1.15 Georgia’s Court Case

Nothing changed for us after we went to see John at city hall.  We still stayed in the house almost all the time, I got bigger of course but we were still waiting to get a call to say Georgia had been released.  Dad kept saying it wouldn’t happen but there was no way I was taking the kids from these wards when I didn’t know for sure.   Her lawyer had begged for her to be let out to stay with her husband, Jax Benton and her children, but the judge wouldn’t have it.  He said her crime was too serious to let her out till a decision was made.  I still haven’t seen her.  I can’t bring myself too.

As her case drew nearer I had to go out regularly, Lyra babysat when she could mum babysat the other times and Tempest was always there to watch the kids too.  The date of the case was set two weeks before I was due to give birth and I spent the two months before the date being prepped by lawyers for the witness stand.  Apparently I needed to be prepped into a tearful mother at the changing of my child.  It didn’t take them long to realise that wasn’t necessary so they moved onto prepping me for other stuff that may come up like our childhoods, the formal dance and such.  Almost everyone we knew was being prepared in one way or another.  She really didn’t have any witnesses to stand for her.  Real mum didn’t seem to care about Georgia one way or another so it’s not even like she was standing for her.  If she hadn’t of done what she did I may have felt bad for her, but I couldn’t find it in me.

The court case itself was an awful ordeal, it was like sitting at home waiting for the call from dad to say he had found Romi all over again.  Everything was drudged up, her obsession with hating me and Jupiter, none of it our fault, every last argument between me and her and an analysis by a shrink as to why.  The worst was the formal dance, so many things were tied up in that day for both me and Saff.  We were heartbroken every time we went home, hugging the children making them our world, it didn’t seem to soften the horrible days we had endured.   We knew they should be in pre school by now but Sapphire couldn’t convince me to take them, I don’t think his heart was completely in it.  I knew they had the wards around them but with the case and still not knowing if Georgia would be released I trusted the house wards more than their personal ones.  They weren’t quite two yet so I had a while before I started worrying about them going to school.  I didn’t think I would ever get over not wanting them out of either my sight or that of the families.

Romi and Silver had a nursery to themselves now thanks to help from dad, Jue, Obi and some of the guys at the fire station.  It was perfect timing as I knew the baby was due any time.  I also liked the idea of them sleeping on the floor above, away from staring eyes.

Since the kidnapping we had talked about changing a few of the windows to walls and in the bedroom we never opened the curtains anymore.  In the living area we opened the curtains whenever the press cleared off.  As they didn’t mean us any harm they got through the wards which was a relief but it was still annoying.  Silver and Romi didn’t understand all this additional attention so it just became part of their daily life and that upset me just as much.

As the court case got through the first two weeks we started to wonder if I would go into labour on the stand.  I really was hoping that wouldn’t happen.  But it was ok, I got through it and finally all the evidence was given.  The jury had deliberated and the day they told us their judgment finally arrived.

We sat in the court room behind the district attorney.  The judge entered the room and asked, “Has the jury reached a verdict?”  They had been out deliberating for nearly a week so I certainly hoped so.

The foreman stood up, “We have your honour.”

“Alright.  Will the accused stand up.”  Georgia looked all smug as she stood up.  Her smugness really upset me if she got off now I had told Saff we were moving, as far away as we could from her.  I hadn’t decided where yet as I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that.

The foreman knowing it was his turn to speak said, “In the matter of child abduction, we find the accused… Guilty!”  Yes even if she didn’t get done for changing my wonderful daughter from a ghost she was going to be in jail for abduction.  “In the matter of transformation against one’s or a parent’s will,” they had to create a new term for it as it had never happened before but I was glad that parliament created the judgment if anything just for her.  “Guilty!”

I stood up and hugged Saff.  Our family was safe, parliament had agreed that if Georgia was found guilty that they would bring a law in stating a parent or child are alone responsible for transformation of oneself.   So if anyone else got any stupid ideas for mine or Jupiters family (his wife was expecting again) then they would go to prison for the same crime.

The judge hit his gravel, “Order, order in the court.”  I didn’t even realise me and Saff weren’t the only ones happy about this decision.  The whole town felt for us after our daughter was taken, it changed opinion on ghosts almost instantly.  I think they were all worried it could be their child taken next, its really not anything I would wish on anyone.  We sat down and I finally saw Georgia’s face, she was fuming, she really must have thought she was going to get off with this due to her opinions on normal and everyone had to agree with her.  “Georgia Leigh, you are charged with child abduction and transformation without permission.”  She looked at the judge and I could tell he could see in her now what we had seen in her so long ago.  A selfish evil little brat.  “I sentence you to life in prison with no options for parole.”

Music to my ears.  Nothing could please me more as my water broke right there in the court room a whole week late to know my family were safe from the madness that was my little sister.

Authors note:  Thanks go out again to Journey G for the use of her courthouse, I edited it a very little to add a jury box  but it is a great building for story telling.