured him with my magic much like I had to the bartenders when I was 14-15.  “You will not remember the words I have said just know that we had a fight and you can’t come back anymore.  You will also remember I cut you off from my bank account.  Go now and never come back.”

And without question he turned around and left the street not looking back.  My magic was too strong.  I knew I had sent him away for good which left me standing there alone.

What are you going to do?

I hadn’t even heard Tempest approach me from behind as I watched him walk further down the street.  “You saw all that?”

Yeah I saw it from the balcony. 

“I’m sorry Tempest for everything.”

You know I forgive you, but what are you going to do?

“About what?”

You know what.

I did but I didn’t want to admit how screwed up things were.  I picked the wedding ring out of the box in my pocket and held it in my hand, I threw it in flower bushes near the pool, I didn’t want it anymore, I didn’t even want my money back from it.  “I’ll just have to raise the baby on my own.”

Your not on your own you know.

I couldn’t help feeling more of an idiot than I had when granddad helped me, I had hurt everyone around me all over again but once again Tempest was there ready to forgive me.  I knew Silver would be the same.  I just had to get my friends back and I could forget this whole mess, apart from the baby of course.

Authors note:  Long chapter I know but well there was alot to say.  I hope you guys didn’t mind or get confused by the beginning of the chapter with Romi’s text in white and Silver’s in well silver/grey.

The bank managers office was from JourneyG’s building we used in gen 1 😀 and the mall is from the exchange 😀