2.2 More Secrets

After our eighth birthday mum and dad sat Silver down and told him why the camera crews come for our birthdays he felt bad for me and stopped hassling me for giving mum a hard time for a bit but he did make a case for her.  I never said he couldn’t understand what it was like to find out you were once something your not now.

After he was told he came into my room not sure of what to say so I showed him the court records, he had a right to know it could have been him if he had been born the ghost.  We were pretty tight after that and although we fought from time to time we were closer than we had been over the past six months as he understood why I had gone mental.  With his and Tempests support I managed to control my wild tendencies.  I acted like I did before I found out, I knew it had happened now and I battled every day with what if I was still a ghost thoughts.  I couldn’t help it, after all when there are constant reminders its not far from your mind.

As the years passed I came to hate the town more and more, mum and dad made an agreement with them but as I got older they started to ask me for photos regularly and asking me to sign stuff.  They didn’t know me and yet I was Lunar Lakes first ever real celebrity.  I hated it.  I hated the town for making me a their little celebrity.  I hated everyone.  Mum and dad went to the paper and made an appeal for people to continue to leave me alone so I could have a normal life but it didn’t work.

When I was about 14 I was sat in the school eating area alone when the Leigh twins, Damian and Donny, came up to me, “So you not used your abilities lately?” Damian said, followed by Donny pitching in, “Sitting here all alone for once, taking a day off?”

I stiffened mum told me no one in town knew about our powers that we kept it a secret and as much as I wanted to play with my powers she wouldn’t let me.  “I have no idea what your talking about,” I said trying to play it cool.  With my temper around other people I knew I couldn’t keep it going for long especially around these two. They both got Georgia’s hair which was an annoying reminder of her and my transformation.

“Oh please you know exactly what I’m talking about little miss popular.”  Damian said, he was the ring leader, he lead Donny in everything they did.  I never did get along with these two but before I found out  I had treated them like everyone else, since finding out I stayed as far away as possible, I knew they visited their mother, being their friend would never have gotten my anywhere, even if we were cousins.

“Actually I have no idea what your talking about, now if you could move out of the way I need to get to my science class.”  The bell hadn’t rung yet but Limerick was my science teacher and I actually liked to be around Lim.

“You can’t pretend for much longer, we know.”  Donny shouted as I walked away.

I went home that night and told mum and dad about the strange conversation with the Leigh twins.  “Why would they seem to think I had abilities I thought no one knew about our powers?”

Mum looked at dad, she sighed heavily and looked back at me, “Georgia told me after she was sentenced that she had some of your dna.”  More secrets, there were always more secrets.  “She found something different about it.  We were never sure till you manifested but we think it was your witch or genie gene.”

“So your telling me, long before you told me that I was transformed or manifested you knew someone else knew, the same someone who changed me.  And now she’s told her children.”

“She said she would but I thought it was an idle threat.”

I was mad now, ” Like the bill to change people from ghosts to normal people.  That sort of idle threat.”  Mum didn’t look at me.

“I wasn’t sure if it was lies on her part to scare me.”

“So you hid more from me,  when I asked you if there was anything else I should know on the day I manifested.”

Dad spoke up this time, “We thought it was all lies Romi, we didn’t think her threat at proof was real.”

“So you both made this choice and now I have the Leigh twins out there trying to unnerve me and find out who and what I am.”  I stood up suddenly fed up with this conversation.  “Your both wonderful parents.”  I said as I walked out the front door.

They never followed me as I got on the subway and headed for town, I needed out of the crater.  I needed away from them.  As I got into town I instantly regretted it, people were staring, pointing and I could even see people starting to get their camera’s out.  I couldn’t deal with it.  Why couldn’t everyone just leave me alone and those who couldn’t, like mum and dad, why couldn’t they just tell me the truth.  I headed a little out of town not quite sure where I was going.  I always knew the Leigh twins didn’t like me, after all I was the reason they never saw their mother, and the feeling was mutual even if it wasn’t them that changed me it was their mother.  To say they downright hated me wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Before I knew it I was at the local bar, I went inside and ordered some nectar, the barman told me no initially knowing I was nearly 15 due to the stupid photos every year but I waved my hand in front of him like I always did at the arch at home for the magic room and changed his mind.  I didn’t care I just needed to lose myself I needed to not be me right now.  I stayed in the bar till closing time and then tried to stagger home.  I woke up the next morning on a bench in the middle of town, with a huge headache vaguely remembering the conversation with my parents and going into the bar ordering a drink.

Authors note: I don’t agree with teenage binge drinking or using magic powers to get what you want.  Running away from your problems is not a solution.  One day Andromeda may figure that out… maybe.