1.11 You Have To Find Her!!!

I don’t know how long I was on the floor for but the chief pulled me up and drove me home.  The second I got there mum was there, she had relieved the babysitter who obviously was fired!  She was holding Silver and the first thing I did was take him from her and hold him so tight he started to cry.  It had to have been a couple of hours since I got that call, I think,  “Any word from dad?”  I said as I let go of Silver just a slight amount.

“None, I came round as soon as he called me, questioned the babysitter and sent him home to wait for Oberon to ask him more questions.  We didn’t want him here when you got home.”

“Sapphire?”  I asked knowing I should have called him but until I was stood here holding my son I couldn’t think straight.  If Chief hadn’t brought me home I actually don’t know how I would have got home.

“On his way.  He took the news rather badly too so I sent Chrissie to get him.”

The chief who I hadn’t noticed was still there, didn’t want to leave so sat on the sofa  and listened to it all.  “What did the boy say Georgia said?”

I was actually releaved he was there to ask that question as I held onto Silver.  Mum started, “She knocked and he told her that Romi had a check up at the doctors.  That Thy couldn’t take her due to an emergency at the station and sent her to take her.  Something not uncommon when theres a fire.  I know Cassie has taken them out from time to time.”

“Not an excuse, he’s seen Cassie and I’ve always called to say she’s on the way.”  I said with tears streaming down my eyes.

Mum gave  me a sympathetic look, “He knows dear, he’s distraught he let her go thinking it was ok.”

I gave her another look that said not good enough and she carried on, “After about an hour and no call from Thy he started to think that something was off, it didn’t occur to him before as there’s always someone in the family stopping by.  But when Thy didn’t call it occurred to him that it wasn’t approved.”  I cried into my sons beautiful blue hair for my daughter.  “When Thy hung up on him he called the station but Hou was already on the phone with Thy so Obi took the call  and asked him what he could whilst on the phone.  They’ve already phoned the doctors surgery and the hospital, they haven’t seen either of them, so they are searching everywhere.”

It was about then that Tempest came in saw me crying and asked what happened.  The captain who had no idea about Tempest sat there in shock.

“Georgia took Romi, where were you?”  I wasn’t mad at Tempest really it wasn’t her fault but the stupid babysitter wasn’t here.  It was Tempest’s job to watch him and the children when we weren’t around.  If I could leave the children with Tempest only I would have done that long ago and right now I wish I had as Tempest would have taken a bite out of Georgia before she took my daughter.

I… I… I went for a stroll.

“A stroll!!  Georgia was here taking my daughter and you went for a stroll!”  I couldn’t help it I had to unleash my anger at someone I knew it wasn’t her fault and the words came flying out of my mouth before I could stop them.  I knew with the Chief here a stroll meant she went to see Pegasus or her mother.

I’m sorry.  

The Chief came up to me and took Silver, “It’s not the dog’s fault.

“Chief she’s not a dog, she’s a tiger, and… I know.”  I looked at Tempest, “I’m sorry it’s just….”

I love her too you know.

The chief stood next to me stroking my sons hair, “A tiger, wow you lot are full of surprises.  I knew hiring you would be interesting.”

I thought just for a millisecond about smiling.  But I couldn’t smile, not till I had my daughter in my arms again.

Mum came next to me, “You should sit down Thy.”

“I don’t want to.”

“The stress isn’t good for you.”

“What are you on about?”

You know what she’s on about, your pregnant and this isn’t good for you or the child.

I of course for the moment had forgotten I was nine weeks pregnant.  The chief who I hadn’t told yet just looked at me.  I had planned on telling him later today, so surprise!

We all sat down but I didn’t remain sitting for long as Sapphire came running into the room tears down his face, making a bee line for me.  “Any news?”  We hugged for what felt like forever.

When we eventually pulled away from each other I replied.  “Nothing, waiting for someone to call.  They’ve checked the doctors and the hospital, no sign of them.”

“What about her house, she’s got two newborns, who’s with them?”

“No idea, don’t really care right now.”  I couldn’t believe he cared for her kids.  I sure didn’t.

“But if they aren’t there maybe she’s going on the run.”  Of course he must have had more reasoning than me right now.   That made more sense than him wondering for their safety.

“The kids are with their dad.”  Dad said from behind us.  “There’s a man hunt on, a one year old being taken from her home without permission it’s all over the news broadcasts and radio, the town is searching for them.”

“She’s hates me, and ghosts.  Dad this bill of hers!”  I knew I couldn’t be the first one to think of that stupid bill of hers.

“We know, we think she’s taken her to change her from a ghost.”  Dad looked at me all sad, like he should have seen this coming.  “We’ve called the science facility, the hospital everyone and told them that if Georgia or Romi turn up to take Georgia into custody and Romi somewhere safe, that any procedure is not approved by her parents.  We’ll get her back just as she is.”

“Dad please.”  He came over and held me.

“Hunni, we are doing everything possible, I’ve only stopped by to make sure you and Sapphire are ok.  I’m going back out now to help with the search.  I’ll bring her home.”

“Thank you daddy.”

He stopped at the door, “Everyone is headed here as quickly as they can.  I have to go.  I’ll call you with any news.”  With that my dad left the house to search for my daughter.  I begged and pleaded whoever was listening to my thoughts or reading this for her to be found, in good health and as she is.

Authors note: So I’d like to thank sErindippity again for the use of Orion Danevbie as the fire chief.  I’m also letting you guys know that there won’t be a gen 2 heir vote I’m sorry but really  regardless how Romi comes back it simply has to be her.  I would be devastated if it wasn’t.  She will come home, cause nothing could hold me back from destroying Georgia if she didn’t but I’m not saying how.