2.4 My Saviour

I didn’t go home the next day or the day after that, I had ditched school again, but I was brought quickly out of my drunken behaviour when my grandfather walked into the bar.   I knew he was looking for me, mum and dad must have finally done what they had been avoiding and called him in for help.  He found me on the dance floor.  I just stopped and stood there.

He came up to me, not angry or mad, “Come on Romi I should take you home.”

That made me angry, why was he understanding about this?  I walked with him as I respected my grandfather, but I couldn’t help but say quietly,  “I don’t want to go home.”

He sat me down on  a bench not far from the entrance of the bar, “Romi what is going on?”

I really was surprised mum and dad hadn’t told him why I had gone wild again.  I was a bit ashamed as I adored my grandfather but how do you tell him that your whole life has been full of lies, that you were always the centre of attention even if you never asked for it.

“Is this to do with your transformation?”

“Yes and no,” I finally said.

“Come on Romi please tell me what’s going on.”

“Grandad have you ever known what it’s like to hate everything and everyone?”

“I can’t say that I have dear, but please go on.”

“Everywhere I go people take my picture, I am this towns little celebrity, something I never asked for.  I constantly battle with what life would have been like for me if I was still a ghost and I’ve found out that the Leigh twins know I’m not normal.”  I took a long pause,  “They have a sample of my dna.”

Grandad looked at me all sympathetic, “Romi what happened to you was wrong but this isn’t the way to behave.  Your mum and dad have done the best they can do by you.”

“I know that..”

He looked at me.  “Do you because you sure aren’t acting like it.”

“I know,” I felt ashamed, “I don’t know what happened, how it happened.  I just know I feel better when I find an escape.”

He stood me up and pulled me in for a hug, “Oh Romi you can’t hide from your problems.  Tell me Romi what do you want to do, in your heart what is it you want?”

I was ashamed to say it but I told him, “I want to leave, I want to get away from it all, away from the watching eyes and everyone asking for my signature, from the people who don’t understand me.”

“What if I try and do that for you.”  I pulled away from him and he looked like he was being honest, like he meant it.

“How?  Why?”

“Well I’d have to talk to your parents but the how should be easy and the why, well you are my granddaughter and I don’t like seeing you this way.  I want to see you happy like you were as a little girl.  I miss that little girl in you and I want to help bring her back.”

I pulled him in for another hug, “I love you granddad.”

“Is that a yes?”

“If you can help me get away from all of this then yes.”

He let go of my hug, “You’ll have to do something for me if you want this to work though.”

I didn’t like that, but asked, “What?”

“You have to apologise to your parents, you’ve just said that you know they have done right by you and you’ve been pretty bad to them lately.”

“Is that all?”  I knew it wasn’t I knew there was something else.

“No, you need to behave, you need to go back to school, get your grades up, go home and do whatever your parents tell you.”

“How is that going to help me?”  I mean I would do it if it meant me getting out of the mess I had made of my life, but I really didn’t get how it was going to help me.

“Pretty simple really, but one thing at a time.  Do you trust me?”

I looked into his face, I knew he meant what he was saying and I had to trust someone.  Tempest was right I had to talk to someone.   “Yes I trust you.”

“Then come on lets take you home, I need to talk to your parents.”  It was a long ride in the cop car, I had gotten so used to using my magic to transport me around town in seconds I forgot what it was like to use normal transport.  When we got towards the house I thought about turning myself invisible and just running off but I couldn’t do that to my granddad.  He walked in the house first me trailing behind him.

“Romi,” mum came running up to me, she had clearly been worried about me and that made me feel bad.  Her hug made me feel awful I didn’t really mean to hurt her.

“I’m sorry mum,” I could see dad behind her, “I’m sorry dad.  I…”

“It doesn’t matter your home now.”  Mum said beside me.  I knew I had to sort myself out if anything for mum and dad but it was going to be hard dealing with the craziness that was my life.

Granddad came up to mum, “Let her go and get some sleep, we should talk.”

I was so thankful granddad was there, I realised just how tired I was and with mum pulling away from me and dad watching I headed upstairs to bed.

When I got to the stairs mum said “Romi please don’t sneak out tonight.  Please.”

“I won’t mum, I promise.”  I went up the stairs and went to bed.  I wanted to stay up and listen in to what they said but I think I had only had three hours sleep in the last three days and suddenly I could feel it.