2.5 A Solution… Maybe

Houston’s Point of View

 “Thank you dad for bringing her home.”  I could see the despair in my daughters face, how long had this really been going on for?  Why hadn’t she called me before?

“It’s ok, lets sit down for a minute or two.”  The only people in the room were myself, Thy, Saff and Tempest.  “Where are the kids?”

“They went to see a movie an hour ago.”  Sapphire said.  They clearly wanted everyone out for the off chance of me bringing back a screaming Romi.

“How long has she been like this,” I ask as we all take a seat on the sofa’s.

“I can’t remember, it has to be about 8 months now.”  Thy said her voice wracked with worry.  I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes, but then I never would have, not once Romi was taken.  Thy had alot to deal with since then and I felt she had done her best but I think she was doubting that.

“How did it get like this?”  I had to know if I was going to help her, regardless of if Romi wanted me to know or not.

“I think it all started when she found out about her kidnapping…” Thy told me everything, how Romi had found out about the kidnapping, how she had gone wild all that time ago, how her magic manifesting seemed to calm her down.  How the Leigh twins had confronted her about her abilities and then Thy told her about her stolen dna.  Something I myself didn’t know about till Romi told me earlier and was furious over.  If I could make Georgia pay for this I would, but she was locked up and I couldn’t get near her without people watching.

They both told me how it all started, how they brought her home from school but she kept using her magic to sneak out and they were lucky she came home at all.  Thy had cast a barrier around the house and didn’t know how Romi kept getting out.  Tempest said how she followed Romi everywhere but she always gave her the slip.  Thy did say that Romi’s powers were much stronger than hers, they were probably as strong as grandmother of old Melody.  Thy had never really made an effort to test her but she knew she had a huge resource of power at her fingertips and it pained her to know she was using them to act out.

I could see all the pain and hurt my daughter and son in law had been through recently and how they had tried to keep it under wraps to keep from getting it in the papers and thus hurting Andromeda more.  They told me how it was affecting everyone else, Silver was starting to act out asking them to make the camera crews stop coming.  Fighting with his parents to bring his sister home and under control, blaming them for not helping her more.  The triplets who were twelve were becoming exceptionally close and very quiet, they were rarely seen without at least one of the others and all the kids grades had dropped.  This situation was ripping my daughters family apart.

I sat and processed everything for a minute or two figuring out just how I could help them all and I knew the only option would be the hardest for them.  “I’ve promised to help Romi,” my daughters face was somewhere between hope and despair.  I knew she wanted to help her but she clearly was struggling.

“How can you help dad?  I don’t even know how to help her.”

“I can call Lyra and help her become emancipated.”  The look on Sapphire and Thy’s face said it all, they were not pleased.

“She can’t take care of herself now what makes you think if she was emancipated she would be able to take care of herself then?”

“I’d say she’s very capable of taking care of herself,”  Thy went to but in but I stopped her, “Sure she’s made some bad choices but I can understand her wanting to shut it all out.   I wanted to turn and run away when the miscarriages started, but you kids kept me at home, the kids and Constance.  Romi doesn’t have that, she needs to start over.”

“How does emancipation help her start over, nothing will have changed she just won’t be able to listen to us anymore.”

“From what I can tell she doesn’t listen to you now, but what if I got her out, what if I could get her away without anyone but us knowing where she is.  Then she can start again, away from everyone watching her.”  I could see them thinking this over, it was alot, it would mean they may never see their daughter again, and I don’t know if I could have given up one of my kids even if it meant helping them.

Thy was the first to speak, she was clearly upset, “Where… where would you send her.”  Tears were running down her face, I could tell she thought she had screwed everything up, and she only wanted to do right by her.  She had alot of love in her for her children, she was a true Sky.

“I was thinking Lucky Palms.  I could get your mothers relatives to keep an eye on her and she could start over.  I know from the few trips I’ve made there that no one cares what we get up to here, in fact a few people have moved to Lucky Palms to get away from the strict rules here at the lakes.”

“I don’t know about this.”  Saff said.  I could tell she was a daddies girl, what daughter wasn’t.  I wished I could help them and keep her here but it was the town that was causing the issue not them.  I knew they cared enough to do anything for her.  “Why can’t we all go with her?”

“I thought about that but seven people are harder to hide away than one.  I know its hard but if you really want her to get a new start you have to let her go.”  There is no better way to say it.  No better way to recommend letting your daughter go but I really saw no other way.

She won’t go alone.

“I’m afraid Tempest unless then want to give up another of their children to watch over her or one of them goes with her and never see’s the other four I don’t see another way around it.”

That’s not what I meant.  I meant I’ll go with her.

“Temp?”  Thy looked really hurt, the poor thing I remember when Thy first held Tempest she promised to always look after her and she had done a great job.

I let you down once and I’ve watched her just like you fall into this spiral of despair.  She still talks to me, I’ll go with her and watch over her.

“What about you, you’ll miss your mum.  I’ll miss you…”  To lose a daughter and your best friend in one day it has to be hard.

Mum is old and I can say goodbye, she’ll understand but it’s not feasible you guys splitting to watch her, Hou is right, she needs to do this on her own.  If she fails then I’ll be there to try and help pick her up.  If I don’t go she will have no one.

Tempest was so like Jae and completely right of course.  I really saw no other choice Romi needed this and I think her parents knew it deep down.

“Look take a day talk it over, but if you can’t think of something else she will keep down this path and I fear one day I won’t be able to bring her home.”  I hated the look of fear in their faces right now, “I only want what’s best for her too.  I’ll call Lyra and ask her to set things in motion.  If you come up with something better than we can put it all to a stop straight away.  In the meantime she’s promised to behave, she’s agreed to go to school and she will do whatever you ask of her provided I help her.  So you don’t have long to think it over.”  I slowly got up and left.  It was an incredibly hard decision and I didn’t envy them but for the sake of my grandchild I had to be the voice of reason.

Authors note:  Hey guys this may be the last post for the week, I’m going to aim to have one out on Sunday but I can’t promise.  I’ve got a busy weekend ahead and most likely won’t get into game.  Romi’s got plenty to come though I’m currently in the middle of writing chapter 16 and we’ve still got a long way to go in this gen.