2.14 A Gamble

We headed over to the casino talking the whole way there but later I remembered it was mostly me doing the talking, I didn’t learn anything about him most importantly I never learnt his name.  We went inside and I tried to use the machines but they wouldn’t work for me, we agreed they must be faulty but I think I knew the true reason, the machines somehow could see past granddad Houston’s magic and knew I wasn’t 18 yet.

After a drink or two at the bar I went home and was so glad it was my day off from the club as I felt drunk after two drinks.  I knew I wasn’t the drink it was him, there was something about him and I didn’t know what it was, he turned up out of nowhere and I turned into a school girl around him… alright technically I should still be a school girl but that is not the point, just five months ago I was telling Dom I wasn’t ready for a relationship and here I was swooning over some mystery man.

I did want to hit myself a little for my behavior I felt like an idiot but I knew if I saw him again I would be the same and that terrified me, was that what it would be like when I was near someone I thought was interesting, did I find him interesting, is this what Dominic is like around me?  Why would anyone decide to be like that every time they were around someone, was this what mum and dad were like?  Or was I over thinking this?  Either way I decided to try and stay away from the mystery man till I could keep my head together around him.  Of course I didn’t see him coming the first time so wasn’t sure how easy it would be to hide from him.

In the meantime I had put the coin under strong magic concealment if it was worth that much money I didn’t want a common burglar coming in stealing it.  I remembered how the mystery man was twitching a little and it made me nervous, would he have taken it from me if he had a chance?

I knew if I was to spend the coin I would have to hack the machine so it believed me to be 18.  I hadn’t hacked anything in some time as I decided to put that behind me, however I didn’t see what harm I was doing this time I looked 18 there was no reason for the machine to hold out my chance of winning a fortune that would mean I could start a family.

Sure I’m only 16 but I am destined to have children, as are my brothers and sisters and my many cousins and as such looking the way I do I had thought many a time about how and when I would go about giving my grandfather the gift I was supposed to give him. I don’t think I would have thought much about my duty to him if it wasn’t for the fact I look 18.  A part of me thought that every woman thought about these things with or without a target amount of children.

My target and that of my brothers sisters and cousins was a minimum of four children to help reach the 100 children required by Domino when she brought the genie gene back to the family line and told grandfather about the loss of all the Sky’s bar him.  Domino told him we were destined for great things and thus far all I knew was that we were screwing things up not fixing the world like previous Sky’s.  The Sky’s of the past, the Sky’s now residing in my memories.

Over the next couple of weeks I went into the store and bought clothes a bit at a time so I wouldn’t be recognisable when I went to hack the machine.  I wanted to look like I was repairing the machine, but of course I had to have the right clothing to do so.

I also went to the casino and checked to see when it was busiest and quietest I didn’t want to hack the machine when the place was busy.  I could go back later to make my gamble. I tried not to think too much about the possible winnings as the gamble was that I could not win that much at all and as such I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I went about my jobs and day as normal when not working on figuring out how to hack the machine.  I never went back to the well as I didn’t want to tempt fate.  Four weeks on and I still thought about the strange man.

Six weeks after I found the coin in the well I went into the casino ready to hack the machine, I was in a workman’s outfit so I looked as if I was there to fix it.  It turned out it only took crossing a couple of cables, I was sure not to change the machine in any way to give me better stakes as I did not think that would be fair of me, I had done wrong in the past I was trying to make up for it now.  Alright yes this is wrong but sue me, I look 18 for crying out loud if it wasn’t a machine I would be allowed to make the gamble.  The job was done in less than five minutes and I left the building planning on coming back when it was daylight.

I went out that morning in my acrobat outfit with the coin safe in my rucksack I took with me, I wanted to change after I had practiced.  It was a good practice actually I was feeling more at ease with the balance ball finally and thought I may be able to incorporate it into the show in next week’s gig.  If I won I could buy the giant ring of fire… No I wouldn’t think about what winning would do for me.

I spent a couple more hours than I normally would performing for tips as I felt so much more at ease with the balance ball than I ever had before.  I was enjoying trying new things with it, eventually I grabbed my rucksack and went behind some bushes.  I changed and pulled my hair out of it’s dual pony tails and scrubbed my face with some baby wipes.  I stepped out of the bushes and headed for the casino.  I was going to do it, I was going to try my luck.

I went in and I saw the mystery man, I couldn’t believe it I come here all the time lately never gambling but seeing if it’s busy and the one time I come to use the coin he is here.  How is this possible?  I pretended not to see him and headed to the machine I had hacked.

“I see you have returned.  I thought you would have tried every shop in town with that by now.”

I made a conscious decision not to look at him.  “Well you told me this is the only place that would accept it and well I decided it was worth the try.”

“Lets hope the machines work today then.”  I could feel his smile behind me and I had to remind myself not to look at him.

“Only one way to find out.”  I got the coin out of my pocket and I held it knowing that if I won this would be the biggest thing to happen to me since I moved to Lucky Palms.  I kind of wished I could pause the moment and enjoy it on my own but in a way I was relieved the mystery man was here, although intoxicating I felt relaxed in his presence.  I put the coin in and pulled the handle, this was it I had placed the gamble.

And I won!!!!!!!!!  I won, I waited a moment to let it sink in as I saw the three plumbobs sitting there, I had hit the jackpot!!!!!

He hugged me which made the moment all that more memorable and then kissed me and I had to force myself to keep standing as the kiss, well if I thought he was intoxicating before you can imagine what I thought as his lips pressed against mine.  In only a minute I had gone from being next to broke to having half a million and my first kiss.

“We better go collect your winnings there,” he said as he pulled away from me.  Right then and there I didn’t care about the winnings I just wanted to keep kissing this man that didn’t appear to have a name.