1.13 I Want My Daughter!

The next two days were the hardest of my life.  Sitting in the house waiting, I was used to getting out there and putting out the danger, not waiting for someone to save me.  The whole town was looking for them at first but slowly people started to head back to work.  The station called, they were on bare staff as they had to be there for emergencies but everyone else was out searching for Romi, the whole police department was out looking for her.  The family when not with me and Saff were out looking for Georgia and Andromeda.

Nearly 72 hours after I got the call from the babysitter who was out looking too I got a call from dad, or rather mum did, “We found her.  She’s being looked over by the doctors but we have her!”

“Thank you,” is all I heard from mum, with a huge sigh of relief.  She put the phone down.  “They found her.”  Me and Saff started crying and Lyra who was with us jumped up and down with joy before sitting on the sofa again.

I stood up quickly, “Is she ok?  Where is she?”  I didn’t care about anything or anyone else in this moment just getting to my little girl.

“Calm down.  She’s being checked over by doctors now to make sure she is ok.”

I was determined to be at the hospital this moment, nothing else would do.  I made for the door.  Sapphire stood with me, as I got to the door I asked Lyra, “Will you please watch our son?”

“Yes of course I will.”

I looked at Sapphire our nightmare was nearly over, “Mum can you drive us please?”  I didn’t trust myself not to speed there and end up in an accident.

“Of course I will dear.”  Mum said moving towards the door without question.

The drive to the hospital felt like four hours.  My hands were shaking, it was a good job I wasn’t driving really.  I ran inside, cause being that close but not seeing her was too much for me to handle.  I saw dad in the waiting room, he grabbed me.  “Thy, it’s alright, she’s ok.”

“Where was she?”

“Georgia took her to the outskirts of town.  She…”

“Tell me she’s not here, I’ll kill her.”  Holding me dad looked sad.

“She’s not here she’s in jail.  Thy… Romi is fine, but…”  Dad didn’t get to finish his sentence as the nurse carried out a child in her arms.

“Here you go Mrs Sky, she’s been checked over she’s fine.”  I stared at the child in her arms.  That wasn’t my daughter.  She had dad’s skin colour, and Sapphire’s hair but that was not my daughter.

“You must have made a mistake.”  I backed away from the nurse, and dad.  Saff went up slowly.

“What did she do?”  He asked staring at the child.

“She took her to a scientist friend of hers.  The scientist was waiting for her, they used an experimental drug they have been testing,”  dad said.  Sapphire slowly reached for the child.  “They wanted to see if it worked for her bill.  So they could use it on all future ghost children.  They watched her and did tests on her for two days waiting for her to change.”

“THAT IS NOT MY DAUGHTER!”  I screamed behind Sapphire.  Not able to concentrate on anything but my little girl and that was not her!

Mum and dad tried to grab me as I fell to the floor.  “Thy we knew she might do this.”

“No, no, mum that is not my child.  A mother should know her child.  I want my daughter!”

Dad pulled me up, “Thy, Georgia admitted everything, she said she took her with the intent to change her.  This is Andromeda.”  I had tears running down my face.

“Dad why would she?”  I couldn’t wrap my head around it, what had Romi ever done to her?

“You know why sweetheart.”  I knew of course why she would do it, after all thats what her stupid bill proposed, but to her own niece.  I looked at Sapphire holding her, that couldn’t be my Andromeda, it couldn’t be.

“Dadda.”  I burst into tears, it was her voice, her beautiful voice.  My child had been changed, she wasn’t who she used to be, now she was a whole new person.  Why would anyone be cruel enough to first of all take a child and then on top of that make them something else?

Sapphire came near me as I started to stand.  “She’s ours, it’s definitely Romi.”  I knew of course the moment she came spoke but I still didn’t want to believe it.   I took hold of her and everything about her felt familiar.  Everything but the look of her.  My little ghost was now normal.  Georgia always wanted me to be normal, but I never thought that extended to my child.

I hugged her, holding her so close she cried out a little, so I released her a tiny bit.  I knew I would never let her go now I had her back.  I could never let my children out of my sight again, not till Georgia could never touch them again.  Work would have to do without me for however long it had to be to see her in jail for good.

Authors note: I want to thank Cassie for the use of Hadley Reed (a baby challenge mother) as the nurse.  So we have Andromeda back now, not how we wanted of course and the generation will have just a few chapters left.  When we reach chapter 17 (the last of this gen) there will be a Q & A for anyone in this generation.  Anything pertaining to Gen 2 will most likely not be answered or not in a way you may like, either way  this is a warning to get your thinking caps on to ask Thy, Saff, Georgia, Hou, Constance, Tempest etc anything you wish.