2.10 A Housemate

The hardest part of adjusting to my new life was the quiet, I have two brothers and sisters at home and there was always something going on in our small home, but here in Lucky Palms in this house that seemed huge in comparison was so quiet.  Mum had warned me, she felt the same when she first moved out and Tempest remembered as she was with her when she moved out.  But the radio trick didn’t work for me, the TV wasn’t enough, the sea noises were the closest thing to what I missed, the real background noises.

Instead I spent most of my time out and about I got into a bit of a pattern.  I would golf for a little at the end of the pier as dawn came around, then I went out and changed into my acrobat outfit and practiced for tips.  The Flying V owner said he was happy to see a new act about but he couldn’t hire me till I had a bit of practice and experience, he said I should learn some tricks and stuff and go back to him then.  I had mastered miming in my opinion and am currently working on juggling batons and clubs before I move on to knives and such.

When I wasn’t working on getting myself closer to shows I was working at Dom’s as DJ.  He was a nice guy, he had lived here most of his life and took over the club for his dad who died a couple of years ago.  Tony came back a week later claiming to have had flu but Dom wasn’t stupid one of the punters had told him he had seen Tony out and about with a girl.  Dom told him to leave and he would still give him a recommendation for future work and he did just that.

I quite liked my routine it gave me something to do, and I got plenty of time to spend in the horrible quiet at the house between jobs.  Don’t get me wrong I loved my home it was wonderful having a place to yourself it was just hard to you know bear with the quiet.

I found a solution for the quiet one day as I was finishing up a day of practicing for tips, a very unexpected solution.

“Hi there, you must be the Star’s relation that moved here recently.”

I didn’t know who she was but I was still in my acrobat outfit so I decided to play dumb, “I don’t know who your talking about madam.”

“Oh you don’t have to play coy with me, I’ve known the Star’s all my life and I’d recognise that blue hair anywhere.”

“Sorry I’m supposed to be lying low whilst I’m here.”  There was no point being coy if she knew my relatives come to think of it why hadn’t I seen my relations?

“It’s alright I won’t tell anyone, your cousin Anya told me you were coming.”

“I’ve not seen any of my relations here yet.  I wouldn’t even know where they are.”

“They don’t come into the town that much, they live out in the poor part of town and it’s quite a costly drive.”  Well that made alot of sense, not that they were poor but why I hadn’t seen them.  “Anyway I like the outfit, its great.”

“Thanks I thought no one would recognise me in it but clearly I was wrong.”

“Oh no don’t worry about it I’ve known the Star’s since I was little I would recongise any of them anywhere to anyone else I doubt they would realise.”

“Sorry I didn’t catch your name.”

“I’m sorry my name is Marta, Marta Pizano.”

“Nice to meet you Marta.”  She looked over my shoulder as we shook hands and suddenly looked a little freaked out.  “You alright there?”

She seemed to realise where she was again, “Yeah sorry I’ve just seen my ex husband hugging a pregnant woman, a married pregnant woman actually.”  I started to turn around, “No don’t look, alright turn but slowly.”

“How long have you two been split up now?”

“I don’t know close to four months.”

“If you don’t mind me asking…”

“Oh heavens no we wanted different things, he wanted to sleep around and I wanted him to stop.”

“What a jerk!”

“Well there were other reasons too but it wasn’t a pleasant split.”

“Are divorces pleasant?”  I asked trying to lighten the mood.

“I guess not.  Anyway I better head back on to the realtor’s I’m desperate to get out of my mothers and into my own place.”

“Alright see you later.”  It didn’t occur to me till later I had a spare room she could use if she really wanted, she seemed a nice person and it would be nice to not only have someone else in the house but a friend.  Me and Dom were friendly but a real friend is what I was missing. I missed Silver.  And of course Tempest would always be my friend.

It was a few days before I saw Marta again.  I was working for tips again,  “How did you get on with finding a new home?”

“Not good, I have such a small budget and I can’t wait to get away from my mother who’s always giving me grief that I should never have married him and then you know left him.”

“Doesn’t sound good…..”  I looked at her, I was going to do it, I had talked about Marta with Tempest who thought my idea was a good one, she would never say it but she didn’t like the fact I was pretty much alone here.  “I have a spare room.”

“Huh?”  I guess I had dropped that out of nowhere.

“If you want out of your mothers that badly and want to save money for a new place as well I have a spare room.”

“I couldn’t do that.  I’d be imposing.”

“Sure you can it’s upstairs and I never go up there, it has an en-suite and all you have to pay for is your own food.”  I didn’t want her thinking I was giving her a room other than to help her out.  I never went upstairs as everything I ever wanted is downstairs.  It kind of was perfect for me and her, I could have some sort of activity in the house and she could save up for a new home.

“Are you sure about this?  You don’t even know me.”

“Yeah I’m sure, I should ask though do you like dogs?”  It was true I didn’t know her but she didn’t know that I knew she meant me no harm, she had shook my hand and as such gotten through mums wards.  Sure they needed topping up but she was safe.   I was also a pretty powerful witch if she took my possessions I could get them back I just needed to remember to do a locating spell around the expensive items when she slept if I was ever really worried.

“I love dogs, and horses and cats and hamsters….”

“Alright alright, I have a rather large dog, but she’s amazing.”

“I see no issue with that, but are you sure.”

“Will you stop asking me that already?”  She agreed to stop asking me that and I took her back to the house with me, later that day she went to her mothers and grabbed her small amount of stuff before making her way back to the house.  That night she made dinner as a thank you.  Tempest seemed to like her, so I knew I hand’t made a bad decision.

“I’m off to work in a bit…”

“Weren’t you working earlier?”

“Yeah I have two jobs, I’d have three but I don’t trust myself behind a bar, although Dom does.  Do you want to come over?”

“Where is it?”

“Across the boardwalk.”

“Here on the pier!?”

“Yeah.  There’s a club across the road and I DJ there a couple of nights a week.”

“Cool, I never realised the pier was that much fun, I never come down here.”

We walked across the pier when I was ready to start my shift.  Dom was as usual at the bar.  “Who’s your friend Romi?”

“Hey Dom, this is Marta, she’s staying with me for a bit.”

“Why hello there Marta.  How did you meet Romi?”

“In town, I know some of her family.”

We all continued chatting for a bit as before I headed up to the DJ booth.  “Take care of Marta tonight will you Dom.”

“Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.  Next drink is on the house Marta.”