2.7 Leaving Home Is Hard To Do

I spent the next couple of days fighting the urge to run away from everything, school was hardest.  Everyone stared at me, I had skipped school so much and I had no real reason to give them other than I hated them all, everyone but my brothers and sisters that is.  I hated every moment at the school with the Leigh twins watching my every move they seemed smug that I was back in classes.  I couldn’t wait to get away from them.

It helped that I had a goal, that I needed to get my GED and wait for Lyra to sort out the paperwork for my emancipation.  Granddad was still house hunting for me and I was so pleased he stepped in for me.  I had no end of homework but for the first couple of days I was given leeway from Cassie and Limerick to process it all and to help mum and dad tell my siblings that I was leaving.

On the second day since our chat Mum forced us all to sit down.  I felt worst for mum and dad I could hear her from time to time crying her heart out when I went to the bathroom, next to her bedroom, you could hear dad comforting her, clearly upset too.  I regretted everything I did and it made me fight harder against the urge to run away from it all.  But it did not ease the hate and the anger it just made it less aggravating, knowing I wouldn’t be around for the next birthday pictures helped but it didn’t feel enough, nothing would not till I was gone.

“We have something to tell you kids.”  Mum braced herself, if I thought that chat with me was hard on her, this was harder.  From what I could tell it was like telling your kids you knew you couldn’t fix it so you were hiding the problem away.  Of course that wasn’t quite what she was doing but I could read it all over her face and it was breaking her heart.  I wish this had never happened to us so this pain wouldn’t be surrounding her.  “Your sister will be leaving us soon.  No one is to know where she is going but she will be in Lucky Palms.”

Silver was the first to say something as I knew he would.  “What!!!  We just got her back,” he looked at me, “It’s been like old times having you back here in the house behaving like before.”

I didn’t know what to say to him, I knew of all of my brothers and sisters Silver was the one that felt my pain the most.  After all he had to have his picture taken too and I knew of all of them this wasn’t fair on him.  I just put my head down I couldn’t look at him, I didn’t want to leave him but well what was I supposed to do?

“You can’t let her leave!”  Silver said shifting his gaze from me.

Dad spoke up, “Silver I…. we have to.  It’s not you, or anyone in this house, its the town, its the press, its the townspeople harassing…”

“Get them to stop coming round, get them to leave her alone.  The kidnapping happened 14 years ago why can’t they move on!”  This is why I loved Silver, we both thought the same thing.  It was so long ago why did they still care?

Mum spoke this time, “Silver hun, if I could have had them leave her alone I would have done it long ago.  There is nothing I want more in life than for Andromeda to have never have been taken and for people to leave her be.”  I looked up I could see mum had tears in her eyes again.  “I wish I could make them stop but I can’t and they won’t and I don’t want to see…” she looked at me now, ” I don’t want to see my oldest daughter continue down this path.  It will destroy her and I love her too much to do that.”

I had tears in my eyes now, I love my parents and it was never their fault, they tried to protect me from Georgia but it happened and as such I couldn’t undo the pain either.  It was little Pan that upset me the most, I expected Silver to get all upset but Pan started sobbing her heart out and I adored Pandora even if she did follow me everywhere, you know before the drunken stupor.

In between her sobs she looked at me, and her sobs had brought my face to her, “Please don’t go.  Please.”

I wished I could run away, I wished to make everything better I wished to undo all the months I spent in the bar, I wished to be a ghost again so this never happened but nothing happened, I was a pretty lousy genie and none of my wishes came true.  Of course I had wished all this before but right now it was all for Pan and Silver.  I just sat there instead I sat and kept my mouth shut.  There was more talking but I blanked it all out.  I was ripping my family apart and it was killing me as much as the town was killing me inside for making me into someone I’m not.  I couldn’t have both my family and the town and I wished that my family could come with me.  However I knew that wouldn’t happen.

After awhile we all agreed to head back to our lives, I went to my room to look at the books Cassie had set me to read, but I never got a chance to look at them as Silver came into my room.

“I don’t want you to go.”

I had no idea how to help him, “I don’t want to go… but I also don’t want to stay.”

“Take me with you!”

I wish I could but mum made it clear if I was to get this clean break I had to do it alone, and really right now I didn’t know if I wanted to rip more of her children out from under her.  “Silver,” I stood up, “I wish you could but if were going to make this work I need to go alone.”  The hurt in his face I was so sad to do this to him.  “The whole point is the town doesn’t follow me and continue their crazy obsession with what I’m doing.”

“I hate this town, I hate it.  I hate it.  I hate it!”  I understood it, we had been through everything together, he was my twin and I loved him dearly.  Of everyone he was the one I would miss the most.

I just hugged him and let him carry on talking about wanting to go with me, hating the town, hating Georgia for doing this to us, and hating the Leigh’s for the constant reminder of what she did.  If there was anyone in my life I wished I could take away the pain it was his and I knew he felt the same towards me.

Then I thought about poor little Pan all sweet and innocent wishing I could stay.  The only one of the triplets not to be a ghost.  Where they loved the attention Pan hated what happened to me.  Being normal I often think she looked at Hyra and Juno wishing she too had been a ghost so she had more in common with them.  As close as the three of them were I knew it wouldn’t last forever not with Pan wishing to be like her brother and sister.  It would eat her up inside too if mum and dad weren’t careful.