2.17 House Hunting

Andromeda’s Point of View

I was desperately sad for my family as a whole as I listened to Silver.  I was happy to see him and that he had told Pan she could join us when she was old enough.  I’d hate for my baby sister to go down the same path I had because her two human siblings had left her.  What had Georgia done to us all?  She didn’t deserve the word aunt.

“Now you know my story, what have I missed with you?”  Silver asked me, ready to soak up the things I’ve done since I saw him last.  It was good to have family in the house, I loved having real friends but they don’t match family.

“Let’s see…  I’m an acrobat, I have a show every week at the local coffee shop.  I also DJ for a friend at his club across the road.”  I saw his face drop at the word club.  “No it’s not like that, I drink but only a little, I haven’t been drunk since granddad came along and said he’d help me.”  His face showed a huge sense of relief.  I couldn’t have done that to them not after everything they did for me.  I could see that now, I could see what pain they went through to get me out.

“Did you say something about a date when you came in?”  I would expect Marta to ask that.

“Yeah sorry Silver this is Marta, she’s my roommate I helped her out when she needed me and in exchange she’s helped me out when I needed someone.”

“Would that be when your memories kicked in?”

“Yeah, I was messed up for a couple of days.”

“Me too,” he looked at Marta.  “Thank you for helping her, I was worried she was all alone when they kicked in.”

“You got them too?”  Marta asked.

“Yeah it was a gift but when I got it on our 16th birthday I was sure it was a curse.”

“I forgot for a second your twins, yeah I get that, she was a mess afterwards.  Anyway less about memories and more about this guy.”

“Oh yeah, I met him nearly two months ago but I never caught his name, its part of a larger story actually.  On the same day I met him I found a coin, it was heavily linked to a magic source, a wishing well, a real one.”

“They don’t exist.”

“You so sure about that Silver?  I didn’t believe it either, not till today when I finally managed to get the casino slot machine to believe I was 18.”

“Oh Romi what have you done?”

“Nothing bad really, I changed two wires over.”  Silver gave me a look.  “Come on I’ve been pretending to be 18 for a whole year now.  I should be allowed to reap the benefits.  I didn’t change the odds of the machine at all.”

“Hang on,”  Marta butted in, “I’ve heard about these coins they are practically a myth… you put it in the slot machine?  Did you?”


“Oh my berry why didn’t you lead with that?”

“You asked about the date, not about…”

“Will someone clue me in.”  Silver said unsure of what we were talking about.

“I won the jackpot.”

“And how much is the jackpot?”  He asked clearly still trying to digest the information.

“Half a million simoleons.”  I said coolly and calmly.

“Oh my.. why didn’t you lead with that?  You let me tell my story and everything and your sat here acting like you don’t have half a mill sat in the bank now.”

“I’m still adjusting I only won about nine hours ago.”

“OK if I can put aside the fact were talking normally about you winning half a million, how does the date fit in?”  Marta said coming out of the initial shock a bit quicker.

“I met him when I found the coin and then again today he was at the casino.  We got talking afterwards and he invited me out on a date.”

“What’s the mystery man’s name?”

“Rouge Appleby.”

“Oh a Rogue.”

“No Rouge,”  I said to her again.

“Yep and Rogue is an anagram of Rouge.”  Why hadn’t  I noticed that before?

“Regardless I’m set to go out on another date with him soon.”  We all stayed up chatting for a bit longer we agreed Silver could have one of the couches for now.  Before we headed up to bed I pulled Marta to one side.  “Marta,” I didn’t know how to say this but I knew it’s what I wanted to do.  “How’s the house hunting going?”

“Don’t worry I’ll move back into my mums tomorrow.  With Silver here the room is his.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I… Hang on what?  You do want me to go right?  You know, now Silver is here.”

“No actually I was thinking of selling you this place, you can pay what you have saved up and then we can work out a mortgage if that helps you.”

“Wait… where will you go?”

“Marta I have half a million simoleons in the bank now, I’m buying a forever home that I can pass down to my children and their children.”

“Your moving out.”

“I’ll take Silver with me and then you can have the house.”  She hugged me.

“You don’t know what this means to me Romi.”

“I think I do.  You’ve been a fantastic friend to me, and when these things happen a person has a choice to leave it all behind or help out the ones in need.  I choose to help you out.  After all you like it here.”

“I’m glad your one of those good people Romi.  I’ll get the numbers crunched and we can talk about it later.  I need sleep now, this is all too much for me.”

“Me too.  Night Marta.”  I pulled her in for another hug.  “We have quite simply got to remain friends.”

“We will Romi.” She paused.  “Your like a sister to me.”  She sounded sad when she said that which seemed weird to me as saying your friend is like a sister would seem like a good thing to me but I was tired so decided I had imagined it.

The next morning I had 2 texts on my phone from Rouge, one saying how great a time he had and how he was looking forward to the next date and the other apologising if he had the wrong number.  I sent one back before heading into the living room saying he had the right number and I was sorry that I hadn’t noticed the first message.  I didn’t know why I felt I had to explain myself but I did.

I walked into the living room and I could smell waffles, they smelled just like mums.  “Hey sis, I made mums waffles.”

“Berry have I missed these.”  I said grabbing a plate.

“She taught me the recipe one day when we weren’t fighting.”

I sat down at the table with a plate full.  “You’ll have to teach me it one day.”

“So are you really worth half a million now?”

“Yeah it’s all pretty new to me too.  You wanna come house hunting with me today?”

“Bit quick isn’t it.  You’ve not really had time to get used to the money in the bank yet, never mind spending it.”

“Yeah that is true but lets be honest you don’t want to sleep on the couch for months on end do you?”

“You’ve got me there, its a comfortable couch but it doesn’t replace a bed.”

“I’m going to sell Marta this place.”

“How much extra does that give you?”

“I don’t know I’ll have the place valued and seeing as Marta is struggling to buy a place I’ll let her buy the house for a cheaper value, by paying a deposit and then in installments with no interest.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

“She’s my friend.”

“So I figure there’s no time like the present to start house hunting.  I don’t have a gig today so we have the day to look before I go to the club later.”

And that’s just what we did.  There were a few houses the real estate agent thought could be used for me as a long term family home to pass down to my kids and their kids in my price range. With the income from the boat house and the two jobs I didn’t mind spending a very large chunk of my winnings on the house.  Silver seemed to have an opposition though as we looked around the houses.  In the end it was a choice between two very different houses.  The modern looking one and the one called Villa Miramonti.  Both had their benefits.

The modern looking one was simple and smart.  It had a nice nursery and kids rooms.  The spare room was a bit small but Silver said he didn’t mind.  It had two pools and an outdoor eating area.  All in all it was an incredible building.

The Villa was grand on the outside but modern on the inside.  They had a matching master and spare room which I felt better about for Silver.  The nursery was a bit bigger but it felt more fun and like home, the kids had a living room like at home and the adults had a separate living room.  There were two floors above the kids living room both with three beds in so in my mind it was a girls and a boys child’s room.  The conservatory was stunning and generally I was blown away that I could afford the place.

Added to the difficulty in the decision was both of them had room in their basements for our family witch items and both had a nectar making machine…. I always wanted to see if I could make nectar, after all I spent long enough drinking it.  I should like to think I could make a half decent bottle or three to sell on.  For me the clincher was that the villa backed onto the water and there was the beach at the back of the house that I could stick some golf tees on like I use on the pier.

Silver tried to convince me to buy the modern one, it was cheaper and I would have more in the bank for my kids when they got older but I told him both houses meant I didn’t have to pay a mortgage which was the most important thing for me, I wanted to own them outright so me and the future kids would not be paying it off for all time.  I was approaching 17 as he knew, I had a long time to make more money up for their futures and now I had the ring of fire the proprietor of the Flying V promised me a minimum of four grand a week, growing as I master the ring of fire to a hefty 9 and a half thousand a week.  Soon it wouldn’t matter about how much I spent on the house I would have plenty of money from the acrobatics.

What mattered to me right now was having a home to hand down to my children, and their children and so on.  I knew I wanted the Villa but I liked the modern house too, it was a decision I didn’t want to rush into so I spent about a week visiting the houses over and over again before calling the realtor and telling her I would buy the Villa because every time I went back I loved it more and more, but I would only buy it if the furniture was left behind.  That was my one condition.  The condition was approved and a week after winning half a million simoleons I owned a Villa.

Authors note:  Hey guys thanks for sticking with me for these two long posts.  Anyway I didn’t create either of these wonderful houses and the Modern Beach house was going to be the one Romi would move into that is until I saw Villa Moramonti and I took a look around.  I gave it a bit of a colour scheme change and filled the empty rooms.  I made the nursery larger and yeah it was very minor changes.  Anyway so as not to overload any posts with pics of the house I’ve created a page.  Clicking on the name of the houses above will take you to the download sites.