1.17 Life Returns To Normal

A day or two after the visit with Georgia I reapplied the wards around the twins and placed fresh wards over the triplets.  They needed re doing quite often to keep them strong.  I stayed at home till the triplets were a year old and then I went back to work at the station.  The guys were so happy to see me back there.  I was glad to be back if I’m honest I was glad life was returning to normal.  I had missed work, even if it meant now I missed my children that little bit more.

The old babysitter that was fired, well he was still fired but we didn’t shun him from our life anymore.  We did have a new babysitter though, Lyra was more than happy to be a babysitter as she did an online college course with the school to become a lawyer.  She only had the triplets to care for as with the wards renewed I sent the twins to pre-school finally.  Puck well he went off to be a doctor.

On top of Georgia being jailed and to make sure nothing like this ever happened again the scientist that changed Romi was imprisoned.  He only got a three year sentence but it was enough to bring in new options on almost every form, a ghost or human check list, like male or female.

Jupiter was more than pleased about the new laws considering his next child was a ghost son.  He never had to feel the pain and heartbreak we did.

My biggest worry was Georgia’s threat, she was never one to make a threat and not follow it through, but as time went on I had other things to worry about.

Andromeda will have to be told about her transformation when she is old enough to understand.  It’s not something we want to tell her about but with the whole town still buzzing whenever they see her, as they all still dote on her.  She was after all the first child ever to be kidnapped.  The town still feels our pain and as such she has to know when she becames old enough.  We did make a deal with the press that said they would let her have a normal life in exchange for pictures every year on her birthday.  I wasn’t happy about it but it was that or her being followed everywhere she goes as she gets older.  I wanted her to have a normal life so we made the deal.

Whenever the other kids were with Andromeda they too get quite a bit of attention so unfortunately as they all reached an age to understand we will have to explain it to them too.  I am expecting Hydra and Juno will have all sorts of questions but really we can’t answer any of them as not only do we not really know the answers but we weren’t there when Romi was transformed.   The one thing everyone in town felt though was regret that anyone would hurt Andromeda.

It turned out 4 of the 5 children got the genie gene, the only one missing out was Juno, and all of them had a varying level  of magic.  Romi’s was the strongest which made me think more and more that it was the magic in her dna that Georgia picked up on.  She actually had stronger magic than myself or my dad who was really powerful and I wondered often what wonderful things she would do with her powers, if anything at all.

Thanks to Lyra me and Saff went out of the house together regularly in the early years of the children’s lives.  We even went on a holiday for a week, something we would never have done in that year of despair.    All in all the last 4 years have been bliss.  If I had a choice to be home that day or have it play out the way it did I would always choose be at home.  But I couldn’t undo that day, I can’t re do it and as such I am happy to say Georgia’s in jail.  Sure her children never see her, but in my opinion that can only be a good thing for them and us.  I just hope Georgia will keep the magic bit of our dna to herself, but I feared for my children she wouldn’t and that this wasn’t the end of our family rivalry.

Authors note: And that is the end of Generation One, I love Thy and Saff and the family as a whole but as we get ready for Gen 2 it’s time for the Gen 1 Q & A.  Any question pertaining to the second generation may have answers that imply what may happen but I won’t give away any big reveals other than what may happen in the first couple of chapters.  The Q&A will be the next post where I will post your questions and my answers like I did for the One Year Anniversary of me writing on the Nightingale site.