2.8 Granddad Comes Through

I spent the next three or four months with my nose in a book.   Silver who was a better student than me, you know cause he actually went to school, helped me with my extra homework when we were at home.  I knew he was doing it so that he could spend as much time around me before I left.

Thing is without Silver’s help I would never have grasped some of the hardest subjects but thanks to him I got them.  I thought he was smart enough to get his own GED and join me but we were 15 and with three years till we turned 18, I couldn’t say anything to anyone as mum and dad were already giving up enough.  The triplets were nearly 13 and there would be a house full of teenagers soon.  I knew they needed Silver.

I was a little surprised to find myself not wanting a drink more often than I did.  I knew I had a problem, but I also knew after a couple of weeks of not thinking of running away that that is what it was all about, I had a goal now and that goal was to get out of here, and nothing was going to stop me.  I was determined to get my GED and get away from this crazy town that loved me with next to no reason to do so.

In the fourth month granddad Hou came to see me one day.  I was in my room pooring over more books, “Your aunt Cassie tells me that your nearly ready to take your GED.”

“Yeah she thinks I should be able to take the test next week.”

“That quick, well I guess it’s a good thing I’ve secured you a house and your aunt Lyra has had the papers drawn up and they just need signing.”

The joy on my face was… well I was happy.  I hadn’t had time to think too much about running away due to studying so hard but now the test was upon me I had become desperate for some word on my move.  Now I had it I couldn’t help but be overjoyed again.

“I reckon once your test is done we should be able to move you straight in.”

That was enough for me I hugged him.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  I stopped hugging him, “Thank you for everything granddad Hou.”

“Anything for you my dear.  You go back to studying I need to go talk to your parents.”  I tried not to show how that upset me, that meant more tears more sadness.

“When do you think I can go?”  I wanted to stay on topic.

“I would imagine after Cassie and Limerick have graded your paper and if you pass you can go next week.”  I hugged him again overjoyed.  A week and I would be free.

“Go on back to your books, otherwise you’ll never pass your exam.” With that I did go back to the mountain of books with a huge smile on my face, all this hard work was coming to an end.

I tried to not listen to the tears downstairs, first from mum then from Silver.  A couple of minutes after that I heard Silver’s room door slam and him throwing things around the room.  I couldn’t concentrate then, after all his room was only on the other side of my wall.  I wanted to go in and hug him better but that wouldn’t help I was leaving in a week and I couldn’t take him with me.

The next week went by in a blur which upset me actually as I had hoped to make the most of the last week with everyone but there just never seemed enough time in the day.  Before I knew it I had taken the test and got my results, I aced it, and my grandfather and Lyra were knocking on the door.  The day was here and I was leaving home.  I have to say it was heartbreaking for me so I had no concept of how sad mum and Silver were feeling.

I don’t remember much about granddad and Lyra coming other than hugging them and then signing the papers, what I remember most from that day is the hugs and the tears I remember Silver begging me to take him with me.  I remember Pan begging me to stay and I remember the hugs from everyone.  Five or six hugs were exchanged with everyone as we all felt like this was the last time we would see each other.

Before I knew it granddad was saying the car was here and we had to go.  Granddad was taking me and Tempest and coming back after a single night in the Palms.  It was such a long trip he wanted to make sure I settled in. Mum and dad had to stay for the press, we knew they would figure out quickly and they were ready for it, fresh wards on everyone and fresh wards around the house that caused any photos taken to come out blurry.  They would have no idea why.  As I got into the car all I could think about was how upset I was to go and how wonderful it was to finally get away from this town.  Such conflicting feelings I felt like I was being pulled in two.

As we drove through Lucky Palms I was blown away by just how different the place looked.  It was like a desert, but there was water here too.  In fact so I felt like I was at home granddad had bought me a house on the pier.  Clever thinking really as we lived right next to a lake at home in the crater but now I was next living on an ocean.  I do mean on the ocean, I was on a house boat they called it, it wasn’t a boat at all but a house built on the ocean.  There were a few here actually and a nightclub too.  Perfect location for a nightclub not probably best for me.

As I looked around the place I couldn’t help but adore it, and it was all mine.  It was small and I wouldn’t be able to stay here when I became pregnant eventually but I was sure by then I would have enough money for something bigger.  I even had a spare room for if anyone wanted to get away.  I just had to get a job now and figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  Joy!

Shortly after I stopped staring at everything granddad came up to me.  “I have a present for you Romi.”

“Do you not think this is the best present ever?”

“This one will help you get what we want for you, a fresh start.”  I was confused, how was me moving to Lucky Palms not enough of a fresh start, I was emancipated and I have a GED I had everything I needed to start without questions.  He saw the confusion on my face.  “This present will be the best gift I can ever give to you.”

I still didn’t understand what my grandfather was trying to tell me but before I could think too much about it he pulled my hair out of it’s usual ponytail and it all fell down to my shoulders.  Then he started casting a spell.  I couldn’t hear what he was saying and was starting to freak out till I started sparkling.  I twirled around and suddenly I was older!

I stood there staring at myself, my hands, my dress, I was different but it was still me.  He had changed me.  “What have you done granddad?”

“I’ve cast a spell to make it look like your an adult.  Lets be fair you would have a hard time finding a job at 15…”

“I’m nearly 16.”

“Yeah that’s still irrelevant.  You and I both know you would struggle.”  I did know that but I hadn’t had much time to think about it too much.  “The spell I cast hasn’t really aged you up, you are still 15 but if anyone saw you who thought they recognised you they wouldn’t believe it was you as you are still supposed to be 15.  There is no better gift I can give you than a true fresh start.”

I couldn’t believe it, he was right it was the best gift he could give me, I would have struggled for a job at 15 years old but now that I look 18 I could go out and do anything mum was right I could be whatever I wanted to be.  Tempest looked me over.

Romi you look fantastic.  Hou you are an exceptionally skilled wizard.

“Well the spell will last till you actually turns 18.  No one will realise unless you let them in on it.  Obviously I don’t recommend that.”  I didn’t know what to say such a generous gift on top of everything else.  He had changed me but for no other reason but for my benefit.  I could live with this sort of changing, did that make me wrong for not agreeing with what Georgia did?  Either way I was happy happier than I had been in a long time.