1.9 Our Wedding Day

Before I knew it, it was the night  before the wedding, I was 14 weeks pregnant at this point and thankfully not showing.  I just about got my slightly larger stomach into mums dress and boy was I glad we hadn’t waited any longer.   Me and Tempest headed out for my bachelorette party at mum and dad’s.  Dad and the lads were at our house for Saff’s bachelor party.  There were only a few less males in the family and I was staying the night in my old room.

We had all decided to put that stupid bill out of our heads during the wedding and bachelorette/bachelor parties.

Thanks to that thinking it was a great night, even though me, Cassie and Oberon’s wife Sarah weren’t allowed to drink, that didn’t stop us spraying mum, Limerick or the other girls at the party.

The next morning I woke up in my old room, it felt like a million years ago since I had slept here.  Lyra hadn’t changed much, she couldn’t really, dad wouldn’t let her redecorate as that would mean Puck could.  The main change was no toy boxes but instead a vanity mirror with make up all around.  It really did feel like a time warp and it made it even odder to think about how it was my wedding day.

That is before mum came running in “We’ve got two hours to get you ready, what are you still doing in bed?”

I of course hadn’t been aware of the time, the whole pregnancy thing made me  a little more tired from time to time and when my alarm didn’t go off I ended up sleeping in.  I must have forgotten to set it last night.  I sat up.  “We better start with your hair.  If you sit down at the mirror I’ll do your hair and Lyra… Lyra get up!  Lyra do your sister’s makeup.”

Lyra who was in the bunk above stirred, “What time is it?”

“It’s two hours till wedding time”, I said wiping the sleep out of my eyes.

“Oh my….” I swear she fell out of the bed then, something that made me and mum laugh.  Lyra however was nursing her elbow that she had fallen on.

I stood up and moved over to the vanity mirror.  “Alright guys, make me pretty.”

Were you still asleep?

“Don’t you start.  And if your that bothered why didn’t you wake me?”

I was planning a surprise for you.

“Oooo I like that.”

And you can wait till later.

Before I knew it I was heading for the Springs where Saff was already waiting with all the lads in the family already sat at seats, the girls lead the way so Saff couldn’t see me in my dress yet.  I headed up to meet him at the arch.  Me and dad had placed the wards last night before he headed off  to Saff’s party.

“You look incredible.”  He said with a huge smile on his face.

“I look like I’m starting to show.”

“No dear, you look just like normal.”  That smile was intoxicating, and if I wasn’t already smiling I was now grinning like Alice’s cheshire cat.

“Well I guess it’s time.”  The family behind us grinned in anticipation.

“Alright here we go.”  He looked great there in his tux.  “Thyone you brought light into a life that felt grey, you brighten up  the world around you, you are simply amazing in every way and I am honored that you are standing here before me letting me be in the rest of your life.”  He put the ring on my finger as I held back from crying.

I held his ring in my hand, “Sapphire Star, you brought me sense when I was lost,  you make me smile when I am sad and the light I bring is all you, I am here the happiest woman ever to marry the man who man of my dreams.”  I put the ring on his finger, looking into his eyes I could see he was crying.

We put our hands over each other as was custom, “And with that we are wed.”  We both said together to a joyous applause behind us.  I had almost forgotten they were there.

My surprise from Tempest came just before we headed home.

Come with me a moment, I have arranged a gift for you both.

We followed her to the edge of the springs still under the wards.  Pegasus appeared within the wards, I didn’t know why he wasn’t around for the ceremony or after party when the springs is only next door to dads.  But now I knew, he had grown up, he was a fully fledged adult.  I remembered dad saying he was going to take a long time to age up so that was a surprise for me in itself.

Missus Sky, Mister Sky.

“Pegasus your… how…. I thought you were supposed to stay a colt a long time.”

Tempest here convinced me to transition to give you both a present you would never forget.

I looked at Tempest not understanding and back at Peg.  “I don’t understand.”

You wanted to know about the old world Miss Sky.

Oh my… I did I been so busy with work and such I had forgotten all about talking to Peg about it.

I can’t bless anyone as a colt.  So I have transitioned for you both.

“You say us both Peg, now I don’t understand.”  Sapphire beside me said.

Mr Sky you have read these books about their ancient world.  Miss Sky will be blessed with her own family history and the knowledge of her own old world, you Mr Sky will be blessed with the knowledge of the ancient world, of the world written about in those books.

We both just stared at Peg and Tempest.  I didn’t know what to say.  Thank you didn’t seem to cut it.

It’s ok thanks aren’t needed I understand the gratitude in your heart.

Hang on Peg what about the baby?”

The children will gain the knowledge too but that is not a bad thing and it will not hurt them.


Why Miss Sky you are carrying twins. 

There really wasn’t much more to say after that, Pegasus blessed us, me first which was the oddest thing.  Then he blessed Saff.  We went home with Tempest after that asking her all sorts of questions like when she came up with the idea etc.  This was one of those days that was just unreal, I not only was married, but I was carrying two babies not one and on top of that I now had the knowledge of my grandparents of old.  It was too amazing to be true.