2.3 Downward Spiral

After I woke up that morning I went behind some trees and used my magic to freshen myself up before heading to school.  Silver grabbed hold of me before first period and started quizzing me, saying mum and dad were worried sick.  I told him it was none of his business.  After all it wasn’t his dna out there being analysed and inspected.  It was mine, it was me that was the freak, it’s me the town adored.  How could he understand.

I didn’t go home that night, I couldn’t face it.  Instead I spent some time in the  bubbles replicating the old world before heading back to the bar.  I stayed there again the whole night getting drunk.  They never got a chance to question me at the bar as I sent a wave of magic around the place so everyone gave me what I wanted regardless of my age.  I woke up in town again the next morning.

After school mum and dad were waiting for me at the gates, there was no getting away from them I had to go home tonight.  There was all sorts of screaming and shouting from all three of us, especially me.  I never told them where I was and as a result got grounded for a month.  I went to my room and cast an invisibility spell around me and levitated out of the window in my room.

As long as I was home for morning mum and dad never noticed.  I started skipping classes after awhile not being bothered with more staring and ended up in the bar earlier and earlier.  I loved it there I loved the way I felt to be completely lost in a drunken stupor, no longer being the little goody two shoes mum and dad wished me to be.

The weeks passed in a drunken haze and when I was at home all it was was an assortment of screaming.  Mum soon figured out I was making myself invisible to get out of the house and cast a rather weak boundary spell so I couldn’t leave after school hours, it was quite specific to me alone.  Thing is my magic was stronger, so I created a hole in the field but only small enough to escape through it so she had no idea.  I also had it clouded over so it didn’t appear it was there at all.  It took mum a month to figure out I had beaten her spell.

Tempest was always around keeping an eye on me but it was no good I always managed to give her the slip.  One day after I came home from school I found a message on my tablet from mum.


You’ll be 15 this Saturday and as such the camera crew will be here.  I know you don’t like them but if you aren’t here for your picture to be taken then the deal with the press will be off.  I really want you to be able to have a normal life and I wish I could give it to you.  I wish I could take away your anger and pain but I can’t so please let me at least do what I can for you.  Please keep the deal.


I went out after reading the note and got in a worse state than I normal do.  I hated the crews and I knew why mum wanted me there, I understood she was trying to keep the press from hounding me all day and night but I hated it.  I hated the fact anyone still cared, I hated the fact I couldn’t escape it, I hated that it was the only deal my mother and father could get to keep me from being harassed more than I already am.

I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone cared what I looked like, or got up to, sure I understood why mum and dad cared and I gave them a really hard time but I couldn’t get the hate and anger out of me.  I had to vent it somehow and the nectar gave me that escape.  I knew I did not want to be there on my birthday I wanted to run away I wanted to be so far away they could never follow me, not the press, not the Leigh’s, not even my brothers or sisters.

But no matter what pain I was in at the thought of the town wanting my picture I did my duty and I stood for photos and me and Silver had a very simple birthday party.  It was a very quiet day in the house, Silver, Juno, Hydra and Pan were so used to me jumping off the handle when I was in the house they just did their own thing whilst mum and dad tried to pretend nothing was different.  I felt bad for them.  The only one who treated me like she always had was Tempest.

You did good coming today.

I moved out of the camera crew’s ear shot, they were finally collecting all their stuff and leaving, “I know but I still hate it.”

Your mum and dad are really worried about you.

“I know, but I can’t deal with it all.  I don’t want to hurt them, I don’t really.  I just…”

I get it Romi, I’m on your side, I understand but you should talk to someone, if not me, someone.

“I would but it doesn’t matter what I say it all gets twisted and screwed up.”

Then talk to me.  You have to deal with this or it will eat you up inside.

I pulled Tempest in for a hug, “I just…. I can’t, I can’t…. I can’t do anything right.”   I watched the camera crew leave, thankful that it was over for another year.


“Tempest I love you, dearly, but I can’t do this right now.”  And I made myself invisible right there in front of Tempest and headed out.  I didn’t see mum watching me as I left the house.  I didn’t come home that night.

Authors note:  I really don’t condone Andromeda’s behaviour, being blind stupid drunk to hide from your problems isn’t clever as an adult never mind a teenager.  Romi may figure that out one day…