1.16 I Visit Georgia

I had triplets that day of the judgment.  Two daughters and a son.  Hydra and Juno were ghosts but Pandora was like her father she was normal.  I now had five children and they were safe.  Sure I watched over my children but I felt safer than I ever did before.

Dad came over one day, when the triplets were about three months old.   I hadn’t gone back to work yet as five kids under five was too much to think about leaving for a babysitter till the twins were at least able to walk, talk and use the potty.  I was thinking about going back to work now Georgia was behind bars but I thought to do that I would probably need at least two babysitters or to send Silver and Romi to pre-school.

Dad sat me down, “Georgia wants to see you.”

I stared at him, he had to be joking, “Are you having me on?”

Dad looked at me all sympathetic.  “No, she’s asked for you many times but I never told you before the judgment and then you were busy with the triplets.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed dad,” I say pointing at the floor with Romi and Silver playing, “But I’m still busy, three babies and two toddlers are a lot.”

“I know but I think you should see her.  I’ve spoken to your mum and Lyra, they have both agreed to watch them if you agree.”

He had gone behind my back and asked others to watch my kids so I could see her. “Why would I want to see her?”

“Closure.”  I knew that look, it said you really should go even if you don’t want to.

“I’ll think about it.”  I said as Pan started screaming from her swing, dad took the time to pick up Hydra, who started crying straight after his sister, to dote on.  He really was a fantastic grandfather, I knew he adored having so many grandkids.  I couldn’t help but feel bad that he couldn’t have kids anymore I could see how much he wanted more sometimes and I think he also felt like he let Domino down.

Later that day when the kids were all settled I told Saff and Tempest about my visit from dad.  They both agreed I should go, but I refused to go alone.  I asked Saff to go with me and he of course agreed.  We waited till his day off and arranged for mum and Lyra to visit.  As I entered the jail I wondered what insanity had brought me here.

I took a seat at a chair and table set aside for us whilst Saff waited outside the room.

“I’m surprised you ever came,” Georgia said after the jailer left.  I was glad I still had my personal wards from when I was pregnant, although all the wards needed topping up.  Saying that I didn’t think she would do anything stupid.

“Well apparently you’ve been asking for me.”

Georgia smiled, “I have, I thought we should talk.”

“What is there to talk about?”  I really didn’t understand this girl.

“Well there is you, and your family.”  That set me on edge, I don’t know why I expected anything less.

“What about my family?”  I asked trying to keep my cool.

“You think your all so smart but it’s right there, hiding in your dna.”  No!  “I know you all set this up, I was always destined to be in jail after I took the child.”

“Well yeah you kidnapped a child, you didn’t think people weren’t going to not notice did you?”

“Stop playing with me, you Sky’s did something to keep me here.  I should have walked and that bill should have passed.”  Well you all know that has nothing to do with me, that was the town’s doing not mine, but what really took me back was her maybe knowing about my magic, I tried to play it cool but the fact she has said it was in our dna I knew she knew.

“The town put you in jail, I had nothing to do with the jury, and parliament vetoed the bill all on their own.  None of this was my doing Georgia.”

“Are you telling me your family didn’t use their abilities to condemn me?”

“What abilities?”  I knew I was on the verge of letting it show on my face but I used the very little cool left in me.

“We found it in her dna when we ran the tests.”  Romi is barely two she is too young to show any of her powers so we aren’t sure if she gained them on top of her ghostly nature.  “And I’ve worked out thats how you Sky’s are so popular and well known.”

What she said wasn’t true of course what I said at prom was true.  It had nothing to do with our magic, we used it very little since dad’s grandparents got onto the ship all those years ago.

“You talk alot of crazy you know Georgia, I don’t know what your talking about, maybe it was just the ghost parts of her dna.  Maybe it shows her dna mapping or whatever as something different.”

“Play stupid as much as you like but I know the truth and I have left proof of it out there.  Jax brings the children here as often as he can and when they are old enough I will be telling them just how responsible you all are for making sure they never don’t their mother daily.”  Again totally not my doing, why do I have to be blamed for all the wrong in her life, I never did it.  In fact when we were really little I tried to be nice to her, but she wouldn’t have it.

“I’m sure they will see the truth when they grow up, that their mother had a vendetta against someone who never actually hurt her.  That she did something very wrong and was incarcerated for her wrongdoing.”

“You underestimated me once, can you really be stupid enough to do it again?”  I’d had enough at that and made to leave the building.  “One day my kids will be out there, searching for the meaning thats hidden in your dna, and then you will regret not listening to me.”

As my hand touched the door I said to her, “I tried once to be your sister when I was six, but you hated me even then, I never underestimated you, I just never understood you.”

I went home and told Sapphire and Tempest everything.  I really hoped Georgia was wrong and didn’t really have anything to prove we were magically inclined.