2.6 An Emancipated Minor

Andromeda’s Point of View

I slept for about 14 hours.  Tempest was sleeping in my room when I woke up.  I wasn’t sure if it was to watch me or if it was cause it’s something we always did before I started drinking.  I just laid there for ten minutes thinking about yesterday and my conversation with my grandfather.  Could he really help me out of this situation I had gotten myself into?

I thought hard about the situation I was in, I liked nectar it was true I also didn’t mind being a little bit drunk but if I was honest with myself I didn’t like being drunk crazy drunk and I didn’t like the nasty hangover.  I didn’t like upsetting my parents but I also didn’t like the constant arguments.  Life at home had become so difficult and complicated since finding out my dna was out there for the Leigh’s to see.  I found it hard to be near them which they must have noticed by now.  I hated everyone in town for loving me without knowing me at all.

I was trying so hard right now with all this in my head not to just turn myself invisible and head out the crack in the barrier.    Instead I decided to get up and have something to eat.  Tempest never stirred so I figured she was actually asleep.  It had been awhile since I had a real breakfast or lunch and suddenly my stomach was begging me for some decent food.  There is no explaining how hard it was for me to go down the stairs and not just head straight out the door but I had made a promise and I was going to try my best to stick to it.  After all the other choice was to continue getting crazy drunk and argue with my parents.

Mum was downstairs making something in the kitchen, it didn’t matter what it was it smelled amazing.  I sat at the bar stool “Morning mum.”

I could see a smile cross her face, “It’s actually the afternoon dear but I’ll forgive you.”   She was making waffles for me.  I missed mums waffles.  She handed me a plate and I dove right in.  “Take it easy, enjoy them.”

“Where is everyone?”

Mum stood there in the kitchen looking at me, like it had been a year since she last saw me properly, that could be right actually I couldn’t remember when I started drinking anymore.  “Well it’s a Tuesday so the kids are at school and your dad is at work.”

Not to seem rude cause I didn’t mean it that way and I tried extra hard not to sound angry at all, “so why are you at home, aren’t you usually at the station?”

“I’ve not been in since your birthday.”  I worked it out it had only been three days since I turned 15.  “We need to talk.”

I didn’t like the sounds of that but figured I couldn’t hide from it forever.  I just had to remember to not get angry.  “What’s up?”  I asked trying to sound as if nothing happened.

“We talked to your grandfather yesterday and he had a suggestion.  Your father and I have talked pretty much all night about it and we’ve hopefully made a decision you will like.”

Well that was a turn for the books, no screaming, no shouting, maybe granddad was able to help me after all.  “I’m listening,”  I say as I feel Tempest touch my leg, I put my hand down to pat her head, I missed the way we were, she used to be my best friend.

Mum looked like it was the hardest thing she would ever say and like it was breaking her heart to say whatever it was.  “Your grandfather is talking to your aunt Lyra now who is drawing up emancipation papers.”  What???

“I thought you only became emancipated if you had done something wrong not if I did something wrong.”

“I think there’s enough blame to go all round, but rules have changed since the books your father gives you.  The fact is this is in your best interest and the only reason me and your father have agreed.”

“I’m sorry mum but how is emancipation in my best interest?”  I was struggling to get it around my head, what was granddad thinking?  I couldn’t live here whilst being in control of my own life, what was the point in that?

“Well your grandfather seems to think he can get you to Lucky Palms without the town or more importantly the press knowing.”  Wait what?  “He is also checking real estate to see what houses are free in the Palms.”

“Wait…  Granddad is going to help me get out of town?  Get away from all the watching eyes and the crazy Leigh’s!”

“Is that something you would want?”  I got the impression mum was hoping I would say no, that I would rather stay here but I couldn’t lie to her, the fact was this was the best plan I had ever heard of.  I found myself struggling to answer her, I didn’t want to lie to her and I also didn’t want to upset her.

Just tell the truth Romi it will be alright.

“I’m sorry mum, but yes I think that a fresh start in a town where no one is watching my every move would be fantastic.”  I hated seeing the disappointment in her and I could tell she tried really hard to hide it but it was still there.

“Alright then, you won’t be going alone.”  I went to stop her, what was the point of being emancipated and getting a fresh start if a parent was going with you, “Don’t look like that, Tempest will go with you.”  I must have looked relieved cause mum looked upset again.

Are you alright with that Romi?

“Yeah I am Temp I’d like that alot.”

“There are some conditions of course,” well how could I ever expect there not to be, “starting tomorrow you go back to school, and you have extra classes with Cassie and Limerick to help get your grades up and prepare you for the town’s first ever private no one knows about it GED.   This will give Lyra time to get the papers in order, and a judge to sign them off.  She’s friendly with a couple of the judges so we don’t see any issues with either keeping it quiet or getting them to sign it.  It also gives your grandfather some time to find you a house, we’ll pay for it, me your dad and your grandfather are all chipping in.  The papers will be in your name but there is no way we can get it done quickly.  You may have to wait a couple of months but when it’s all done if you have your GED you can start your new life without having to go to school and you can get a job straight away.”  I wanted to cry I wanted to jump up and down, I wanted a thousand and one things but I settled for hugging my mother.

“Thank you mum.”  I held onto her tight, “I love you.”  Something I hadn’t said in a long time but I meant it all the same.