1.14 A U-Turn

What I didn’t realise in those three days I never left the house was how much the town felt for us.  Every one in town was required to be a parent,  even if they weren’t the best of parents they were out there searching for us.  There had never been a kidnapping of any child since everyone crash landed on Lunar Lakes all those years ago.  This was the first and everyone was behind us.  The fact she was a ghost or I was a ghost was irrelevant, the point was finding Romi and getting her safely in mine and Sapphire’s arms.

Dad very cleverly never let me search for my daughter cause he knew if I found Georgia first she wouldn’t leave my sight alive, he wanted me to be around to still raise my children, but I was thrown by the love the town felt for us, it was practically a u-turn to the way things were going before Romi was taken.  The bill Georgia planned was about to be presented to Parliament which of course terrified us but we were hoping for everyone to vote no.  We think it was that day Georgia saw Romi in town that made her more determined to get the bill  passed.

I spent all of my time with the children after I got Romi back.  I told the chief I wouldn’t be back in and he gave me an extended maternity leave,  he told me to come back when I was ready not before and that the station would be fine without me.  So basically I had as long as I wanted off, but I didn’t know if I would go back.  I knew I couldn’t leave the kids whilst there was a possibility of Georgia being released.  Sapphire too hadn’t gone back to work yet, he was dragging it out, they gave him two months off but that time was starting to run out.  He hated it but he knew he would have to go back to work so we could afford to renovate upstairs before the baby turned up.  I’m currently four and a half months pregnant so time is running out.

Me, dad and Pegasus put some exceptionally strong wards around the house, anyone who meant us any harm couldn’t come within a mile of the place.  We also put a personal set of wards on the children.  It worked a bit like a forcefield that couldn’t be penetrated by anyone who meant them any harm, we were quite specific that way nothing else will disturb them from their normal lives, they can do anything but once someone who means them harm comes near by a thin layer around their bodies protects them from any touch by them at all.  Of course for doctors appointments I had to tell the doctor to not think about harming our child and the needle would penetrate for shots and stuff.  I eventually agreed to the same ward for myself but mainly for the benefit of the baby.

We rarely left the house and thus the wards.  Any family and friends knew they were better off visiting us.  But one day we got a call from Georgia’s boss, he asked us as a family friend to come down to city hall for a meeting.  Mum and Tempest watched the children as I didn’t want to hear that stupid bill had passed holding Romi.  If I had to change too I wasn’t doing it with my daughter present.

“Thank you for coming Mister and Mrs Sky.”  John said as we walked into his office.  “Please take a seat.”  Which we did, not sure what was going on.  We exchanged pleasantries about being well and the children being well too.   “I have asked you here for a private meeting with the full agreement of every member of parliament.”  I have to tell you this worried me no end.  “We are all sorry about your ordeal.  No one agrees with what Georgia did and her trial is being given all the attention everyone can give.  We hope to have it before the year is out.”

That wasn’t really news dad was just telling us last week that they were pushing her case to be done as soon as possible.  Dad thought they even may have a verdict before the baby was born.  All I could get out to John was a meek thank you.  I still found it hard being in front of others since the kidnapping, I knew they cared but they didn’t really know me before so they didn’t really know me now even if our entire lives were plastered all over the papers and the press were always hanging around.

“As you know Georgia had a bill she was trying to get passed as law.”  He knew I had read it even though it was never official he gave dad a copy.  So me and Jupiter were never supposed to have read it at all, just know the rumours.  “We are making an announcement later today and before we did we wanted to tell you both first.”  I must have looked close to tears waiting for someone to come in and take me away to eat ambrosia against my will.  He smiled at me, “Thyone it is ok, we decided when Andromeda was found changed against your will that the bill would never pass.”  I swear the town could hear my sigh of relief.  I was petrified for the child in my belly that they would be next.  John smiled, “No one can ever come near you or any of yours or Jupiter’s children and force them to change.  We are all so very sorry this ever happened.  She played us all, she made us think it was for the best of Lunar Lakes but those who listened forgot before Andromeda was taken Lunar Lakes is whatever we make it, if you choose to remain as you are we are not here to stop you.  Your ordeal reminded them all that at heart you are a resident of our beloved town and no one would like to have been in your place.”

“Thank you John you have no idea how happy this makes me.”  Sapphire next to me who had remained quiet just shook his head, I think he was just as terrified that they would take me into another room and change me to be someone he hadn’t married.  I could tell he was holding back tears as well.

John looked at us both sympathetically, “Every copy of it has been shredded, except one for the file when Georgia goes to court, we only delayed this long as we all felt you both needed time to spend with Andromeda before being all over the news again.”  Lord I was sick of being questioned by reporters about our lives, now they would be back at our doors constantly.  We only just got rid of them from when Romi was taken but at least it would be for a good reason this time.

We left shortly after and went home.  I called Jupiter to tell him, I knew this had been playing on his mind too.  Then we waited for the calls of support to come rolling in again.  This time thankfully it wasn’t surrounded by heartbreak.  Romi would be the only one forced to be changed.  Now we just needed to get through Georgia’s court case, and hope we never had to worry about her ever again.

Authors note:  Thank you to Journey G for the use of John and also for her courthouse where they have met up.  This building will appear a few times over the next couple of chapters and if you would like to use it head on over to her studio.   It’s a great story telling building.