1.12 My Worst Nightmare

I fell asleep on the sofa and Sapphire carried me into bed, the stress of everything had taken it out of me, as I stirred I could hear a group of people in my living room.  Mum was sat in a chair near the bed making sure I was ok.  I think she was worried about the stress causing a miscarriage.  “Any news?”  I said half asleep.

“Nothing yet.  The whole town is searching for her.  Your father calls every hour.”  Mum said clearly distressed.

“Who’s here?”

“Everyone, there’s not enough room for them all so I think arrangements are being made for them to spend the night at ours.”  Of course mum and dad’s is a five minute walk away so they all could be close enough I suppose.  Plus there were quite a lot of beds and cribs there for the young ones.

“Where’s Silver?”  I said scared for the safety of my other child.

“He’s fine, he’s here asleep oblivious to everything.”  I sat up and could see him soundly sleeping.  A wave of relief hit me, at least one of my babies was safe.

“What time is it?”  Is it possible its the same day as this morning when I happily went to work with the plan of telling the chief I was pregnant again.

“About half eleven.  Are you hungry?”

I wasn’t really, but I knew I should eat for the growing child.  I got up and headed for the kitchen, Mum tried to stop me, but I was on a mission to find some food.  I opened the door and was amazed at how full my small home was.  I saw a wave of faces look at me and look sad for me.  Almost all of them were parents and this is like the worst thing that can happen to a parent.  My worst nightmare was that Georgia would do something stupid to hurt me, but I never thought she would hurt a child.   Her niece, she had kidnapped her own niece who she knew I would never let near her.

I stood there another moment or two and went back into my bedroom.  Saff came in a minute or two later with a cup of decaf and a sandwich.  “Your mum’s clearing them all out now, but Cassie and your mum refuse to go.  We’re stuck with them for the night.”

“What about Tara?”

“Lyra has said she will take care of her, her dad’s searching for Romi with the town.  Lyra’s and Puck have been told they can stay home to care for the babies till Romi comes home.”  I looked at Saff, how was he staying together through this?

“What about their schooling, they should go and keep their grades up.”

“It was the school that said they were allowed to stay at home when they sent them home early today.  They understand what family means to us, it helps that Limerick and Cassie are teachers there of course.  They will get plenty of support when Romi is home with us again.”

“I want her back Saff.”  I was crying again.  How did this happen to us?

He started crying too.  “Me too Thy, I want her home to.”  We sat in the bedroom watching Silver sleep for another hour or so before mum came in and told us it was just her and Cassie left.  I picked Silver up carefully and without saying anything Sapphire carried his crib into the living room, I put him back in his crib and we all sat there on the sofas not saying anything.  Me and Saff watching Silver.  Tempest sat guarding his crib.  Mum and Cassie took their cues and sat there browsing the net for any word, any clue that anyone had come close to finding my daughter.

I’m sorry.

It was the only thing said after several hours and I looked at Tempest and felt guilty for shouting at her.  It wasn’t her fault, she had to stretch her legs and go out from time to time, I knew that, I’ve always known a tiger needs to roam around and such.  She thought the kids were safe with the babysitter, we all did.  We never thought to tell him Georgia was not allowed near the kids, we never thought she would come near them.

“It’s ok, I’m sorry for yelling at you.”  I said my throat dry from the tears and not talking, it came out quieter than I meant.

It’s ok I understand.

“I’m still sorry, I know you love the kids.”  Cassie got up and got me a glass of water for my dry throat.

If it helps I’ve been out and Peg is looking for them too.

I looked at her, tears in my eyes again.  “Thank you.”  It never hurts to have a unicorn on your side.  But as the hours went on and on the more I worried about my baby girl.