2.1 I’m a what?!?

It’s been six months since I found out and I’m approaching my eighth birthday, mum is running around getting ready for the camera crew, who I hate by the way, when the impossible happened.  I levitated!!!  I mean feet actually off the floor levitating.  I screamed naturally and mum came running up the stairs like I was on fire.  I still hadn’t forgiven her but I had to live with her so I put up with her I guess.  I knew in my heart it wasn’t her fault but it still hurt, it didn’t help every time I looked at her I was reminded of what I could never be again.

“Romi what’s wrong?”  Was that frying pan aimed at anyone?

“I floated!!”  Mum let the frying pan fall.  I had seen her float before but I always thought it had to do with the ghost thing.  Had some parts remained?

“Oh dear, thats your magic.  It’s manifested.”

“Magic?”  More lies?

“I’m sorry I found out the same way,” small relief I suppose.  “Your grandfather didn’t know which of his kids gained the magic genes so he waited for it to manifest first so he knew to tell you of your heritage.”  My heritage?  “Your a witch Romi and if you floated that means you got the genie gene too.”

“I’m sorry what?”  I had a tone about me that I had had alot lately around her but I didn’t mean anything by it.

“There’s no way to know for certain if you have it till it manifests so please don’t be mad.”  I realised then how much I had hurt her recently and I decided to try and not sound mad.  I felt so awful in that moment for ever hurting her.

“Sorry mum, but I don’t understand.”

She smiled, “Thats fine Romi, I love you.”  I had heard that alot lately but I really felt like she did then.  “You like me are a witch and a genie.”  I just stared at her, I mean what do you say to that,  “Come with me.”

She led me out of my room, which was just my room, Juno and Pan were in the old nursery changed into a room suiting them, with my mood swings mum and dad felt it better to leave me with a room of my own.  I liked the space but I often felt bad for Silver who had to share when I didn’t.  We did get into fights about it but mum and dad hadn’t told him yet at my request.  I didn’t know when I wanted them all to know and I guess I understood my parents feelings about that now too.  I think after the camera crews cleared off this year Silver was entitled to know why his picture was taken every year.

We reached mum and dad’s bedroom when mum stopped, she waved her hand and an arch appeared.  I have to say I did have a bit of a what on earth face to me.  Mum stepped inside the arch that wasn’t there five minutes ago and turned around.  “It’s ok.”

I stepped through the archway.  “What is this place?”

“This is the magic room.  We Sky’s have hidden our magic since your great great grandparents crash landed here.  We did this so that people wouldn’t know about us and fear us.”  Well that didn’t work, I thought, but I didn’t say it I didn’t want mum to stop smiling.

“Like Tempest?”  Tempest was out with Silver and the trips right now and she talks as you know but she doesn’t talk around most others.

“Yes,” mum smiled again, which made me smile, “just like Tempest she doesn’t talk near anyone that could reveal us to be different.  We pretend to be normal and for the most part are normal so that no one fears us wrongly.  The most I use my magic for is the wards that have been in place since you were brought back to us, but my magic isn’t very strong.  Your grandfather and Pegasus have to help me sometimes.”

“So how do I find out how strong my magic is?”

“Practice, you have to read spells and try casting.  I do not want you doing any of that around people, and would rather you waited till you were older.  But I’ll give you some spells to read.  It is really important Romi, we don’t have anywhere else to go, the home planet isn’t there the way it was.  We have a home here on this planet and we need to be good.”  I understood what she was trying to tell me, she didn’t want me doing anything stupid.  I had been a bit wild lately I won’t lie but really come on who wouldn’t be.  It still upset me greatly and I didn’t think I was over it, I didn’t think I ever would be I was a freak but this right now this moment was a great distraction.

“Can you show me something?”  I really wanted to see what a witch could do.

“Sure,” Mum moved towards the cauldron.  “I’ll make a sleeping potion.”  She did some conjuring and then mixed some stuff together and before I knew it she was drinking a tiny amount of the potion and was out like a light.  I didn’t freak out cause she did say it was a sleeping potion but I had started to worry just before she woke up.

I looked at her, this was another bomb shell but I guessed I understood why she didn’t tell me this time, if she didn’t know for certain this would happen then why tell me something else I wasn’t going to be.  “Mum is there anything else I should know?”

Mum looked at me and lead me out of the room, waved her arm and the arch went away, it was a wall again.  I stood there a minute feeling the wall that was normal and felt real, she called me back into the living room.  “When you were in my stomach Peg gave me a gift.”  I knew Peg I didn’t see him that much but I knew he was there to watch and protect us.  “He told me that you and Silver would gain the gift too but I don’t know when.”

“What was it?”

“It was a wedding present, I got memories of your grandparent’s of old.  Everything that ever happened to them and he said one day you and Silver would get them too.  I don’t know when but they will come.”

“Why did he gift them to you?”

“As a girl I wanted away from Georgia and I wanted to see the old world.  Your grandfather is a much better magician and offered any of us a chance to visit the old world, but he said me and Jupiter would probably not be welcome there.  This upset me, I wanted to know where we came from and I asked Peg for the memories, he also said no as your grandfather said not till I finished school.  Pegasus however did  bless me with them on my wedding day.  Your father got a blessing too, you know all those old books he likes,” of course I did he was always going on about a new one he had read and insisted me and Silver read books he found fitting, some of them were boring others were wonderful adventures, “Well he got the knowledge of the ancient world and the world when those books were written.”

“But I won’t get those memories.”

“Only if you want them and Peg grants them to you.”  Mum smiled at me.

“No I think I’ll leave those ones some of those books are really boring mum.”

“I know dear but I humor your father, some are fun though.”  She was right I did enjoy some of them and I knew Juno and Pan were enjoying Cinderella and the other fairy tales whereas Hydra was enjoying the Jungle Book and Peter Pan at the moment.  It wasn’t a bad world when you thought about it prince charming waiting to whisk you off your feet to a happy ever after.

“Mum,” mum looked at me clearly pleased we had a normal conversation without me screaming.  “Why us?”  She looked sad, “Why are we the ones that are different?”

“Romi, life is what you make it,” she looked at me with the eyes that said I want you to be happy, “you can be mad at me forever for not telling you before about your transformation I don’t care, but you yourself can be and do whatever you want, be it happy or mad, I want you to know this is who you are, there’s no escaping it, you were always to be this way.”

“How can you know that?”

“The fact you manifested today shows you were always going to,  it doesn’t change who you were this morning.  It doesn’t change who you were a year ago.  Yes you were a ghost, but now you are who you want to be.  Not alot of people get that.”  I wished I understood what she was saying but the mention of being a ghost before upset me all over again, I couldn’t help it I was too young to say no to this woman I was too young to make the decision and I have no idea if I was given the decision what I would choose.  I just knew I wished for a life I didn’t have, a life that was taken from me even though I liked the life I had, what would be different?  It constantly played in my mind.  I wasn’t sure who I was and that infuriated me.