1.10 Twins!

Life went in a blur after the wedding.  Cassie had a daughter, Oberon had twin sons and me well I’m very heavily pregnant my due date was yesterday so I’m going crazy waiting to see my children.  Saff has been in a state since Peg told us we were having twins, we have twice the amount of stuff in the house now, we’ve put two cribs in our bedroom which had made things alot tighter.  The plans for the expansion have been put into full swing, we’ve decided to build up, so we’ve had people here building us another floor for the last three months.  It’s finally one huge room, we just need to add walls and decorate it.

The present from Tempest and Pegasus took us both awhile to get our heads round, it was such an amazing gift but having all that information that wasn’t in our heads before took some getting used to.  I was so happy to have the knowledge finally of Bridgeport and Sunset Valley, the memories I had I loved them, but I also was glad we were here.  I loved Lunar Lakes and was glad my great grandparents had landed here.  The main reason is now I totally understood what dad was on about you know with people not totally getting ghosts.  I was so glad that bill was still circulating and not law or even up for a vote yet, although there was quite a lot more interest in knowing what it’s all about.

It was as we were watching tv cuddling on the sofa one night I felt my water break.  I stood up, “Saff…” is all I managed to get out before I screamed.  He got the point and ran to get our bags.

It was a long night in the hospital and Sapphire was a wreck as the hours passed.  The doctors tried to make him leave the room but neither him nor I would allow that so he tried to keep it together.  Eventually I gave birth to a son and a daughter.  There was a real buzz about them and I couldn’t see them straight away.  Sapphire who was sat near my head got up to see our children and a nurse stopped him.  “Let the doctors do their work, they have to weigh them and stuff.”

After the longest ten minutes of my life Saff was handed our son and I was handed our daughter.  There was nothing but surprise from both of us, our son was like his father, same skin tone and a little barely visible blue fuzz for hair.  Our daughter was a ghost.  This was something we hadn’t heard of before, a ghost birth tends to work for both children in cases of twins not singly, even grandparent of old Melody had twin ghosts, not a single ghost and a single normal child.

It was all around the hospital in no time, I had given birth to a ghost child.   The first since me and Jupiter were born and the first since Georgia created a bill that people had been listening to more and more.   I hated that bill.

It was incredible being a mother, I adored my children and took the next six months off work taking care of the twins.  Saff had to go back to work after three weeks, we just couldn’t afford the renovations and us both being off work even though I was on maternity leave.   In that time we doted on them, Tempest in the first two weeks or so did say she felt left out and thus didn’t go near them but over time she realised we didn’t love her less just that babies are more demanding of your time.  When one cried it was a battle to settle him or her before they set off their sibling.  But I wouldn’t swap it for anything having a child, the best thing ever.  I adored and loved my children.

I hadn’t been out of the house for nearly two weeks when one day dad had decided to treat me to an afternoon off, it didn’t quite work out as Andromeda had a bit of a fever so I left  Silver with the babysitter and took Romi with me in her stroller.  We waited outside the portal patiently and it had been that long since I saw Georgia out and about I hadn’t even thought much about it.  Of course city hall was the next portal to the police station.  She came out before dad did and Romi was facing her.  I swear I saw her face turn red, like an evil I’m going to kill you and that child red.  She was not happy, heavily pregnant but not happy.  Not able to do or say anything as loads of people were around she just turned around and headed home, or at least thats what I hoped she did.

Dad came out a minute or two later to me holding Romi now to stop myself from shaking.  The anger in her face had really scared me, I think part of it was I hadn’t seen her at all since graduation.  I had become really skilled at avoiding her and town in general but the look on her face terrified me.  Dad tried to calm me down but I couldn’t shake that image out of my mind for a couple of weeks.

Before I knew it I grudgingly had to head back to work, I left the babies with the babysitter who was from the agency but we had gotten to know quite well from the few times we managed to get out for a night alone.

Not long after the twins had turned a year old, I got a call from the babysitter.  “Thyone I’ve just had a visit from your sister.”  This didn’t surprise me Cassie often came round with her daughter so we could have a bit of a play date.  “She said she needed to take Romi to an appointment and it’s just occurred to me now that you never mentioned anything.”

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

“Your sister, blonde and blue hair,”  Georgia!  “She picked Romi up for  an appointment at the doctors, a check up or something.”

“And you let her just take her!!!!”  I screamed down the phone the guys at the station look my way.

Sensing my anger, the babysitter said.  “Is she not your sister?”

“No!  We share a mother, nothing more.  And you’ve let her take my daughter!!”  I put the phone down on him not caring about his feelings, and phoned dad straight away.  “Dad Georgia’s taken Romi!  No she’s gone to the house and told the babysitter she was taking her for an appointment.  Dad you have to find them!”  Now crying and fuming and scared to death what Georgia wanted with my daughter I fell to the floor.