2.9 A Fresh Start

I slept like a baby that night, when I woke up my head was full of possibilities.  We had breakfast before granddad headed back to the lakes.  Saying goodbye to him was worse than saying goodbye to the others he had given me such wonderful gifts and was the last of the family to say goodbye to.

After granddad left I paced around the house a little, it was a lovely building, granddad had outdone himself here really.  But I was dying to do something, to get out and about.  I picked up my keys and headed out with Tempest.

Lucky Palms was a beautiful place and the pier was stunning I was glad to be near the water, it felt a little like home. I passed people who waved but didn’t stop or stare at me, it was wonderful.  Tempest and I had quiet conversations and played a bit all in all I was having a wonderful day with no one paying any real attention to us.

The next couple of days mostly involved me getting out and about exploring the Palms, it was the best feeling ever to get out and about and not have people want your picture or signature for being the kidnapped baby.

I played golf at the end of the pier, I broke the club the third time I tried to send the ball out.  Thankfully there were spares but it reminded me just how much I needed a job.  I had been looking for work but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do yet.  I knew I didn’t want to be tied down to a 9-5 sort of job.

I went for a drink at the Flying V later that day, there was a stage there, I hadn’t been here before and so I asked the owner what it was for and he said that people could put on performances here.  He had been struggling lately to get decent acts, it got me thinking.  A job with no set hours….

I went to the consignment store on the way home and found a wonderful outfit and hat.  I headed home and did my hair with the hat.  I splashed on some makeup, something I rarely used and looked at myself in the mirror, I could be a different person.

Well that’s an interesting look!?

“I heard about a job today.”

One that requires you to look like a clown?!

“Actually yes in some ways.”  So I told her about the Flying V looking for acts and how it had played on my mind lately I had been using my magic for the wrong things lately so I wanted to do something where I didn’t have to use my magic but did keep out of a 9-5 job.  With the outfit I could keep my identity hidden and granddads hard work would not go unpaid.

You do realise if you do well people may want your photo again, and people may become interested in who you are.

I had thought of that of course but that was part of the reason for the outfit.  “I can use a stage name, something like Verona Song.”

Interesting choice.

“Verona is where Romeo & Juliet was based and Song, well mum told me a bit about our ancestors and this whole magic thing started with Trinity Song and Melody Sky.”

I like it.

I gave her a quick hug, “I think I’m going to freshen up and celebrate.”

Celebrate what?

I got changed and answered her “I’ve got a job.”

No you have a potential job, you could be rubbish at this acrobat thing.

“Way to be supportive there Temp.”

Hey I’m trying to keep food in my bowl.

I hugged her, “So am I.  I don’t want a normal job this could be the best thing for me, maybe I could learn to appreciate the attention use what’s happened before and turn it into a good thing.”

Well in that case break a leg.

“I’m not going to make any money that way.”

It’s a figure of… never mind, have fun.

I wiped all the makeup off my face and decided to head to the club across the pier.  I’ve been here a little under a week now and I’ve resisted it, but now I just want to see the place that keeps me up at night, that is till I cast a spell around my room to soundproof it.  Don’t judge me, I just wanted some sleep.

I walked in and there was a hot guy bar tending, I went up and ordered a drink, I fancied an old favorite. I had decided on something when I was doing all that studying no matter how much I liked to drink I was going to be in control from now on, no more mindless drunk benders.

We chatted for a bit, he had seen the lights on at my house and wondered if I was the new owner.  He asked what I do and seeing as I wanted to keep the acrobat identity thing secret I decided to say I didn’t have any work.

We chatted some more before people started coming up to the bar complaining that the dj hadn’t turned up yet.  He was stuck behind the bar and it looked like he was on his own tonight.  He looked desperate as more people were getting fed up and talking of going.  He came over to top my drink up and I said “I don’t have anywhere to be tonight I can give it a go if you want.”

“Can you DJ?!”

“I’ve never done it before but how hard is it to put some records on and get people dancing?”

“Well I guess you could do it till this guy turns up, he’s usually here by now… and well I don’t want to lose any more custom,” he said as he watched people walk out of the door.

I gave him a quick wink, “It’s alright I understand you have a business to run.”  I didn’t know why I had offered but I felt for him, the guy was just trying to make a living.  So I headed up the stairs whilst he told the customers he had a DJ up there now.  I took a look at the records, I knew alot of these songs from when I was getting stupidly drunk.  I put on one of my favorites and watched as people headed up to the dance floor.

I was soon testing out one song to try and mix in with another.  I enjoyed it.  I never expected watching other people have fun because of what you are doing to be so much fun.  I imagined what it would be like to be on stage in front of a crowd and realised I did like the idea more and more.

Before I knew it the night was over and Dominic was trying to close the place.  He came up to me, “Thank you so much, I don’t know where Tony got to.”

“It’s alright I had fun actually.”

“I noticed I came up from time to time to see how you were doing and you looked like you were in a world of your own.”

I went a bit shy then I really had enjoyed myself and had gotten a bit absorbed in what I was doing from time to time.

“Hey Romi is it?”

I had told him my name when we were chatting about me living over the crossing in the pier.  “Yeah that’s right.”

“If Tony doesn’t appear tomorrow night,”  He looked at the time,  “or tonight as it is now.  Do you fancy coming back for another try?  I’ll pay you what I’d pay him for it, and if he doesn’t turn up you can have his gig if you want.”

Two jobs in one day.  “Yeah I’d be happy to help.”  We chatted a little about hours and such before he said he needed to get some sleep before the morning deliveries.

I crossed the pier and Tempest was waiting for me, “I’m not drunk.”

I wasn’t….

“Sure you were, you were worried I had been across the road all night and would stumble home heading to bed ruining everything mum dad and granddad had done for me.”

Well maybe a little.

“I’ll have you know I may have another job.”  Tempest looked at me with her head in that cute cocked to one side way.

Tell me more.

So I did I told her about how Tony hadn’t turned up and Dom had people walking out so I offered to help him out.  If Tony didn’t turn up again then the job was mine.


“I know but I’m not drunk and its ok, I’m ok.”

I’m glad.

Authors note:  Hey guys, before you go out and buy Lucky Palms from what you see in this and following posts I have to admit that I’ve edited the town quite a bit.  Mostly to add lots but it’s not quite the same.  Any lots you may see that I’ve added have come from the exchange but most can be found in this thread anything not there is on the exchange or already in Lucky Palms.  The Flying V is from Showtime and I’ve given the stage a futuristic set seeing as we’re 50 generations past previous Sky’s and not on the old planet.  I also know the last two images are dark but really I wanted to convey how late she came home and how understandable it was for Tempest to be worried.