Gen 3 Teaser

I’m sat here all excited for non sim reasons and well I’m going to have to keep sitting here for a bit waiting so I’ve decided to spend the time giving you guys a gen 3 teaser cause I don’t think I’ll be able to hold it back till the beginning of Gen 3 anyway. Β Here are some pics of Gen 3 and the last one is an idea of what the next gen surprise is.

For those of you who haven’t noticed in the gen 1 Q&A this legacy is designed as a Romeo & Juliet legacy. So the first 9 (as a minimum) generations are about building up a believable feud between the Leigh’s and the Sky’s. Β After all the one thing Shakespeare missed out on was why the families were at odds with each other.

So without further ado meet Inara Sky πŸ˜€

It may be a Romeo & Juliet legacy at the core with of course a huge amount of drama but there is no reason not to have fun with it and this gen has been planned since I started the legacy. Β I wanted a girl heir this time even though I was ready for a boy heir because well I want the possibility if I can work it into story of a Doctor baby πŸ˜€