Generation One Question & Answer

Any questions you want to ask anyone from Generation one?  Here is the place to read answers  and ask your own questions.  There will be one after every generation whilst I get ready for the first post.  So please ask away!

Carmen Toza asks:

Saff- did you ever imagine that your life would be like this when marrying into the Sky family? You have a beautiful family, but along with that family came a person with a personal vendetta against your wife and child…do you ever think about how your life would have been different had you married a “non-ghost”?

I knew Georgia didn’t like my wonderful Thyone but I never quite grasped how much she didn’t like her or more so her ghostliness.  Thank you for the compliment, I do love my children they are beautiful.  I could have married a normal girl but if I was to do that they would never have been half as interesting as Thy and as such not worth my time.  It’s not that she’s a ghost or a witch its that she’s interesting and wonderful.  I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to spend my life with ghost or not.

Thy- Do you ever feel like giving in? Changing to satisfy the town?

I never really thought much about it, sure when the bill was being talked about I thought should I just do it, but I was born a ghost and I will die a ghost it’s who I am, the fact that Georgia changed Andromeda still upsets me greatly and I worry about her when she gets older and finds out.  I’d put it off for forever if I thought it would keep her from being hurt more than she already has but she’s a smart girl and I have no doubt I will have to tell her soon.  

MewMewMentor asks:

Peg – Whatcha up to these days? Do you just eat away at Hou’s grass and enjoy frolicking? XD

I’ve been well thank you very much Miss MewMew.  I have been hopping about the time stream lately coming back to visit Mr Sky when I feel the need for human contact.  I also check in on his children and I wish I had been there to prevent Miss Andromeda’s abduction but I wasn’t there for her.  I hope not to make that mistake again but I have alot to learn right now about protecting others and mum has been very good to me in the past to teach me this.

Romi – Do you remember being a ghost at all? I know you were really little, so I dunno if you would. Have you ever wondered why the town fawns on you so much?

Spider:  I shall answer this for Romi, the prologue for Andromeda deals with her finding out about being a ghost and everything slots into place for her including the town adoring her.  She was only a year old when she was transformed and thus too young to ever remember what happened to her back then, to say it has a serious effect on her is an understatement.

Silver – What’s it like having a popular sister? Are you going to use that to get a pretty girl? XDD

Spider: I’ll answer this for Silver too.  Realistically Silver hates it, he hates that it upsets his sister and he hates that it could have been him.  He loves his sister dearly and if he could undo the town’s love for her he would.  He doesn’t care for the popularity when he finds out why it’s there and doesn’t use it to his advantage, he’s a very good sweet boy who just wants his parents to fix the press/town love situation so that Romi can have a normal life like him. 

sErindeppity asks:

Saff, what was your thoughts on Thy when you first met her? :)

I’ll be honest I thought ghost!!!  I wasn’t sure if she was dead or alive, but when I found out she was born that way I couldn’t get enough of this interesting person who could have taken ambrosia at any time but decided to be who she was born.  I respected that and I respected her.

Georgia, did it ever occur to you that you were doing something to a baby that could be harmful? I know you hate the Skys but a baby never did anything to you, ghost or no ghost.

How could be making a person normal harmful?  Changing her was logical at that age it could never hurt her, she will have no idea what she was, what it was like to be what she was and as such its probably the best thing I could do for her.

Spiderg1rl, what was your inspiration to start this legacy?

When I first started writing this I was so upset about my lost baby challenges I wanted to desperately bring them back but a baby challenge seemed stupid with my glitch so a legacy seemed the natural way to keep my beloved family.  I loved how Houston’s was set so far in the future so anything could go and Supernatural had been announced so I knew I could work that into anything I did.  I had read about a Romeo and Juliet legacy challenge and I had that in mind when I looked at Houston’s children.  I remembered I had written Jewel to not be interested in her kids and thought I can work this.  I created Georgia and went from there.  Before I knew it I knew exactly how to start this feud that would divide the sisters and the relations for ten generations.  To say that I had ideas on how to carry on the feud is an understatement and I would imagine the Leigh’s will cause trouble in each generation now they firmly hate the Sky’s.  I still don’t know if I will be able to carry on the feud but at the moment Romeo and Juliet is the theme of the legacy and building a feud that is believable cause if anything that is what Shakespeare missed out on, why did they hate each other?