2.12 Memory Lane

Marta’s Point of View


I didn’t expect Romi to be up early this morning.  Birthday woohooing was bound to last most of the night.

Marta!  Get up!

Am I going nuts or is that not Romi’s voice?  I opened my eyes the most they would allow.

Marta please get up.  Yes, help me, Romi’s fallen over.

“What the?”  Had I drunk too much?  No I hadn’t drunk much at all Romi didn’t mind the odd drink in the house but she never got drunk or stinking drunk so I didn’t either.

I don’t have time Marta, Romi is hurt!

Well that was enough to get me out of bed even if this was a dream.  “Where is s….”

She’s in her room, I don’t know when she fell, but she won’t wake up.

“Say this is real, when did you find her?”  I asked as we headed down the stairs.

I went in to wake her but she was on the floor in the clothes she had on last night.

I entered her room and sure enough she was passed out.  There was no blood so that was something.  I tapped her, “Romi…”  nothing.  “Romi…”  I said poking her.

See she won’t wake up.

This had to be some strange dream.  I did my best to drag her onto the bed, she had to be more comfortable there after all.  I hoped I didn’t do her any harm but I didn’t know what else to do.  I went to grab her cell phone which was on the floor when I heard in my head words again.

No you can’t call for an ambulance.

“Why not, and why can I hear you?”

She’ll be fine, she has wards around her so she can’t be hurt, there is no point calling them as she will wake up.

“When will that happen and what on earth are wards?”

You just have to trust me.

“Why would I trust a dog who’s talking in my head?”

“She’s a talking tiger that’s why.”  Romi said sitting up.

“As in a real tiger?”  She told me Tempest looked like a tiger not that she was a tiger.

Your awake, you had me worried.  What happened?

“Pegasus’s gift triggered, I screamed and collapsed.”

Was this a dream, I pinched myself as I said, “You can’t have screamed I didn’t hear it.”

“Yeah sorry about that I sound proofed this room shortly after I moved in so I could sleep whilst the club was still open.”  I looked at her as if she had done some damage to her head.

“How big is the lump on your head?”

Romi sighed, “sit down I have a lot to tell you.”  I took the chair out of the dining room and sat down near her relaxing on the bed, she told me about her ancestors being magically inclined, how she had been the child kidnapped over in Lunar Lakes and how the press had pushed her to drinking before leaving the town for a fresh start.  It all seemed too much for me to handle at this time of the morning.

Andromeda’s Point of View

I spent the next couple of hours telling Marta everything.  I was thankful to my new magical wards so I knew I wasn’t injured from the fainting.  But I wished I could have had a little warning so I had a soft landing when the pain hit.  Mum never told me that the memories might cause me so much pain.  But now I had my grandfathers memories of being blessed I knew that she never experienced any pain at all.  I can only imagine it’s because it wasn’t through a blessing I had to endure it.  My head didn’t feel like a burning red hot poker was piercing it anymore so that was a bonus.

Marta took the news fairly well, I had to prove I was a witch of course and the best I could do sitting on the bed was by clapping my hands and turning on the lights.  Alright not the best show of  magic and she didn’t believe it so I then waved my arm and changed my wallpaper to the same design on my dress, it was the first pattern that sprang to mind.  She believed me then.

“Al right fancy putting me in my normal clothes instead of my nightwear?”  I hadn’t really noticed you know due to telling her about my past.  I waved my hand and she was back in her normal clothes.  She looked down at herself, pinched her clothes a few times and it confirmed she believed me now.

“So let me get this straight, your actually 16 and you live here after becoming emancipated.”  I could see such kindness and empathy in her face.  This is part of the reason I didn’t tell people I didn’t want her feeling sorry for me, I had done alot of wrong to get here and I didn’t deserve the sympathy.

“Yep that about sums it up.”  What else was there.

“Alright I just have to ask then what happened with you and Dom last night?”

“Nothing, he doesn’t know I’m 16, but I’m still figuring out me I guess and as much fun as yesterday was the fact it was the first year having a birthday without camera’s around and my brother I can’t say I was in the mood for figuring out…”

“Yeah I wish I had known I would have told him not to try anything last night.  He just wanted to make it a wonderful night for you and really I thought you were interested in him too.”

“You knew he was interested in me?”

Marta laughed, “You may be some powerful witch but you really have no idea about boys do you, you really are 16 aren’t you.”  I looked at her in a way that she stopped laughing at me, “Oh dear, he’s besotted with you, my guess he has been since you helped him out that first night.”

“Why did he wait till last night to say anything then?”

“Cause you were nice to him, you were always….”  I gave her another look that said what are you on about.  “Come on even I thought you were sweet on him.”

“We’re just friends, like you and me are friends.”  I saw sadness in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.  Let’s change the subject.”


“So you now have hundreds of years of memories in your head then?”

I rubbed my head, “Yeah I knew it was coming but didn’t know when, I wish I had landed softer but I guess it’s a good thing I cast  my wards so I didn’t burn myself or break any bones whilst doing my acrobat act.”

“Yeah that was pretty convenient.  My guess any other performing artist wishes they could have the same gift.  Why didn’t you just do a magic act?”

“I had used my magic for so many wrong doings I didn’t have it in me to use my magic to earn money, keeping me safe isn’t the same as the hard work I’ve put in learning to juggle that stuff and bend my body in those angles I did yesterday.”

“You were good at it, I’m glad you got a weekly gig.”

“Me too, I enjoy it even if it is me hiding behind all that makeup.”  We chatted for a little longer before Tempest told me I should get some sleep.  I actually felt pretty tired at this point I believe its the surge of all these memories my head was still trying to process it all.

“I’ll go by the club later and tell Dom you won’t be in tonight.”  I wanted to argue but really there was very little chance of me getting out of this bed today I felt like a bus had hit me, I just didn’t think I could even put my feet on the floor.  I magic’d a little food on my lap and ate something which helped before laying down properly and going to sleep.  Marta who had watched me conjure the food just looked at me, “I could do with a trick like that from time to time.”

“It comes with a hateful set of cousins if you want it.”  I had told her about the Leigh’s Georgia and her twin sons of course as that was what really sent me on my drunken benders.

“No I think I’ll do it the old fashioned way.”

“Yeah sometimes I wish I could to.”  And with that she left the room and I went to sleep.

Authors note:  No its not your imagination they wouldn’t talk they got up and down so many times but would not talk to each other whilst sitting down.  I’m sorry I tried I really did.