1.8 Wedding Plans

The days after the proposal and announcement went by fast.  Saff was fine, it was just the shock he said.  Of course the whole town knew about it.  It’s not often a man proposes and then faints afterwards, in public as well.  Most thought it was the fact I said yes others had guessed I was pregnant.  It was all out after I headed to the hospital and the doctor said I was six weeks along.  Tempest was overjoyed and mum and dad knew before we even walked in the door the evening I’d been to the doctors.

There were hugs all round, everyone was overjoyed.  Mum got straight onto talking about the wedding and if we wanted it before or after the baby.  I told her I had hoped to have the wedding before I started showing properly so that meant in the next month or two.  She offered me her dress and I was honored.

Over the next two weeks we would discuss everything that had to do with the wedding.  Saff left it all up to me whilst he got to work with some builders to change our one bedroom house to a house with a nursery.  We did start having floor plans drawn up and decided to have the baby in our room for the first year so we had plenty of time to build a nursery.  So he went about looking for cribs, diapers, strollers etc and well our house was now full of baby clothes.  He had already baby proofed the kitchen which was annoying as I couldn’t get into anything so often left eating breakfast till I got to the fire house.

I of course told my boss who was delighted for us, he had heard before hand.  He had met Saff in the many times he brought dinner to me when I was on a night shift and he adored him.  All the guys here did.

We decided in the end on a private wedding, family members only at the springs where we always went as kids.  Sapphire decided he was also going to take the Sky name.  We decided against a party as the building of  a nursery and the wedding costs would have broke the bank if we went all out.  Mum and Dad offered to help but I told them the fact I didn’t have to pay for a dress was more than enough.   The only thing I asked of dad was to learn some magical wards from him to go around our wedding so that no one could spy in on us even if close by.  I really wanted a private wedding that Georgia couldn’t crash.  I think he knew where I was going with this since me and Jue had come under some scrutiny for still being ghosts to those who didn’t know us.

One day dad surprised me though when he turned up in the fire house.  Chief saw him first, “Hey there Houston, how you doing?”

“Not to bad, and you?  How’s the wife?”

“Alright, its been a quiet week.  Connie is good, I’ll tell her you asked after her.”

Dad looked at Chief like he was a man on a mission.  “Hey any chance I can borrow my daughter for a bit, I know she’s on the clock and all.”

“Go for it, I’m always telling her to take a break anyway.  Especially now.”

“Same old Sky spirit I see.”

“You know it.”

Dad walked over to me, “Hey kiddo.”

I hugged him, “You’ll have to stop calling me that soon you know.”

“You will always be my kiddo, you’ll just have to get used to it darling.”

“What’s up dad?”

“Can we take a seat somewhere?”  I looked at him strange, something was up.

“Sure,” I led him upstairs to a sofa area for the rare times we got to chill out.   “So what’s up dad.”

“I have something for you to read.”  He handed me a fairly thick document when I looked at the first page I knew why he was here and not at the house.  It was bound was she that bothered about this she would bind it for everyone to read easily?

“How did you get this,” I ask him.

“Her boss finally gave me a copy.  You should give it a read, I’ll wait whilst you read it.”  And he did, it took me a little over an hour to read it all and this document was scary reading.

“Dad…”  I said looking up from the last page, “She can’t be serious.”

“I think we both know she is.”  He said looking all sad, and I guess I looked pretty sad myself.

“But she can’t force us, she can’t do this.”  I said believing it.

“If it passes through parliament she can do anything she wants.  I’ve triple checked there are no loopholes.”

“She can’t force me or Jue to change, never mind force us to change a baby.”

“I think you know she can and will do anything she puts her mind to.  She’s very much like her mother.”  I knew dad thought I was in a way too but I didn’t hate myself.

“So basically if this bill passes not only do me and Jupiter have to change as it will be law but if either of us has a ghost child we will have to force feed it ambrosia till it changes as well.”  Dad looked at my belly.

“She’s working with the science lab on approval for some sort of injection to give to children under 2 as they tend to need milk for sustenance and especially in babies aren’t ready for food.  If not an injection some sort of milk/ambrosia concoction that gives them the nutrition they need as well as the ability to change.”

“Jupiter would never work on that.”

“Of course not and as such she’s gone to a different department for them to test it.  As far as I know they are keeping quiet around him, I think they agree with her.”

“She’s covered all the bases I see.”  I am so glad I have gotten good at avoiding Georgia lately.

“I’m sorry Thy, but if it helps it’s not actually in parliament yet, and then it has to be passed or veto’d.  You never know it may never get there.  She needs a third of parliament to want to take it to vote before we have to really worry.”  He had a point of course but either way I was scared not just for me, as I didn’t want to change, I have a good life and I love it, but also for that of my child.  What if he or she turns out to be a ghost?  What happens then?  I know I couldn’t do it.  There is no way I could change my own child, law or no law, not till they were old enough to know what they were losing.

Dad left shortly after heading for Jupiter’s house, he was not going to take this well but thankfully his children were all “normal”, now I just had to go home and tell Saff the bad news.

Authors note:  A thanks go’s out to sErendippity for letting me use Orion Danevbie as the fire chief.