2.13 Wishing Well

 I didn’t leave my room or the house much over the next couple of days, there was a lot for me to wrap my head around.  Marta went over to the club and told Dom I wouldn’t be in due to a stomach bug.  He didn’t believe it of course and though he was right it wasn’t something he did,  I simply couldn’t face anything till I got my head together again.

I did feel well enough just in time for my next show, I was pretty glad too I didn’t want to lose my weekly gig.  1 cause I needed the money and 2 cause I really enjoyed it last time.  I was worried about the show, with doing next to no practicing it wouldn’t be a good show but thankfully it was another successful show and the owner was overjoyed I could do it again and it wasn’t just a one time thing on my part.

I bought the balance ball on the way home from the gig and decided to practice as much as I could.  After some food I headed back into the club like I would any other night.  Dom practically came running up to me when I walked in with Marta behind me.  She had sworn to keep my secret and looking at the expression on Dom’s face he had no idea.

“Your back!”

“Missed me?”  I said smiling.

“It’s hard to get a good DJ in town you know.  Especially one that lives across the road.”

“Look I’m sorry it must have been the food at the bistro, maybe even followed by the nerves of the show.”  His eyes told me how much he disbelieved me, but his smile said he didn’t care.

“It doesn’t matter your here, that’s all that matters.”  I did like him, just not like that.  We chatted for a couple of minutes before someone came over asking for a drink and I headed upstairs to the DJ booth.

Marta’s Point of View

“How’s she doing?”  Dom asked me after he dealt with the customer.

“She’s doing better and I don’t know what happened between you two but…”

“There’s nothing there on her side.”

“I’m sorry Dom.”  I really was, but it didn’t help of course she was really 16.  She was so innocent in that adult shell and totally unprepared for Dom or anyone else for that matter to be interested in her.

“You know that if she’s unaware of me, she’s probably unaware….”

I didn’t let him finish his sentence, I put my hand up so he never said it, “Yeah I know, but I know things now and I’d never do anything till she was ready.”

“I wish I had known a week ago,”  I could see the hurt on his face, “I thought she was never going to talk to me again.”

“She really was ill,” she may not want him to know about her memories or anything else really which is understandable but the truth was till she got her head sorted out she was as good as ill.  The tears that have come from her have been unbearable.  Of course she laughs at good moments popping into her head but then bursts into unstoppable tears and then she’s smiling again.  It’s been impossible to live with her this last week really.

I sat there remembering how she’s told me some of the worst parts for her.  She’s such a tender soul that it’s not even bad things most of the time that set her off, things like some Melody and Jerome had such a wonderful love and when they died there was no one there to truly remember or understand their love.  I did mention that surely they all had someone they loved and she replied with but these two in particular fought against so many obstacles to keep the love they had that it just broke her heart.

“Just be careful alright, you two live in the same house, if she finds out then…”

“She won’t find out.”  And I meant it I would never tell her, she had enough to deal with without me adding to it, but I couldn’t leave her just yet.

Andromeda’s Point of View

The next couple of months passed quickly, me and Dom went back to normal which was a huge relief.  I quickly found myself back in my old routine but I had started exploring Lucky Palms more when I would have previously been performing for tips.  I still did that but where I used to do it daily I now tend to do it a couple of days a week and my weekly gig at the Flying V.

I started visiting every where and everything.  I came across a well one day, like any other well really, but my magic tingled when I was near it.  I got a feeling there was something special about this well.  I couldn’t remember seeing it before, but I must have, I was near here every time I performed for tips.

“It’s a magic well.”

I jumped and I mean actually jumped.  I had no idea anyone was near me.  I turned around and came face to face with a lovely looking man.

He laughed, “I’m very sorry for startling you, I didn’t mean it.”

I smiled at him, something about him was intoxicating.  It could have been his red hair, or his purple eyes I didn’t know really nor did I care as he himself drew me into him.  I snapped out of it remembering he had said it was magic and well that is one word I didn’t hear that often with non Sky’s, “I’m sorry a magic well?”

“Yes my dear,” his voice was as intoxicating as his demeanor.  “If you wish hard enough then you may just get be lucky enough to get your wish.”

Well that was nonsense, but he seemed so certain of it.  Could it be true?  I snapped back out of my reflection.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name sir?”  I knew he hadn’t told me it but I didn’t want to seem ignorant.

“I never told you my dear girl.”  He wasn’t much older than I was supposed to be looking at him so I couldn’t help but be a little annoyed but then I looked into his eyes again and got lost in them.  What was wrong with me?

I forced myself to snap out of it again, seriously what is wrong with me?  “Alright what does this magic well do?”

“It grants the wishes you truly desire.”  I didn’t know what I truly desired, I knew I needed money to buy a bigger place for when I have kids and stuff and I knew if I was going to buy a big house I should think about falling in love.  I could get the money on my own if I could be better with the balance ball.

I saw something glimmering in the water and noticed the biggest coin I’ve ever seen in my life.  I plucked it out of the water to take a closer look and then felt stupid for stealing from a well… is that stealing?  I was about to drop it in when he spoke again.

“No don’t drop it back in, the well let you see that coin.  I was here an hour ago and I didn’t see one.  That coin is meant for you.”

“But what do I do with it,” I said looking at it, “It’s too big to spend, I can’t take this into a shop.”  He seemed a bit itchy that I was just holding it there in my hand and not putting it in my pocket.  I barely noticed this though as I started to get lost in him again.

“Take it to the casino, there are slot machines that have got and there are a couple that specialise in these coins.”

That really seemed very strange, about as strange as me struggling to keep my head clear around this guy.  Even his voice was intoxicating, in a way I felt like I was drunk but I knew I hadn’t been drinking at all.  “Why would they specialise in these coins?”

“Since this well turned up they found a way to turn the coins into a profit, either they win or you do.”

“What’s the prize if I win?”

“Half a million!”

….. Did he just say half a million?!  No he can’t have, “I’m sorry I think I heard you wrong.”

“No I did say half a million.”  That’s an incredible amount of money possibly sat there in my hands waiting to be won.  I must have stared at him looking stupid cause he started laughing at me, “Come on I’ll show you to the casino then the choice is yours.”