2.15 Jackpot

I had to sit down and have a drink.  We had seen the supervisor and he took my details for wiring me my money.  I would have to go down to the bank and see the manager about my account, security etc.  I was a couple of months from turning 17 years old and as of an hour ago I had half a million in the bank.  I didn’t think this sort of thing happened, especially to a recovering alcoholic.  I suppose it was never about the drinking but about the getting away from the press in Lunar Lakes, but still.

The mystery man was sat in the seat next to me and I couldn’t hold it back anymore I had to know his name.  “Sir, could you please tell me your name?”

“Well seeing as you asked me so nicely I have no reason not too tell you my name, it is Rouge Appleby.”  Rouge, what an interesting name.

I stood up, “Well Rouge it’s finally nice to meet you.”  I said holding out my hand for him to shake.

“But we have already met dear girl.”  He said not taking my hand, if I hadn’t been so lost in his name I would have taken offence to the girl, but he had kissed me a little over an hour ago, I had had more time struggling to get over that and the effect it had had on me than winning half a million.  I had wanted to fly away in the moment that he kissed me but he had kept me grounded.

“But with your name it makes you more real to me.”

He took my hand and shook it, “So in your world a name makes a person?”  I was having a conversation with him, an actual conversation.  OK a semi conversation but still.

“Not at all it just makes it easier for me, instead of thinking of you as a mystery man.”  Which was the truth even if I did struggle to formulate that sentence as I thought of the kiss again.

“Oooo I like that, mystery man.”  I smiled at him, seriously what was wrong with me when he was nearby?

“Oh your still a mystery to me Rouge.”  And it was true part of the mystery was why I was so school girllish when he was nearby.

“How about I clear the mystery up, would you like to accompany me to dinner?”  Was he asking me out on a date?  He had kissed me… I wasn’t at the club tonight so there was nothing to lose.

“I would love to, I need to stop by the bank but then I am free and clear.”

“I can go with you if you wish.”  I didn’t really want Rouge in the room with me when I talked to my bank manager.  I was intoxicated near him, not stupid.

“No that’s alright I shouldn’t be in there too long, how about I meet you outside the bank in an hour.”  He did seem a little upset but I guessed that could be because I may have been snubbing him, showing I didn’t trust him, but then again did I?  I didn’t really know him maybe I was just being overly cautious.

“I shall stay here then and meet you in an hour.”  I put my drink down as we passed the bar and I headed for the taxi bay.  I got myself into a taxi as he headed into the gambling room.  The meeting with the manager went well, I was treated like a queen it was wonderful.  It’s strange how money changes things.

I of course had to have serious discussions about possible future spending and security on my account.  I did mention that a large chunk of the money could go on a house and the manager explained mortgages to me and everything but I explained I see no reason to pay all that interest if I have the money sat in the bank.

I could make more money with the interest from this money and of course my shows I was starting to get a bit more cash from them and now I could afford the ring of fire the owner of the Flying V had promised more money once that was in the show.  After all I’m not quite 17 yet I have along time to make money for my children and their children.  We agreed beyond buying the house any seriously large expenditures or any unusual activity I would get an email to approve the transaction.

I left the bank desperate to see Rouge.  I wasn’t sure why really.  There was something about him that compelled me to him but at the same time there was something in the back of my head saying stay away.  And of course that voice became a mere whisper in his presence.  He was stood there waiting for me and any doubts about why I wanted to see him vanished.

We went off to the bistro out of town it was lovely.  We had conversations actual conversations, I found out his mother and father were red berries and when it turned out their youngest son was a half berry they chucked him out the minute he was 18.  He said he couldn’t wait to get away but I wondered if that was just a front.  He said he worked in town but he never said where.  He was very interested in me but I said what I could without revealing myself as the kidnapped girl from Lunar Lakes.

As the night wrapped around us I knew I should head home, I was tired after my practice this morning and the winnings it had been a long day.  I wasn’t the girl I was when I stayed out for day after day not going home, I had changed, I had grown up and I needed sleep.  Mum would be proud.

Rouge walked me back to the pier and kissed me goodnight at the start of the docks.  It had been an incredible night and I had been kissed twice.  I felt like I knew him more, like he was a real person and as such the intoxication intensified I felt compelled to be around him all the time, it almost hurt me to leave him, but I relaxed when we arranged another date for the next night I wasn’t at the club.  Now I knew I would see him again and I couldn’t wait.

I was on cloud nine as I approached my home, I sort of floated to the house.  As I went inside the house the first thing I heard was laughter, in my mind that meant that Dom was here as well.  As I headed into the living room to get a coffee I got the shock of my life when I saw the blue hair I knew so well but it wasn’t the person I had left behind.

“Silver?”  It couldn’t be, he’s supposed to be in Lunar Lakes going to school and helping mum and dad with the triplets.  They would be 15 quickly approaching 16 by now.  He was supposed to be home keeping the press away, does this mean the press are going to follow him?  Why did he look older, in that moment I forgot about everything that happened earlier today and my mind was asking a thousand questions a minute.

He came up to me and hugged me, “Hey sis, missed me?”

I pulled away from him, “Of course I did, but how, why, what?!?  What is going on?  How are you here?”

“Better question where have you been all night?”  Marta said from behind us.  “You weren’t at the club tonight.”

“I’ll have you know I was on a date.”  I said to Marta whilst I looked at Silver, he looked great, this had to be granddad’s magic.

“A date?  Who’s the mystery man?”  Marta was bang on I knew a bit more about him but I still couldn’t keep myself from feeling drawn to him.  We had exchanged numbers and I could feel my phone in my pocket buzzing away.  I didn’t look though as for once something or rather someone had taken my attention away from Rouge.

“First I want to know how it is my brother is stood in front of me looking like me to be 18.”

Silver spoke this time, “I was just about to tell your housemate Marta here, if you take a seat I’ll explain everything.”  We both sat down and Silver started his story.  I sat there looking at him, I had missed him so very much.  But I really hoped him turning up didn’t mean the press were right behind him.