2.18 Head Over Heels

We moved into the Villa about a week after I phoned the realtor.  The old owners had to move out and I had to sign papers.  I had to go to the bank too as they didn’t believe I would spend so much of my money on a house.  Of course since then I’ve had more go in the bank from Marta.

We made a good agreement all signed and everything so she got the house for 55 grand.  It had been valued with all the furniture at nearly 70 and Marta was determined to give me at least 60 but settled for a middle ground in the end.

Anyway my love life is far more interesting than the boring transaction of selling my old house.  Yep I said love.  In the two weeks since we had our first date I’ve had another four dates with Rouge who has been such a gentleman.  I brought him to the house before I was allowed to officially move in simply cause I was so excited about it.  It was whilst there looking at the wonder of the place that he asked me to go steady.

We’ve even kissed some more and there’s been a bit of fondling but nothing serious.  It’s just been amazing and that intoxication I felt initially has just intensified I want to be around him all the time.  We often head out for expensive meals and lounge around the house.  I love him and can’t believe I found the man I want to be with for the rest of my life.

Silver’s Point of View

I’m sorry but I have to but in here.  I can’t keep quiet anymore and I can’t tell her about my worries.  I just got Romi back in my life I can’t ruin that and have her to ask me to leave.  Don’t worry she won’t see my part of these posts but it’s not all rosy in this relationship of theirs.

There is something about this Rouge I disliked from the moment I met him.  He’s a jerk to me and Marta.  He’s always trying to get Romi away from us, he’s even asked her a couple of times to kick me out, he’s worded it better but he never wins that discussion thankfully.  That’s why I’m too scared to say anything he already wants me out of the house, if I upset her she may see his way of thinking.

He was all weird with Romi when she told him she sold the boat house to Marta, he said she should have got the full price for it or kept it.  I think what she did for Marta was incredible and like the Romi I remember as a child.

He’s currently trying to convince her to quit working for Dom, saying she has enough money and they would have more time together.  This discussion he’s winning.  It is true she has enough money she doesn’t need the club job anymore but I know she loves it.

The saddest parts are if he texts her and she doesn’t reply straight away he gets all upset and she has to go into damage control explaining how she’s sorry and she still loves him and wants to be with him.  So as a result we never see Romi without her phone somewhere nearby.

It’s even harder to see it from Dom and Marta’s point of view, the both love her although Dom has moved on and has a girlfriend.  Marta is devastated, she’s never told me she loves Romi but I can see it all over her face.  I think Rouge has seen it too as he keeps trying to steal Romi away from us whenever she mentions she has an movie night planned with me Dom and Marta.

Dom has told me he’s going to stop coming by until Romi comes to her sense and Marta said she would never leave Romi because she will need her when she see’s sense.  Here’s the problem Romi’s besotted, this is her first love and she will not hear a bad word about Rogue as we call him or the fact she shouldn’t have to give up her life of friends for her fella.

He likes the fact she does her acrobat shows but instead of attending all of them like when they started dating he rarely comes to one now, me and Marta are always in attendance.

I’ve also noticed some things are missing from the house, a book, games console from the upstairs living room and I swear a laptop is missing from one of the upstairs kids rooms.  I’ve not told Romi as I’m terrified it’s actually Rogue but she’ll think its me.

If you ask me he’s stealing stuff and he’s into her doing her shows as she’s starting to pull in about 5 and a half grand a show.  I really hope he never finds her bank information cause he could take everything she has.  Maybe I’m just being overly protective but I hope she realises what he’s up to soon.

Andromeda’s Point of View

Before I knew it I was the day of our 17th birthday or to everyone else but me, Silver and Marta our 20th birthday and I was planning a get together for me and Silver.  I was trying to convince Dom to come but he kept saying he had to meet his girlfriends parents.  Something didn’t feel right about this but I couldn’t argue.  I don’t work for Dom anymore so it’s not like I could call him on it.

I had booked me and Rouge at the bistro we went to on our first date for a lunch.  We spent ages choosing a meal, I went for a simple meal and Rouge had a mixed meat burger.

“I may not be able to come to your show tomorrow Romi.”

“Not again, where will you be this time?”  I won’t lie I was dissapointed, he’s missed alot of shows lately due to work issues.  They’ve been talking about layoffs so he’s been working extra hard in hopes they will keep Rouge on.

“Flat hunting.”

“I don’t understand you have a home.”  It was a nice house too even if it was a bit rundown.

“Yeah but my landlord has decided to sell the house and I can’t afford it so I need somewhere else to go.”

“I’m sorry dear.”  I really was, I wished I could help more.

“Hopefully I won’t end up too far out of town but work is slow at the moment so I’ve got…  I shouldn’t be talking like this, its your birthday.”

Then it occurred to me, I don’t know why I’ve never asked him before after all I have a huge home and he’s been living in a rundown little place.  “Rouge maybe I can… You could always…”  What was wrong with me?

“Are you alright there dear?”  He sounded so sincere about how he felt for me.

“Rouge would you like to move in with me.”  His face lit up, then went back to normal.

“I couldn’t do that.  I’m supposed to have the money and you move in with me.”

I never believed in those old school ways, “It doesn’t have to be that way and I have that big house there is plenty of room.  Besides…”  I was thinking of waking up to his hot torso every morning.

“Besides what?”

“Umm.. it would be nice to have you there when I wake up every morning.”  He stroked my cheek from across the table.

“Now how could I say no to that.  I would love to move in with you.”  I was overjoyed as soon as we got home I couldn’t wait to tell Silver.

“Silver, great news Rouge is moving in.”  I swear I saw a twinge of disgust but then he got off the sofa and came up and hugged me.

“I’m happy for you Romi.”  Rouge had stayed over a few times before, nothing ever happened but it shouldn’t be anything new for Silver.  Just like having Rouge around permanently instead of every now and then.  I’d like to point out now that Rouge was always a gentleman and we only ever cuddle in bed.  He said he would stay in one of the upstairs rooms but the cheap bunk beds hurt his back.

It was a great get together that night with alot of congrats for me and Rouge, we all went into the ballroom and I used the turntable like I did before I stopped working for Dom.  Everyone danced the night away.  Silver took over for a bit whilst I danced with Marta.  After a few minutes though Rouge pointed out how Silver needed some tips with his DJing.  I spent the rest of the night playing music for my friends and family.

When everyone eventually left Rouge and I headed up to bed.  I was exhausted and he had work in the morning, but we didn’t go straight to sleep instead we kissed and cuddled and did a bit of making out.  I couldn’t handle it anymore I wanted to sleep with him, I mean really sleep with him, it was my birthday and I wanted to….

“Baby,”  I said between kisses, “I want you.”

“I want you too sweetheart.”  He said looking over me.

“No I mean I want you.”  I said trying to sound as sensual as possible.

“Are you sure?”

Boy was I.  I was practically ready to beg for it.  “Yes please, please,” I said between kisses.  “Make love to me.”

“I don’t want to rush you.”  Rush me is he kidding?  We’ve been going out for four months or so.  I’d get down on one knee and beg if I had to.

“Please baby, I want you.”  I said pleading.

“Only if your sure.”  He said pulling me closer to him.  He kissed me and then moved his lips down to my chest.


I lost any train of thought after that as I experienced the most amazing feeling of my life.  If I was intoxicated with him before now I was worse.  Once we crossed that step there was no turning back we were all touchy and more playful after that night.  I can’t count how regularly we were in the bedroom after that night.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  My love for Rouge was great before my birthday but after that night I knew I would have to marry him one day, sooner rather than later.

Authors note:  Sorry for the intensity of the last scene.  I wanted to show just how manipulative Rouge can be by making Romi think him moving in was her idea and having her practically beg him to sleep with her.  I’m all for a guy being honorable and everything however that’s not what Rouge is doing, he’s manipulating her, he’s making her beg and he’s doing it on purpose.  He’s trying to separate Romi from her friends and brother.  He wants her all to himself.  That in my opinion is far from a good relationship but Romi is blinded by it.

I think you all know as well I like to keep the site as close to PG 13 as possible just encase there are young readers out there.  If you didn’t before you do now 😆 Saying that I hope no one thinks I’ve gone too far in setting how manipulative Rouge is.  Yes I worry that it is.

The next chapter I will have a new style of writing, it won’t last long and I hope it works the way I want.  Romi’s words will be in white where as Silver’s will be in another colour like I do for Tempest.  All will become clear in the next post but as I said it won’t last long.

I also may accidentally call Rouge Rogue cause now I can’t get it out of my head.  If you spot any errors like Romi calling Rouge Rogue than please let me know as she won’t do that whilst crazy in love.