2.11 Sweet 16

It was refreshing to have another person in the house to have the natural noises of them moving about.  Marta didn’t replace 4 kids running around but it was enough to put me at ease in the house.  Marta worked into my routine quite well actually, she works at the local salon and so is typically up and about as I start my day with golf on the pier.  She was all for it actually when I told her what I normally do.  She had always wanted to try a bit of golf and it turned out she was quite good at it.

She also got along with Dom so would join me often when I started my shifts and being friendly with Dom worked out as often he came round when he had his day off so we would have a film night or chat the night away.  I had friends, real friends and they helped me to realise everything I had done before although getting me here was wrong and mum and dad never deserved it.  I wished I could take it back but I also was glad I was here.

I was quickly approaching my 16th birthday and I didn’t know what to tell my friends as to them I was 18 not 16.  After all that was the last gift my grandfather had given me.  So in the end I decided to pretend I would be 19.  The worst part of it all was not being with my family.  I desperately wanted to see Silver and mum and dad and Pan again.  If I could have only one family member it would be my twin.  Of course he was being subjected to the press photos and questions so I couldn’t see him.  And in a way I wasn’t missing that.  I was just a bundle of nerves and emotions as the day approached.

I had got a gig at the Flying V finally the owner wanted me there on my birthday so the three of us made a day of it.  Marta took the day off work and Dom got cover.  We headed over to the bistro on the edge of town, it was pricey but it was totally worth it.

We then headed off to my show.  I had worked so hard on it.  I had mastered the juggling with everything I could get my hands on and done quite a bit of contortion.  I didn’t think I would ever get used to bending my body in those positions but I was good at it.  I was about ready to try a new item but I hadn’t yet bought it yet, the balance ball.  My main aim was a ring of fire, maybe for my next birthday I could feel like I was ready for them.

It was dangerous but I had placed new fresh wards around myself, these weren’t like the ones before, I need to top mums up  I’ve been a bit lazy about that now I’m safe in Lucky Palms.  The new ones I was more specific with and it pertained to my acrobat job mostly I couldn’t break any bones or spontaneously com bust if I dropped a fire baton.  I figured if I was going to do a dangerous job I may as well make sure I had some sort of protection.

It was a good show.  I don’t know if I would ever think I couldn’t do better but I tried hard and Marta and Dom clapped and shouted the loudest of everyone there.  The owner thought I had done a great job and asked if I would like a regular gig.  I was overjoyed and obviously said yes.

We then all headed out for a movie, it was a classics night and we had all agreed on Prometheus.  We enjoyed it again and had to laugh at the absurdity the earthlings thought they would get all their answers.  Of course I was descended from earthlings but I was on Endor now.

After the movie we headed back to the pier for an evening with cake and ice cream.  Shortly after the cake I didn’t notice straight away that Marta had disappeared, she went on about getting something in her room but that had been half an hour ago.  Dom who was sat next to me moved closer and it dawned on me what was going on.  He either must have asked her to leave us be for a bit or she decided to give him a chance at getting closer to me.

I couldn’t believe it we were friends.  Friends, thats all I wanted right now, I was still getting my head straight after all the wrong I had done a year ago.  They of course didn’t realise how much of a big deal my birthday was to me or to the town I had run from.  He went to put his arm around me and I stood up.  I didn’t know what else to do, a part of me felt betrayed, a part of me liked him and wished I was in a place to be a good match for him.  But the biggest feeling I had was of wishing I could run and hide and that was the one feeling I had to face up to.  I had done that too much in my life already.

“I’m sorry Romi…”  He looked so sad and I knew finally why he had been so nice to me, he had been sweet on me.  But I’m only 16!  I had a long time to figure out a possible boyfriend.  Right now and especially today I was not ready.

I tried to hold it together forcing my feet to stay where they were, “No it’s ok it’s just…”

“You don’t like me.”  How can he look even sadder.

“Dom I’ve… We’re… I’m not ready… It’s not you… It’s me… ”  Was I really doing a it’s not you it’s me speech.  They always seemed so false in those movies.

“I get it.” I went in to stop him from leaving, grabbing his arm and turning him around.

“Dom no seriously its not you.  Today I’m… I’ve got you and Marta, but I have a whole family and a twin at home and…  It’s not you….  I’m just not ready for anyone at the moment.”  Somehow he seemed to take in what I was saying and see the remorse in my face.  He was a good friend and I didn’t want to lose him.

“It’s ok Romi I guess I did kind of assume.”

“How were you supposed to know, a wonderful day like today, a beautiful romantic evening to look out on… I’m a fool to say no, but…”

“Your not ready.”  He finished for me.  I could see it on his face, my hurt at not being near my family, my brother today, me missing my mum and dad.  “I hope I didn’t ruin today for you.  We tried so hard to give you a good day.”

“And you have.”  Although they could never give me what I wanted a day back at home on my birthday blowing out candles with everyone but no press there.  A life where I had never been changed and thus had never experienced all that hurt and sadness before coming here.  “It was a great day, I just miss my family.”

He gave me a hug, “I’ll go and you should call home.”

Of course I had called this morning but I felt like I should call home, I let Dom out, locked the front door and headed off to my room, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and started to dial as I walked into my room but I never got to finish as a sharp pain, which felt like at a guess a hot poker penetrating my head, I screamed and  passed out as hundreds of years of memories flooded my head.  Pegasus’s gift to my mother had arrived on my 16th birthday.

Authors Note:  I want to thank people here for my gifts on the sims site recently, your all incredibly kind and you know who you are.  Thank you and you’ll start to see some of the stuff you’ve gifted me dotted about the place.