2.16 Silver

Silver’s Point of View

Sometime between Silver’s 16th birthday and today

“But you just let her go!”  I was having the same argument with my parents again.  Mum had left the room unable to cope with it all which had become a regular thing lately and dad was trying to help me see sense, of course that was never going to happen.

“What choice did we have, do you think we wanted to lose our oldest daughter?”

“No but you took the easy way out, you just let granddad swoop in and take her away from this.”

“That was hardly the easy choice.  You have seen what it’s done to everyone… to you.”  He was throwing my angry argumentative self at me.  I couldn’t help it the moment she got into that cab was the last I had seen Romi, she was my twin and I was told I would most likely never see her again.  I had become angry and resentful, I often argued with my parents since that day about them letting her just go.  In my eyes they never really tried to keep her here.

“I wish I had gone with her.”  And I did I missed my sister more than I could ever say.  She was my twin and we had been through everything up to that day together.  Watching her leave was the hardest thing for me to do and I wished daily I had gone with her.

“Please don’t say that son.”

I didn’t look at his hurt face I turned away and said.  “Why not, it’s the truth.”  I walked up to my room at that point and went onto my tablet to do my homework.

That day had changed me, I stayed out past cerfew as I didn’t want to be in this house anymore.  I wasn’t doing anything stupid, fishing mostly, I got a job so I could be at home less, anything so I didn’t see her bedroom door next to mine.  I even stayed a night or two a week at granddad’s I enjoyed it there actually.  My grandparents were kind and understanding.  Sure it was my grandfather that had taken Romi away but I didn’t blame him he didn’t have the final say, and he was just trying to help her out.

Pan lived in Romi’s room now as Pan had started arguing with Hydra and Juno who were lapping up the press attention we had lately.  They wanted to know where Romi was and why she had disappeared, Hydra and Juno were more than happy to pander to them without actually revealing anything.  Pandora who adored Romi as much as me fought with her brother and sister about not truly understanding the point of getting Romi away from them whilst they didn’t understand why she their triplet didn’t want to be part of the press’s attention.

For the most part when I was in the house I was with Pan but not in her room, I hated it in there, I spent months helping Romi with her tests in there, every time I walked in it reminded me how she wasn’t here anymore.  I almost felt like she had died.  She rang regularly but phone calls could never be enough, they couldn’t replace her being here before the drinking started.

Mum and dad didn’t fight but they also didn’t talk as much as they used to.  They were a united front in making sure we weren’t fighting each other, they allowed us to fight with them but not each other.  At school the Leigh twins were unbearable, always asking things like if she used her magic to dissapear, to go to another dimension.  It didn’t surprise me they excelled in science class, they wanted to analyse her DNA and were constantly telling me they would use it to track her down.

How was it possible that all this chaos came from the actions of one person, Georgia had ripped our family apart and I hated her for that.  One day when I was staying at my grandparents granddad came into the room allocated for his sons.

“Silver we need to talk.”  He took the seat from the computer table next to me and I pulled the one I was sat on to face him.  I had no idea what was going on in his head, I had turned up a few hours before after a particularly nasty fight with mum and dad, I stormed out and headed here not really saying anything about the fight.  “I’ve just spoken with your father.”  This wasn’t going to go well.  I looked down at the floor.  I had said some really nasty things in this particular fight.  “I think it’s time we talked about your anger at losing Romi.”

“I’m not…”

“Don’t lie to me please Silver.”  I don’t know why I tried to deny it, the truth was I was about as uncontrollable as Romi had been but I couldn’t help it I missed her and they just let her go.   I knew they struggled with it but since she had gone they had moved all of her pictures and although it was never said we got the impression we weren’t to speak of her.  They acted as if she had died and I know, I know she’s out there and she is fine.

“I’m sorry grandfather.”  I respected him he had taken Romi away but he was the one with a solution and I could always talk to him about Romi without feeling like I shouldn’t.

“Your parents don’t know what to do anymore.”  He looked at me and I wondered if this was how he looked at Romi before he helped her.  “Silver we all miss her.”

“She’s not dead.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because at home she may as well be, Pan is living in her room, all her pictures are gone…”  I couldn’t go on with the sentence.  “She’s not dead, she moved away.”

“Silver, do you want to live with her?”

I had never thought it was a real possibility.  I had thought about it but I never thought I would ever be able to do so.  Finally I answered, “Yes.”  I was very quiet as I knew with that one word I was leaving Pandora behind and possibly an even bigger mess for my parents to clean up and hide away.  But really I didn’t care, I could be near Romi again and away from this awful place.  Away from the Leigh’s, Romi was right they were bad news and away from this hurt in my heart from not seeing the person that had been through everything with me.  She was not dead and I refused to act like she was.

“Alright, if that’s what you want.  Your parents have already agreed to it.”

“Well that was easy to pawn me off.”

“Son you will not talk about your parents that way.  We have been talking for the last three weeks about this as a result of your actions.  This was their idea as they want to make you happy.  I don’t know how they can possibly allow to lose two of their children as I know I couldn’t bear to lose one and I have 6.”  I had never heard my grandfather shout before and suddenly I felt like a… well a… yes a twat to put it nicely.

“I’m sorry.”

“It is fine but I will not allow that sort of talk in this house.”  Suddenly I knew what was coming next, I had to behave and get my own GED, like Romi did in the months before she left.  “I will get you moved before your yearly photos,” why the press insisted on that for my 16th birthday I will never know, Romi wasn’t there so it was pointless.  “but you must get your GED, I know you helped Romi get hers so my guess is you could take it within the week, Lyra is already working on the papers.  I can have you there next week.”

I just stared at my grandfather, was he serious?  How was this possible?  Did Romi feel like this when she was given the same option?  I was at a loss for words but somehow got a thank you out.

I went home and the next day we sat down with the triplets to tell them that I too was moving away.  Pan was devastated, Hydra and Juno were sad but really I think it was all for show.  Pan begged me to take her with me and suddenly I realised this is just how Romi felt and it was heartbreaking.  I in part understood how my parents felt but I still didn’t agree with it.

I crammed having helped Romi with her GED I remembered most of the information I needed to take in and three days after talking with my grandfather I had taken the test.  I had to wait a day for the results but the next day Limerick was happy to tell me I passed.  I went home that night and signed some paperwork.  Mum and dad that night insisted on an evening at home for everyone.  We behaved like a family it was wonderful and if I didn’t remember how we got here I would have been happy to stay, but only if Romi had been there too.

I think for mum and dad it was a goodbye, they didn’t do the same thing with Romi and that evening I could tell they regretted it.  I think if anything me leaving was mending the hurt and heartbreak between them and in a way I was glad about that.  I missed the way mum and dad used to be.  I told Pan that she had to be good, she couldn’t follow mine and Romi’s path.  She had to do well at school and then I told her what I my grandfather and parents had sworn me to keep secret.  Pandora was welcome to join me and Romi once she was 18.  She cold maybe go a few months earlier but no more than that.  This I knew would keep her from doing what I had done I knew I was breaking their trust but if they were to remain a family I had to, for them.

The next day granddad turned up and in front of everyone cast a spell he said he had cast on Romi.  When he was finished I looked 18.  “This was the final gift I gave your sister so she could go out and get work easily.  I have given the same gift to you for the same reason.”  He hugged me.  “I wish you luck son, the cab will be waiting for you when your ready.”  And with that my grandfather left the house leaving me to say goodbye to my family.  I said goodbye and stepped into the cab.  Granddad had already paid her for the journey and told her where we were to go.  He had also set her memory of the journey to wipe as soon as she got home.